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Maldives Tour Packages

Explore Maldives with DOOK

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The astounding shades of blue, tiny islands resembling the white pearl strings, turquoise lagoons and colourful reefs, sun-speckled pathways winding their way to the beaches, huge villas with lavish decks and private pools extending out to gorgeous ocean views, the schools of fish darting out from the water, over-water cabanas and swinging hammocks - MARUHABA (welcome) people, the sunny-side of life in the Maldives awaits you!  
Unquestionably, one of the quintessential places in the world and now also the safest, Maldives makes for an ideal paradise, open to all. This remarkable archipelago lies in the Indian Ocean, to the southwest of Sri Lanka and holds an unmatched aura that attracts majorly those who love to lay back and bask in the relaxing vibes. With 1200 islands and around 26 atolls, this island country holds a great appeal for the tourists for its exotic islands, unspoilt beaches, placid lagoons and reefs and world-class extravagant resorts. All of this packed in one escapism experience! Despite being a popular honeymoon destination for all the good reasons, the Maldives, today, also receives a lot of thumbs up even from family vacationers. While most visitors would like to vibe with the pulsating city of Male, its quirky cafes, ancient museums or the jostled markets, others would just love to do nothing on the secluded islands of their resorts that cater to a lot of activities for both the couples and the kids. If you are seeking to add some action to your laid back holiday, there are plenty of activities to look forward to such as scuba diving, snorkelling with the giant Manta Rays, kitesurfing across the Indian Ocean, jet-skiing through the waves or parasailing above the ocean.   
If you choose to bask in absolute serenity, taking a walk along the beach, listening to the waves lapping around you, watching the sun go down peacefully or taking a soothing spa treatment will never be a bad idea. Because these simple pleasures stand out as the perks of travelling to the Maldives that help you enjoy the pleasure of slowing down and recharging. Whether you want to do as much or as little as you like, Maldives, in every way, is your much-needed retreat and we, at Dook, can help you create your carefree escapade. Get in touch with one of our tour specialists and let them know what all to include in your Maldives Holiday Packages while you gear up for surrendering yourself to serenity!

Capital: Male
Languages: English, Dhivehi, Arabic
Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)
Driving Side: Left
Best Time to Travel: Round-the-year destination. Between November and April stands out as an ideal time frame due to the warm and pleasant tropical climate.

Explore Maldives:

The ultimate island destination of Maldives or as we precisely describe it “the piece of paradise” takes your breath away from the moment your plane hits the runway and you are whisked away from the Malé airport straight to your resort in a luxury speedboat or a seaplane. Upon arriving at your respective destinations/ resorts, you can relate well how the Maldives is exactly what the brochures promise-pristine beaches, clear azure blue waters, soft white sands, lush flora and nothing but calmness adding to the sheer beauty of this heaven on earth. It’s not surprising why the Maldives ticks all the Instagram-worthy boxes – from #nofilter lagoons that glow even brighter with the hues of blues to the beaches that are straight out of a dream; whatever the point of attraction is, this very part of the world is seriously photogenic and worth the visit!

Dotted with luxury island resorts and gifted with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters all around, the Maldives has always billed itself as a top tourist destination. It does have something to look at in every corner, given the fact that there is a massive atoll of 1200 islands and countless beaches which have no shortage of natural wealth and postcard-perfect sceneries. You can easily book out of a multitude of resorts, guesthouses and visit the restaurants, indulge in water sports and underwater activities or even go scuba diving at famous diving points. Speaking of underwater adventures and finding your piece of tropical paradise, the Maldives is also one of the only places in the world where you can dine underwater in several locations including the famous resorts like Conrad Maldives Rangali Island or even take a spa underwater. Going a little off the touristy track, you can also visit the local islands where you get a glimpse into the daily life in the Maldives for locals who are seen selling the handmade jewellery pieces and souvenirs made out of seashells and corals.

Lazing in the sun, wiggling your toes in white sands while seeing the waves gushing out of the ocean and calming down on the shore make your mind completely relaxed. Could the leisure time be any more perfect than the one we experience in the Maldives? For an unforgettable escape, book a tour to this dream-like destination through Dook’s Maldives Tour packages available at the best prices.

1. Male: The lesser explored but worth-the-visit capital

If you’re planning a Maldives tour, chances are you’ll have a day or at least a few hours to explore the capital city of Male. Before hopping on a speedboat to your resort, take some time to check out the attractions here. The city of Male is located in the Kaafu Atoll, right next to the airport’s island and surprisingly, it is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, with well over 100,000 residents living on just 5.8 square kilometres of land. Although Male is jam-packed with its locals, colourful buildings, some amazing restaurants, museums, and interesting attractions, the city remains off the tourist map, retaining its cool and untouched vibe.
With its raw natural beauty and progressiveness being talked about, the capital today has grown into a top choice preferred for wandering without pre-planned itineraries of the Maldives. While here in the city, you can take bath in sun at the Artificial Beach, live in a transit resort and indulge in underwater scooter riding and snorkelling, you can also go sightseeing places like the Tsunami Monument, Grand Friday Mosque, Male Fish Market, Sultan Mosque and Male National Museum. Once you’ve completed an exploratory tour of the capital, there are options to visit the marine parks and reserves nearby to view some of the greatest natural wonders in the region.

2. Hulhumale Island: Maldivian surprise waiting to be explored

The Maldives has always ranked atop the list of "must-visits" and for good reasons. The islands' beauty and splendour are unmatched and the plush resorts add to its charm. Combine this with the warm hospitality of the locals and a unique man-made splendour and you've got an unbeatable destination called Hulhumale Island. Sitting just near the capital of Male and being the home of Velana International Airport, the island of Hulhumale is easily accessible and quite friendly to all budget brackets.

The island is a perfect blend of urban life with the delights of island life and is known for its clear waters with picturesque backdrops, extreme water sports, sunset cruises, vivacious culture and warm people. But what makes it different from the many islands in the Maldives is the fact that it was not created by forces of nature but artificially by humans. It was created specifically to reduce the amount of overcrowding in Male and despite its artificiality, it looks as mystical as any other natural islet in the Maldives and has become a trending hotspot for the globetrotters.  

3. Maafushi: For an unforgettable beach holiday

Set in the heart of Kaafu Atoll, the Maafushi Island is the most popular choice among tourists who are looking for an ideal beach holiday. It is one of the paradisiacal islands, larger than the others, which casts a spellbinding charm on people with its scenic beauty while it pulls them closer with its magnetic appeal.

From bikini beaches to cosy guesthouses, from floating bars to incredible restaurants, from diving spots to surfing schools, Maafushi Island invites you to enjoy a melange of activities. Of course, you can expect plenty of gorgeous beaches backed with palms, crashing waves and a cluster of homey little coffee shops by the shore. For idyllic and off-beat getaways that are perfectly balanced with excitement and budget-friendly lodgings, there is hardly any place as captivating as Maafushi in the Maldives.

4. Veligandu Island: the secluded chunk of heaven

A quirky tropical paradise with palm trees swaying and dancing around the powdery beaches, crystal clear water and lively coral reefs, teeming with rich marine life, Veligandu Island is indeed one of the gems of the Indian Ocean. The entire island which operates as a resort stretches over about 22 acres and is a scenic 25-minute flight from Velana International Airport. This lush island escape here offers privacy and serenity to those who are looking to whisk away with their loved ones.

Long championed as one of the top Maldivian destinations for couples, Veligandu Island Resort & Spa captures the very essence of this paradise. The thoughtful hospitality coupled with the authentic chic beach lifestyle, plenty of opulent seaside villas and suites, romantic sunsets glowing red and yellow over the lapping waters of the Indian Ocean, jacuzzi baths with ocean views and so much more make the resort an ideal choice in your Maldives Tour Packages. The resort is large enough to discover a private space for the love birds yet small enough to cherish the Maldivian experience. But it surely offers more than just the sun, sand and sea.

5. Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve: home to the world’s seventh-largest coral reef

Located in the central region of the atoll chain that forms the Maldives, Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve (recognised by UNESCO) covers an area of over 139, 000 hectares and is home to the world’s seventh-largest coral reef. It consists of quite a lot of habitats that support the rich biodiversity of the atoll and includes islands, seagrass beds and mangroves apart from the lively coral reefs. More than 250 types of corals are found in the Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve, sustaining about 1,200 species of fish including the populations of marine turtles, manta rays, whale sharks and seabirds. Dive down under and you are likely to encounter parrot-fish, butterfly-fish, clown-fish, wrasses, moray eels and dolphins and even some of the endangered species like green turtles, hawksbill turtles and tawny nurse sharks.

Hanifaru Bay is the jewel in the crown when it comes to Baa Atoll’s biodiversity, attracting large numbers of visitors every year. This tiny bay located in the eastern flank of the atoll witnesses some of the largest crowds of manta rays anywhere in the world and seeing these giant creatures moving around in the water is one sight you will never want to forget.

Top Travel Experiences in Maldives

1. Live in a quintessentially Maldivian way!

When you picture staying in the Maldives, you think of sitting outside an over-water cottage or on the deck of a lavish villa while gaping in wonder at the hypnotic shades of the ocean. The resort islands in the Maldives, needless to say, are chosen for their winning combination of limpid lagoons, a wide stretch of majestic palm trees, translucent beaches, infinity pools, over-water lodges, an amazing underwater world, plenty of water sports taking your trips to the nearest reefs and anything extravagant and unique! Although secluded, the Maldives has some of the finest resorts, each one having distinctive features. While some may have in-house reefs, underwater wine cellars, restaurants and spas, the others are preferred for their deluxe villas with infinity pools and butlers serving at your wish or water slides suspending from rooms into the wide ocean. You would love to simply laze the days away in a hammock, relish private picnics or dinners on secluded sandbanks, enjoy movie nights under the stars, take soul-soothing spa treatments both in under and over water spas or snorkel with the aquatic life; all of these are considered as perfectly acceptable ways to spend your days in the Maldives.

With 154 resorts, 13 hotels and around 614 guesthouses to choose from, Maldives deserves to be explored before it gets too hyped up and talked about.

2. Discover the southern splendour of Maldives- Addu Atoll

Even though it is located in the far south of the Maldives, the Addu Atoll is a unique escapade worth paying a visit. There is a road that connects several islands on the western flank of the atoll while giving the visitors plenty of opportunities to enjoy cycling along the long stretches of blues and greens! This journey can be extended off the beaten track till the tip of Koattey, where roads are less and the foliage is in abundance. You can also take a guided tour to the Addu National Park that features the unique fauna and flora surrounding the rich habitat. Apart from snorkelling for novice divers, canoeing in the bay area of Bedhi famous for its beautiful red mangroves and baby stingrays is also one of the most memorable experiences.

3. Live amongst the locals

The guesthouse accommodation in general is relatively new to the Maldives where tourism and the local population were always kept particularly apart. Slowly and progressively as the government allowed the guesthouses to open on the local islands, the curious travellers started to take notice. The tourists are, however, allowed to stay with the locals and gain a true insight into the Maldivian way of life and the culture it is imbibed in. While some guesthouses are similar to the all-inclusive hotels, others are more like bed and breakfast lodgings that are cost-effective. Though the amenities are not similar to that of a lavish resort, however, guests have the opportunity for water sports and other activities like night fishing and excursions to uninhabited islands.
4. Hop from island to island

Ask anyone lucky enough to visit the magical Maldives and they’ll tell you stories about how this destination justifies the tag of having the most beautiful islands on the planet— straight out of heaven! While you can certainly hop from island to island in the signature seaplanes here, the local boats called Dhonis with diesel engines can also take you to the desired destination. Those who prefer walking across the islands, enjoying a sunset in a kayak or looking forward to enjoying a meal with a local family, can head north from Male to Dhiffuhsi, Thulusdhoo, Huraa and Villimale. The other more commercial and popular islands include Alimantha, Mirihi, Kudahuvadhoo, Gan and Hulhule which can be easily accessed by boats.

5. Go up and close with the rich Maldivian marine life

No trip to the Maldives is ever complete without trying the hands-on its famous water sports- scuba diving and snorkelling. Here, the hundreds of remote islands offer an enormous playground for the divers to explore the marine life that makes the underwater sight in the Maldives ‘oh-so-beautiful’. Surrounding yourself with manta rays, eagle rays, whale sharks, Grey Reef Shark, moray eels and various unique species of marine life while exploring the most extensive coral reef system in the dive sites of the Indian Ocean is the most breathtaking experience. With more than 60 dive sites nearby, Kuredu is a diver’s dream. So when you visit the Maldives, feel free to get your hair wet and see for yourself what dwells beneath the turquoise water surface. The Pro-divers will be there to show you around the backyard and showcase to you the cherry-picked snorkelling and diving highlights of the nearby coral reefs. Banana Reef, which was the first dive site discovered in the Maldives is also a great spot to see the brilliantly coloured coral as well as caves and overhangs teeming with schools of fish. Other major dive attractions include Ari Atoll, Rasfari, Sunlight Thila, Cocoa Corner and many more that call for the divers’ attention.  And if you decide on going snorkelling, most of the resorts offer in-house facilities; all you have to do is put on a mask and lie in the water and the fishes will come to you.

6. Get a pampering spa under the water

Unquestionably, the Maldives plays host to some of the best spa facilities in the world but now, the island nation is also known to have a unique pleasure-seeking experience that will make you go weak in the knees. Taking the spa indulgence to the next level, Huvafen Fushi has opened the first and only Underwater Spa in the world. Eight metres below the surface, the hypnotic calm awaiting you here with soothing reef views is a sight to die for! From the treatment that uses a combination of reflexology, pressure point and shiatsu techniques to promote relaxation to revitalising foot and face massages, this unique and unrivalled spa experience at Huvafen should be a ‘must-do’ on your list. The finest massage experience in the most unique treatment space in the world, what else would one ask for! Also, even if you are booked at any other resort, do not skip taking their spa treatments as each of the Maldivian resorts are designed to awaken the senses, some with locally inspired and Ayurvedic treatments as well as offering specialised holistic programs with visiting practitioners from around the world, some in overwater Spa Villas, glass-floored treatment rooms and others with the wide ocean views in the front.

7. See the Sea of Stars at Vaadhoo

At first glance, this idyllic spot at Vaadhoo with pristine sandbanks, bathed in crystal-clear waters, looks like any other island in the Maldives. But as the night falls, all you can see is a magical path of stars popularly called the ‘sea of stars’ shining bright and scattered under your feet. Did someone just say “dreamy”? The sight here surely is! This fascinating phenomenon is caused by bioluminescent crustaceans in the reefs that glow in the dark like a starry night as waves lap onto the beach. This is one of the most impressive spectacles in the world that is witnessed by hundreds and thousands of people who throng the beach mostly between August and November.

Explore this secluded piece of paradise with Dook

That first view as you wake up in the morning - to the stunning image of breathtaking ocean views that say out loud you’re in the Maldives – we know how precious it is. And that’s why we, at Dook, empower you to make the most fascinating memories by travelling, exploring and celebrating the sunny side of life with the best of our Maldives Tour packages available online. You can also choose from a range of our thoughtfully created holiday packages to plan the best vacation yet, that too at cost-effective prices.

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