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Latin/South America: You truly can get travel-addicted here!

Get hooked and discover newer adventures of this region with Dook’s South America Tour Packages

Consisting of the entire continent of South America, the region Latin America is like a geography class brought to life. From the snow-capped Andean peaks, glaciers of Patagonia, clear white-sand beaches, red-rock canyons and deserts to the Amazonian rainforests, salt flats of Bolivia, massive volcanoes and what not— the natural wonders of this part of the world pave the way effortlessly to unbelievable adventures. The reason why most of the countries fall into Latin America is that it rests between both North America and South America. There are around 20 countries in the region including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.
Like the other popular regions, tourism is also progressively becoming an imperative source of income for South/ Latin America. It has been time and again attracting tourists from around the world and numbers are only anticipated to inflate. Thanks to the region’s sheer diversity in incredible scenic beauty, tropical wonders, cuisine, cultures, historical relics that have combined with awesome nightlife and city wonders to cater to every kind of traveller. So there’s typically everything here for you to see and experience. Hike past the classic attractions like Inca city of Machu Picchu (Latin America’s biggest draw), the jagged peaks of Torres Del Paine in Chile, Iguazú Falls in Brazil, Chichen Itza in Mexico and more. Spend your days among wildlife and nature in one of the Amazon's countless igarapés, among extraordinary creatures in the Galápagos (Ecuador), the Angel Falls of Venezuela, looking at the blue towers of Torres Del Paine in Patagonia and more alike. Add to this a touch of great Latin hospitality and you’ll be thrilled to experience your journey with and like the locals. No wonder why many tourists return saying that ‘the people’ rather than just the destinations, made their overall Latin America Tour experience more fulfilling.

Spare at least a few months to travel here and you have got some great exploring to do! Browse through our range of South America Tour Packages from India and choose the itineraries that fit your travelling needs the best. Here, we’ve decided to help you out and make your South America Tour a bit easier by providing you with the listings of top places to visit in South America.

1. Argentina:

Located near the southernmost tip of Latin America, this country shares borders with five other South American countries including Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Bolivia. Argentina is the second-largest country in Latin America, comprising almost the entire southern half of South America. It has the largest waterfalls, the highest peak in the Americas and some of the most extraordinary panoramas that travellers will hardly find anywhere in Latin America. It is a naturally blessed land with the rugged peaks of the Andes on one side and Patagonia’s glaciers on the other. Then there are these unbeatable beaches and bustles of Buenos Aires, the wonderful grasslands of the Pampas, the finest vineyards of Mendoza and so much more to explore. Add to this a mix of large and small cities as well as towns that are dotted throughout the map waiting for you to discover them. It is this tremendous variety of tourist attractions in this country that keeps travellers coming back for more.

Argentina Wander-List: Buenos Aires, Puerto Iguazú and the Falls, Termas de Río Hondo, Ushuaia, Mendoza, Córdoba Capital city, Salta, Merlo (San Luis), Bariloche, El Calafate y Mar del Plata and more.

2. Brazil:

Sensuous vibes, satisfying food and good mood, music-soaked culture, colourful carnivals, coral-fringed islands and their long stretches of powdery beaches, majestic Amazon River…its wander-list can go on and on; for Brazil is not just a destination, it’s a sensory overload! This country is the largest in South America and the fifth-largest in the world even though highly underrated. For curious travellers, Brazil is both a tropical paradise and a sensational cultural destination with attractions for all tastes, from delightful beach holidays and otherworldly nature explorations to rhythm-filled metropolises and the pulsating beats of Rio's Carnival. There is unusual energy and a love for life that runs through every aspect of Brazilian culture, whether it’s their Samba dancing, drumming in Carnival, indigenous and Portuguese influences; all of these and more come together to create such ambience that you’ll want to stay in forever. While most of the travellers prefer visiting the much-famed São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, on the other hand, the wilderness of the Amazon rainforest and landmarks like Iguazu Falls gives access to the natural spectacles of Brazil. Then there’s this infinite cultural energy of Alagoas, Pernambuco and Bahia, the strolls at the buzzing city of Copacabana, an exciting visit to UNESCO listed sites of Recife, the archaic looks of Salvador, the popular football centres, plenty of subtropical forests, historic neighbourhoods and unique attractions that make Brazil an amazing destination to explore. And if you are a tourist visiting from India, you are away from the hustles of acquiring a visa too! What more to ask for?

Brazil Wander-List: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, like Ignazau Falls, Copacabana, Ipanema (beaches), Amazon Rainforests, Porto de Galinhas, Jericoacoara , Ouro Preto, Bonito, Fortaleza , Recife, Chapada Diamantina National Park, Pantanal, Manaus , Florianópolis and more.

3. Peru:

When it comes to one country that imbibes all the features of South America, it surely is Peru. With a wealth of history and culture to brag about, unique and vast natural reserves, gastronomical wonders, the Amazonian rainforests and so much more, Peru allows you to sit back, dig deeper, hike ahead and relax at the same time. Located on the west coast of the continent, Peru comprises three regions including coastal, highlands and jungle, therefore, featuring a wide variety of landscapes to explore and adventure to keep you moving. Even though the country is majorly famous for its stunning UNESCO listed World Heritage site of Machu Picchu and several other listed marvels, there are plenty of unique exploration opportunities for you to enjoy. Beyond this marvellous symbol of the country, Peru offers magnificent views of the Andean mountains, ancient ruins in the Sacred Valley, the mystic journeys into the Amazon jungles, the ‘back-in-time’ magic of the colonial cities as well as countless adventure sports options like sandboarding in the dunes, cruising or kayaking across the rivers or surfing waves in La Libertad. You can also hike the jungle trails in Tambopata, relish the Peruvian gastronomy at Máncora eating a fine cebiche or chupe de Camarones (shrimp soup), can take a boat trip on the highest navigable lake in the world, look out over one of the deepest canyons in the world and move around exploring its sheer variety of exceptional attractions. This extraordinary mix of attractions and various influences has made Peru stand out as the top country to visit in South America.

Peru Wander-List: Inca City of Machu Picchu , Inca Trail (go for hiking), Cusco , Colca Canyon , Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca , Nazca lines, Puerto Maldonado (Amazon tour), Huacachina , Barranco, Arequipa, Miraflores District of Lima and more.

4. Costa Rica:

With the Caribbean Sea to its northeast and the Pacific Ocean running along its southwestern border, the beautiful country of Costa Rica is too good to skip off your Latin America Tour Itinerary. One of the most visited countries in Central America, Costa Rica has become a travel hotspot due to favourable weather, awesome beaches, outdoor adventure options, its wildlife and hospitable locals (called Ticos). Even though the real crowning jewel of the country is its busy capital city of San Jose which is also home to the best museums and charming squares, there are several treasures lying veiled beyond the capital, in the forests and small coastal villages. Get lost in the beauty of Manuel Antonio National Park or around the Arenal Volcano National Park, go for surfing and sun-lounging in Dominical, zip line your way through the majestic forest canopies, take leisurely strolls around La Paz Waterfall Gardens and see nature at its best and do more at your ease. While here, don’t forget to go for wildlife watching as well, as you have high chances of encountering the snoozing sloths, scarlet macaws, tree frogs, capuchin monkeys and numerous nesting sea turtles. For something more soothing and unique, head out to the Caribbean coast where the calm waters and different cultural vibe are sure to take your breath away.

Costa Rica Wander-List: Corcovado National Park, San Jose , Monteverde (for ziplining), La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Manuel Antonio, Cahuita, Arenal, Poas Volcano, Santa Teresa, Tamarindo , Matapalo and more.

5. Ecuador:

Even though it is a small country when compared to its other South American neighbours, Ecuador still offers generous doses of thrill to everyone who visits. Add to that an excellent tourism infrastructure, beautiful beaches, mountains, volcanoes and of course, the extraordinary Galápagos Islands and you have got an amazing vacation to look forward to in South America. In just a few days, you can island hop around the idyllic beaches moving via the Andes and drive your way through the Amazonian jungles and coffee plantations, making stops in between at the Kichwa villages and postcard-pretty corners and do so much more in this compact yet lively country has in store for you. Start your journey in Quito, the capital city and then head to nearby attractions like Inca ruins at Cochasqui, Oriente, Reserva Faunística Cuyabeno and more. You also have a choice to hike to the summit of the Cotopaxi, stroll around the fishing village of Canoa, explore the neighbourhoods of Guayaquil and Salinas, go whale watching in Parque Nacional Machalilla, ride on the amazing Devil’s Nose mountain train and of course, end your trip with the iconic Galapagos which is a fascinating collection of volcanic islands. Craving for adventure? Ecuador is the ideal place to be as you can choose from horse riding, sea-kayaking, skiing to paragliding, white water rafting, hiking, mountain climbing and so much more. Let yourself be amazed by this magnificent South American country as you choose Ecuador as your next holiday destination with our exceptional South America Holiday Packages.

Ecuador Wander-List: Galápagos Islands, Cotopaxi National Park , Guayaquil , La Nariz del Diablo (The Devil's Nose), Quito, Baños de Agua Santa (hot springs), Amazon basin in Tena, Salinas (beaches), Inca Ruins and more.

Top Bucket List Experiences in South America:

To ensure you experience all things exceptional that this magnificent continent has on offer, we are collating below the topmost bucket list experiences:

1. Trek your way through the Inca trail to reach the iconic Machu Picchu, Peru
2. Visit the Pantanal wetland in Brazil to spot the jaguars
3. Join the happy, crazy crowds at the Rio Carnaval, Brazil
4. See the world-famed statue of Christ the Redeemer
5. When visiting Brazil, a tour of Iguazu Falls is a must!
6. Have up-close wildlife encounters at Galapagos in Ecuador
7. Hike the wilds of The Torres del Paine Circuit, Patagonia
8. Fall in love with the pastel-coloured streets of Cartagena, Colombia
9. See the unusually beautiful Salar de Uyuni salt flats of Bolivia
10. Walk among the clouds in Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve
11. See the tallest waterfall of the world- Angel Falls in Venezuela
12. Embark on jungle hikes and sail deep into the Amazon
13. Tap your feet at a tango show in Buenos Aires, Argentina
14. Snorkel and sun-lounge in Belize
15. Ramble around the barrios (neighbourhoods) of Santiago in Chile
16. Visit the extraordinarily beautiful Lake Titicaca
17. Go for a coffee tasting tour in Colombia
18. Make your own wine in Chile’s Colchagua Valley
19. Ditch the bustles of Venezuela cities; head to Archipiélago Los Roques
20. Visit the tiny yet spectacular oasis of Huacachina in Peru

Make your magical South America bucket list moments a reality with Dook

Whether you are planning a history-filled tour to iconic landmarks, an adventure-filled trip to outdoor havens, a gourmet-rich journey or an off-road escapade, South America welcomes you wholeheartedly with its versatile portfolio of experiences. And we, your travel buddies, are here to craft the best South America Tour Packages for you, giving you several reasons to revisit each of its countries yet again. With an exciting range of Latin America Travel Packages and South America Holiday Packages, Dook aims to serve you with just the best experiences in the region. Why wait? Book with Dook today!