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See the magnificence meeting vivacity in WESTERN EUROPE

Travel to the western part of Europe is a must, especially with our bespoke Western Europe Tour Packages

Well, if there is one region that keeps the wanderlust ignited today and for the years to come, it surely is Western Europe. This impressive region sure does weigh over your head when it comes to incredible landmarks ranging from colossal palaces, vibrant art galleries and oh-so-good food to heart-stopping natural landscapes and timeless cities that are nothing less than a visual treat. Spread out across its distinctively beautiful countries namely Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, Portugal and Luxembourg, the region of Western Europe is a treasure trove of vacation-worthy destinations. With these highlights paired along with some amazing infrastructure and lesser-explored corners that have the power to thrill, it is easy to believe why the region sees millions of travellers flocking each year to experience all things extraordinary.

Being one of the wealthiest regions in the world, it features a delightful assortment of cultures, time-honoured traditions, history, art, surprisingly beaches and everything just perfect for an inescapable holiday. And not to forget some of the surreal sights that are capable enough to hold anyone’s heart at the very first glance. So there stands no doubt why the countries and their vibrant cities here are distinctly featured on every wanderer’s bucket list. Be it the architecturally rich landscape of Portugal, the beautifully time-worn cities of Greece, the larger-than-life cities of the United Kingdom, soul-satisfying waffles of Belgium, the fiestas and flamencos in Spain or the surprising hues of France and Italy, you are sure to have a time of your life.

Not sure how to begin planning your Western Europe Tour? Get in touch with us! Our Western Europe Holiday packages are created to provide every traveller with the pure essence of the places they visit. Discover here the best of extraordinary art and architecture, the history that is too intriguing to notice and various immersive segments that keep you thrilled throughout. Book from our Western Europe Tour Packages and get your favourites added to your travel plans.

Meanwhile, let’s get you familiarized with the wonderful countries that adorn the bouquet of Western Europe.

1. Belgium:

Even though this country is home to Bruges which is popularly hailed as the “Venice of the North”, Belgium still is overlooked in many Western Europe Tour itineraries. It is a small country squeezed comfortably in between France, Germany and the Netherlands and is truly one perfect holiday destination. From UNESCO-listed sites to the well-preserved medieval streets, from the Grand Place of Brussels to the fashion statements at Antwerp, Belgium is a place worth exploring at least once in a lifetime. With its surprising and rich portfolio of places to visit, Belgium continues to surprise the visitors and this country surely is much beyond the charms of Brussels. Visit Bruges and stroll along its lovely canals; go out to explore the wilds of Ardennes; see the Flemish townhouses in gothic Ghent; follow the cobbled stone streets leading to fine-dining restaurants in Durbuy; visit the photogenic town hall of Mons; get into the student life vibe at Liege, and do so much more. Before leaving, do not forget to try the Belgian specialities- the waffles, fries and take home a few chocolates as the ideal souvenirs.

2. France:

Thanks to the diversity of its regions, France packs quite a punch ranging from lush landscapes to history, art, culture and lots of grace. With some of the greatest treasures to its credit including the city of Paris, France continues to top the world’s most popular tourist destinations and even most of the bucket lists to date. Taking just a look at it, you are bound to fall deeply in love with every pretty corner you visit; a reason why most of the celebrated artists and poets were inspired by its sheer beauty. Choose Paris as your first stop and get awed by its gems like The Louvre Museum, the iconic Eiffel Tower, Saint-Germain- its cafe terraces and more. For those who are lured by beaches, the French Riviera and the island of Corsica serve the purpose. Then there are these scenic roads that lead to the vineyards of Bordeaux and the majestic Mont Blanc that are the best adventure-filled activity. For the history buffs, France has almost 37 UNESCO sites along with Notre Dame Cathedral, Old Port of Marseille and more alike. To spend a peaceful weekend away from usual tourist crowds, choose lavender fields of Provence in the south or Burgundy in the east. If enjoying the beauty of nothingness is your idea, just sit beside the calm Seine River and relish the surrounding sights and sounds or just wander around everywhere in between the most-frequented and less-explored trails of this amazing country.

3. Greece:

One of the Western European countries that truly has all that a traveller can ask for, Greece is a delight to experience. Starting from ancient history, crystal blue waters all around to the sandy beaches, enticing backdrops and ancient ruins, everything here captures your heart and senses instantly. Where on one side the ancient gems like Parthenon and Delphi stand intact after enduring the damages of the past, the perfectly whitewashed buildings surrounding the blue waters in Santorini on the other hand are a visual treat like no other. Apart from the Acropolis of Athens, which is considered to be the epitome of history, there is a huge portfolio of almost 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites here paired with intriguing attractions like Olympic Stadium at Ancient Olympia, Knossos, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Samaria Gorge and more alike. Along with the history, the culture in music, the Greek food and spectacular festivals are also apparently held up high in the country. You can easily find your way to the bougainvillaea-drenched restaurants while strolling around the awesome streets and meeting the lovely locals in between.
4. Italy:
One of the eighth largest countries in the world holding a top rank among all the desirable travel destinations, Italy treats its visitors with all sorts of exceptional experiences. The birthplace of the Roman Empire and a country with the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Italy sure does have the biggest historical and cultural influence across the world. From its unmissable art scenes to cuisine and music, it is a country filled with wonderment and a capability to attract visitors in millions every year. Visit the canals of Venice or ruins of Rome; amble around the gorgeous buildings on the Amalfi Coast or take the road trip to Tuscany; hike up the Italian Dolomites or take a hassle-free break in the hillside town of Cinque Terre; roam around the colourful classic streets while eating the pasta, gelatos and pizza and treating yourself to incredible Italian vibes. Whatever is your interest to visit, be it art, history or food, you are sure to fall in deep love with this fascinating country.

5. The Netherlands:

A country with an extraordinary combination of old-world charm and new-age innovation, The Netherlands is as quintessential as it is astounding. It is here where you will see the long green patches of the countryside running along the rugged coastline, cycling routes and scenic canals, as far as the eyes can see. This small north-western country is surprisingly filled with a diverse range of cities and small, charming towns that are well-worth appreciating. The cobbled streets of the old town, lazy canals, vintage shops, the picturesque cycling and hiking routes and hordes of museums and churches- all these and more make The Netherlands a perfect place to explore. Even after so much to see and boast about, The Netherlands is left a little way behind the league to become a top travel destination. Thanks to places like its capital city Amsterdam, the medieval vibes of Delft, the cheese markets of Gouda and the hip cafes of Maastricht, the country has become much loved by tourists in recent years. The Streetartfrankey’s surprising street art or the digital route through The Hague is also a nice idea to go exploring one fine day. Then there are these highlights that you should definitely not miss like the Royal Palace, Van Gogh Museum, the house of Anne Frank, Rotterdam markets, Utrecht and the Dutch coast.

6. Spain:

Known famously for its siestas and fiestas and its warm vibes, Spain is another top destination in Western Europe that can make its way to your heart quite effortlessly. One of the most visited countries in the world, Spain is abundantly filled with stunning cities, UNESCO-listed sites, scrumptious food, some of the most beautiful beaches, impressive landscapes as well as the remote mountains and not to forget, the famous festivals- all these and more will make you believe why Spain is worth the visit. Once here, you will never run out of options of what to explore next as there is so much to see and experience here. You can simply walk around the charismatic streets of Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia while taking your quality time to explore all its nooks and crannies. Also, you can choose to party all night in Ibiza, discover the colours and carnivals of the Canary Islands, try the awesome Spanish food including tapas in Seville or choose the adrenaline-pumping adventure in Granada. This country is a generous dose of vibrancy and versatility and once you choose to explore, you will be thrilled to come back again asking for more.

7. Portugal:

Another incredible west European country where the ocean breeze blows through the beautiful timeworn cities, where the sunshine romances the sea all year round, where the quiet roads hug the amazing cliffs and caves, where the idyllic backdrops beautifying the castles just seem like the beginning of a great journey. Mainly popular because of its wild and adventurous side and a tinge of culture, romantic vibes and authentic Portuguese charm, the country surely stands out as extraordinary, thereby outshining in the list of perfect holiday destinations. Surprisingly, Portugal is inevitably linked to the sea which is evident in its 800 kilometres of enticing coastline and beaches soaked by the Atlantic Ocean and glittering sun rays. Dotted around these beaches are the cosmopolitan cities, stone-built villages and key Portugal Attractions that bring a beautiful balance between the dynamic and the guilt-free relaxation. Explore Lisbon on foot to relish the magnificent geographical location and exceptionality surrounding the city squares; head to the neighbourhood Chiado that swarms with cafés and boutiques; find your way next to the maze of narrow alleyways of Alfama. Don’t forget to travel around the verdant island of Madeira, the tranquil archipelago of Azores, towns of Sintra, Fátima and Evora and finally visit the sun-kissed Algarve that will make up more reasons for you to visit Portugal yet again.

8. The United Kingdom:

One of the most powerful nations with centuries-old history, unique cultural blends and scenic landscapes, the United Kingdom (popularly known as Britain) satiates every sort of a wanderlust dream. It is like a country made up of other nations making up the entire UK namely England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each having their own identity. Loved by millions of overseas tourists each year, each of these four marvels is jam-packed with history, vibrancy, natural magnificence, world-class leisure breaks, adventure galore and friendly locals. Whether you are out on the streets of London, traversing through the mountains of the Scottish Highlands, soaking up all the culture and history in Edinburgh or relishing the globally renowned music culture of Manchester or Liverpool, you’ll always leave the country with a strong desire to return and explore more. Then there’s Northern Ireland – a country pulling in increasing numbers of visitors each year keen to see the legendary Giant’s Causeway and learn about the world’s most famous ocean liner at the Titanic Museum. There are over thousands of places to see and experience in the United Kingdom and you cannot afford to miss any of them!  
Top Bucket List Experiences in Western Europe:

Here is a rundown of all amazing experiences that can satiate your wanderlust while you pack the luggage for the Western Europe Tour:

● Visit to see Stonehenge in England
● Experience the social side of Spain in Cordoba
● Take in the fairy-tale beauty of Bruges
● Tour the gleaming palaces and all the cultural attractions dotting Sintra in Portugal
● Tour the less-visited Porto Santo, Portugal
● Explore the lush vineyards of Loire Valley
● When in Italy, take the world-famous gondola ride in Venice
● Ever visited a French Chateau? Visit Château de Versailles for a splendid experience
● Cycle your way through Amsterdam streets
● Try Rosé and other types of wines in Provence, France
● Nothing beats the experience of seeing a sunset over Santorini in Greece
● Get clicked in front of Big Ben in London
● Experience the majestic beauty of the Scottish Highlands
● Ride on London’s Red Bus
● Find beauty in the fragmented ruins of Tintern Abbey
● Capture an Insta-worthy photograph of the Eiffel Tower
● Ski over the French Alps
● Gorge on gelato in Italy; fries and waffles in Belgium and on tapas in Spain
● Go to a lively flamenco show in Spain
● Visit the spectacular National Parks in the Canary Islands
● Run with the bulls in Pamplona
● Do more than just partying in Ibiza
● Stroll the rustic hiking trails and magnificent vistas of Cinque Terre in Italy
● See the most beautiful city square in Europe- Belgium’s Grand Place
● Hop on Hogwarts Express and see Scotland at its best
● Make your trip to Greece worthwhile by visiting the mighty Acropolis Relive the time of Gods in Athens
● Experience the tulip mania in the Netherlands

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Whether your travel likings take you through the green patches of the Netherlands or lavender fields in France, back to the history in the cities of Greece, sipping on brews in Belgium, hunting for music and art in the UK or gazing upon fields of lavender in France, let our Western Europe Holiday Packages help you lead the way. When crafting your Western Europe Tour itineraries, our experts keep both your comfort and curiosity to travel in mind and therefore, Dook’s Western Europe Tour Packages from India will not let the FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) kick in!