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EAST ASIA: Frenzied yet peaceful, modern yet traditional!

Discover the region’s unique experiences with Dook’s East Asia Tour Packages

This eastern region of Asia is one of the world’s most captivating corners and it is quite easy to believe why. East Asia which was once the cradle of ancient civilizations such as imperial China, ancient Japan and the Mongol Empire, is today the home to hip and happening cities like Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai. While the beautifully detailed temples and complex traditions have some of the oldest stories to tell, at the same time, the chic buildings and neon-splashed cities recite the glorious face-lifting sagas. Even with only a handful of countries, the region’s travel offerings stand out as good as they are visually appealing.
Composed of China, Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, the region of East Asia never fails to surprise its visitors with a delightful assortment of attractions. From walking across the picturesque tea-plantations to chilling on the white sand beaches, from sleepless cities where nights come to life to an exceptional range of karst landscapes that are one-of-a-kind spectacle- you’ll find it all and a lot more. It is here amongst this cluster of enchanting countries and their experiences that you can certainly say “Yes, there’s something for everyone here!”
Since East Asia offers the best of everything wrapped up in one exciting package, Dook, with its irresistible range of East Asia Holiday Packages, invites you to discover its countries with a motive to bring you back here asking for more. Whether you are looking to try unique cuisines in Japan, explore the mammoth-sized cities of China, want to shop to your heart out in the street markets of Hong Kong or take a Vegas-like trip to Macau, our East Asia Tour Packages from India offer you the most memorable travel experiences of your life! Venture on a thrilling East Asia Tour with Dook and you’ll thank us later…

1. China:

A vast and breathtakingly beautiful country covering an area of 9.6 million square kilometres, China has today stood out as the world's hottest outbound tourist market. With a history that stretches back to almost 5000 years, ancient architecture, natural marvels, rich flavours of food, a variety of cultures and interesting folk customs, modern cities and more, China uncovers endless surprises for those who choose to explore every bit of this incredible country. For the first-timers, the usual tourist destinations like Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xian and Tibet serve the purpose, however, to add a slice of ‘never experienced before’ fun, you must also set your foot in booming tourist places like Qingdao, Chengdu, Harbin and Nanning. Of course, you must visit the classics like the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the Great Wall, pure Namtso Lake, Terra-cotta Warriors, Yangtze gorges, Zhangjiajie, Huangshan, Chongqing and more. Then there are plenty of ancient towns and cities, traditional gardens, palaces and museums, ethnic villages and so much more to discover.
No matter if you are visiting for the first time or the tenth, in China, you can always get an exciting adventure packed inside with too many things to do.
2. Japan:

A startling combination of calm and chaos, ancient history paired with the newest technology along with an added pinch of quirkiness, Japan and its many wonders are bound to make you come back for more! Famously known as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, Japan is a country full of never-ending discoveries. Even if you care to spend a lifetime exploring Japan’s rich history and natural marvels, you could barely scratch its extraordinary expanse. The country also has an advanced transportation infrastructure that makes navigation a cakewalk. The exceptional blend of age-old traditions and modern rituals, antique structures and serene gardens sandwiched between the city’s present-time hi-tech settings, the spectacle of Mount Fuji, the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, incredibly fresh food, friendly locals welcoming you with open arms and the list just goes on. Fancy the modern city vibes? Check out Osaka and Tokyo. Looking for a spiritual outing? The imperial city of Kyoto serves the purpose. Wanting to follow the off-beat trails? Discover the beautiful corners of Hokkaido and Okinawa.

Choosing what to explore on a Japan trip from the sheer number of things to do, see and experience, is not an easy feat, so Dook, as your ideal East Asia Tour buddy, narrows down your preferences into its handcrafted East Asia Travel packages that cover all the 'worth-visiting' experiences.  

3. South Korea:

The fact that spectacular South Korea is visited by approximately ten million international travellers every year comes as no surprise as it is one of the most diverse countries in entire East Asia that defines itself through the varied contrasts and natural exoticness. Here is where you will see temples rising beside the gleaming skyscrapers, experience the hubbub of the cities with the serenity of natural marvels nearby and see both beyond-belief advanced technology and rich traditions coinciding side-by-side thereby, confirming that South Korea is so much popular for quirky, interesting things beyond its K-pop culture. From Seoul to Busan offering a combination of leisurely cosmopolitan vibe, a peek into the traditional front and seaside relaxation to Jeju Island and Sokcho that give a ‘life-is-so-pleasant’ feel, from numerous hiking trails and treks to craggy mountain tops to vibrancy of the city festivals; whatever is your reason to visit South Korea, the country surely casts a long-lasting spell on its visitors.
4. Mongolia:

Mongolia is a vast, landlocked country squeezed in between the two giants- China and Russia. Needless to say that this East Asian country is relatively unexplored despite being unique in terms of boasting a fantastic combination of natural wonders, untouched landscapes, traditional nomadic lifestyle and culture. Even though the tourism industry here is still very young, it still is growing year on year. Once here, you will definitely love spending your time in the capital Ulaanbaatar, sleeping in ger camps, sharing meals with nomadic families, hearing the Buddhist chants echoing amidst the Gobi Desert, riding the two-humped camels, climbing and falling off the huge dunes and so much more. But it’s not just about camel riding and nomadic life here; the country is rapidly changing as you will see the people herding into Ulaanbaatar and other big cities for work and study opportunities. What’s more? The visas here are relatively easy to acquire and a few nationalities won’t even require one to explore Mongolia. While leaving, don’t forget to get yourself Mongolian cashmere which is purely made from goat’s wool, is silky soft, warm and cheaper than anywhere else in the region.
We are dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable travel experience in Mongolia and therefore, we design all our East Asia Tour Packages with the utmost consideration given to what you like! Make the most of your trip with us; browse through one of our East Asia Travel Packages and book an incredible trip to Mongolia today!

5. Taiwan:

Together with modern cities, traditional Chinese temples, hot springs resorts and dramatic mountainous terrain, Taiwan stands out as a tiny island nation that has a lot more to offer to a curious traveller than what you see in the eye-catching brochures. Boasting jaw-dropping scenery, a burgeoning art scene and some of the best street food in Asia, Taiwan is still one of Asia's best-kept secrets. As varied as its adventurous landscape and spirited traditions, thriving alongside the cream of Asian sophistication, Taiwan is a continent on its own, on one green island. While the Taiwanese capital Taipei is where everyone usually lands at first, there’s a ton to do in the nearby destinations as well. Even though you can find your portion of comfort in the cities of Tainan and Kaohsiung or the bustling night markets that are interesting enough for a quick visit, the country’s real drawcard is its natural destinations. The craggy landscapes around Taroko Gorge, the world-famed sun moon lake, the seaside delights of Kenting National Park, Xiangshan and Baoshan Trails, Green Grass Lake and Shengmu Hiking Trail are just a few examples to prove how surprisingly diverse this pretty island can be.

6. Macau:

Among the other surprising places to discover in East Asia, Macau is another gem that takes your heart away instantly. Macau, also known as Macao, is a small, special administrative region of China that operates under the "One Country, Two Systems" principle. Located across the Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong, Macau was until 1999 an overseas territory of Portugal but is today standing just next to Las Vegas as one of the two Meccas of the gambling world. Undoubtedly, the casinos and luxury hotels along the glitzy Cotai Strip take centre stage here, however, if you are willing to find the most interesting backstories and moments of Macau, take a stroll in the backstreets. Here, you will stumble upon the corners that are adorned with Portuguese-influenced architecture alongside Chinese temples and old merchant houses that’ll keep you grounded to look for more. Macanese cuisine is among the other things that you should definitely not miss. From the regional classics like dim sum to the much-loved egg tarts and bacalhau, you will get to savour all this and more. You can also spare a few days in the nearby Hong Kong which is just 45 minutes away by the ferry and is a bucket list spot for many curious globetrotters around the world.

Top Bucket List Experiences in East Asia:

To help you decide your favourites for East Asia Holiday Packages, we have collated below the top “must-experience” experiences.

1. Visit the Forbidden City in Beijing, China
2. Go up to the big Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island
3. Take a walk along the famous Great Wall of China
4. Devour local delicacies like dim sum in Hong Kong Hike the Elephant Mountain in Taipei
5. Gape in awe at the achievements of Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an
6. Cruise along the Yangtze River
7. Climb the hill to Potala Palace in Lhasa, China
8. Take a thrilling bullet train ride in Japan
9. Witness Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival
10. Take in the captivating beauty of picturesque Jeju-si island
11. Marvel at the pop art of Japan
12. Stay in a traditional Japanese ryokan
13. Sit in the highest Starbucks in the world in Taipei
14. Get enthralled by the Golden Waterfall (Taiwan)
15. Fancy seafood? Visit its paradise- Keelung
16. Visit the book-loving Cafe Comma or a themed café in South Korea
17. Meander across the hyper neon world of districts in Tokyo
18. Visit the Peace Museum in Nagasaki
19. Get lost for good in Shanghai and explore the city at your pace
20. Soak in the party vibes in Gangnam, South Korea
21. Be a part of the Arirang Festival's Mass Games in North Korea
22. Test your luck in one of Macau casinos
23. Climb high to Taipei 101 (once the world's tallest building)
24. Visit Buddhist temples in Kyoto
25. Gorge on Korean specialities like the spicy rice cakes and Kimchi
26. Explore the entrancing islands of Okinawa
27. Experience the beauty of Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan
28. Travel and stay like a nomad in Mongolia
29. Visit Eagle Valley in South Gobi, Mongolia

Travel in and around the countries of this spectacular region with Dook

Just tell us your interests and requirements and we will be happy to show you the eccentric shades of East Asia. While on an East Asia Tour, you will discover beyond the usual, hike your way through the offbeat trails, visit the classics and lose yourself in the charm of the region. Choose from our tailor-made East Asia Tour Packages From India and check in to an experience like no other!