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Mongolia Tour Packages

Explore Mongolia with DOOK

Mongolia - The realm of the Przewalski's Horse!

Gallivant the 'land of the eternal blue skies' with Dook's Mongolia Tour Packages!

Mongolia is a seigniory of incredible contrasts from the walled-in cities of the desert to the vast, grassy steppes, it is a place where you can go from being lost in the middle of nowhere to being in the middle of everything in just a few steps.

It's also a country full of surprises: from its ancient nomadic traditions to its modern-day democratic government, Mongolia has always been on the cutting edge of its own development. The country is one of Asia’s most favored tourist destinations, with travelers coming not just to see its stunning scenery but also to learn about its history and culture.

If you want to experience all the geographical topographies in a single land, this is it! With Dook's Mongolia Holiday Packages, you'll find yourself surrounded by natural beauty, rocky deserts, beautiful valleys, buzzing metropolises, and awesome people.

The journey to Mongolia from India is an easy one! With our coveted Mongolia Tour Packages from India, your wallet won't be lighter!

Capital: Ulaanbaatar
Languages: Mongolian
Currency: Tögrög (MNT)
Driving Side: Right
Best Time to Travel: Mid-June and late August

Explore Mongolia

The bonhomous land enveloped by mountains and lakes with a mix of desert and grassland makes for an incredible landscape. The best part? It's all yours to explore! It is the place that has seen the best equation of nature, culture, and people. Out of the diverse points of interest, some of them boast some jarring architectural styles, especially the hermitages. The yore besieges the nomadic tribes, warring clans, and an independent spirit that has made it one of the last great frontiers of the world.

In this country of amazing natural beauty, you'll find a rich tapestry of scenery: blue lakes, green forests, snowy mountaintops, yellow grasslands, and more. From the Gobi Desert to the Altay Mountains to the Gobi Desert again, you'll want to explore every inch of Mongolia with our Mongolia Packages.

1. Ulaanbaatar: The happy and thriving capital city!

When you think of Mongolia, you probably picture a nomadic lifestyle. But there's so much more to Ulaanbaatar than that. From the city's spirited nightlife to its flourishing art scene and cultural center, this bustling capital is bursting with life.

From a nomadic Buddhist center to becoming the capital city, the Mongolian city of Ulaanbaatar nestles the Soviet-era museums, monasteries, and buildings. With the Bogd Khan Uul National Park on one side, Ulaanbaatar burgeons in the lap of the Tullu Valley. Attractions like Gandantegchinlen Monastery, Sukhbaatar Square, and Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, to name a few can be easily explored with our Mongolia Tour Packages!

2. Orkhon Valley : Mongolia's pride and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Orkhon Valley, the central Mongolian city, resides placidly at the bank of the Orkhon River. Recognized for its ages-old nomadic pastoral traditions in 2004 by UNESCO, a lot of ancient treasures have been uncovered from its lap so far! Ancient Turkish inscriptions from the eighth century, Tuvkhun Monastery, and Erdene Zuu Monastery are some of the everlasting jewels of this old town!

3. Bayanzag: the home to the archaic Protoceratops

Nestled in the Ömnögovi Province of Mongolia, the city has been the favorite spot of paleontologists since the 1920s. Bayanzag is also known as the Flaming cliffs. The arenaceous sediments make the cliffy niche look like fire from afar! This is the place to explore and enjoy your numinous self. From the discovery of the first dinosaur eggs best to resembling the Grand Canyon, Bayanzag is the gem of Mongolia!
4. Tsagaan Suvarga: A place adorned by nature

Uncovered in Southern Mongolia, the copper ore deposit mine is termed the 'White Stupa'. Especially for the geology enthusiasts out there, this Mongolian destination surely qualifies to be on your bucket list. One can witness the gigantic stanchion-like structures formed with the exposures of limestone from the deep sea beds dating quite old! Hiking to the top is what you will be doing with our Mongolia Packages! A paradise for photography lovers as well.

5. Uliastai: A soft valley that once stood strong!

The 17th-century western Mongolian city boasts some of the country’s best treasures. Surrounded by nature's softest creation 'the lush greenery', it was once an active military base. The valley created at the joint of the Bogdiin Gol river and Chigestai river is worth exploring! There is the Javkhlant Tolgoi is a famous hiking spot for adventure lovers and a photoshoot zone for social media buffs! The famous temple of Ochirpurev Tsogt and the Tog Buoyant Javklhant Monastery are some of the notable highlights. The monastery's Bodhisattva statue and Mongolian ger are enough to make your eyes pop!

Top Bucket List Experiences in Mongolia

What comes to your mind when you hear 'Mongolia'? The one name that pops out is 'Genghis Khan'. For most of us, the country was probably introduced in one of our history classes! It is now time to set sail with Dook's Mongolia Packages and trouvaille some of the best experiences. Quite a few of them have already been uncovered by the keen trippers! Here are some of the best for you to agog:

1. Spice up your Mongolia Tour with an off-the-beaten-road experience

A perfect time to activate your gusto mood! With only 2,244 km of paved road, the rest of Mongolia can be explored by either following the footprints of your fellow snowbird/guide or paving your own path! From rocky terrain to plain grasslands, from denizens to its exotic faunas, you will have layers of junket trip memories to deify with our Mongolia Holiday Packages on your way home!

2. Go on a Gobi Desert Safari

As you enjoy the singing of the Khongoryn Els sand dunes and the winds, don't get surprised if a Bactrian camel comes and visits you! You can experience the forest in you once again as you encounter the indigenous fauna of the land. Research says that the land is home to around 3094 habitats. While traveling you might have to halt your ride now and then! You cannot interrupt the group of Przewalski Horses passing by or miss the sight of a Snow Leopard or a Musk Deer wallowing in their natural habitat. You'll get to learn about how climate change affects this ecosystem as well as the harsh realities like encroaching. It will also delineate how life was before modernity hit the place. Overall, you will be getting out into nature without leaving civilization behind!

3. Get to know the history and culture of Mongolia!

The presence of multiple archaic monasteries and museums justifies the cultural richness of the land. Of all the unique attractions you will be visiting on your Mongolia Tour, here are some of the paramount places that scream the legacy of Mongolia:

● Sükhbaatar Square is the main square of the region and is named after a great revolutionary, Damdin Sukhbaatar. He declared the country's independence from China in 1921 at this location, thus the name!

● Home to over 150 monks, the Gandantegchinlen Monastery is an ancient Buddhist monastery with mesmerizing architecture. Built in 1838, the monastery was restored in 1990.

● The Zaisan Monument is a place that protects the soul and the air here screams bravery and patriotism. This is the memorial ground of the Soviet and Mongolian soldiers killed during WWII.

4. Go on a taste tour with our customized Mongolia Holiday Packages

In the land of tradition, Mongolia has been a melting pot for many cultures. The country is known for its rich culinary traditions and delicious foods. Some of the popular dishes that you must make a note of are:

Huushuur: It is a deep-fried meat pie! It is the main dish of Mongolia during the Naadam festival.

Buuz and Bansh: The most favorite food of Mongolians during the national holidays. They are dumplings, the larger ones are Buuz and the smaller ones got the name Bansh!

Tsuivan and Chanasan Makh: Tsuivan is a stir-fried noodle and chanasan make is boiled meat seasoned with salt and the combo is luscious!

5. Shopping spree in Mongolia, never to miss!

Shopping in Mongolia is an experience unlike any other. It's not just a place where you can find the best wool coats, but also a place where you can buy a little bit of history with every purchase. You can put your hands on Cashmere, Morin Khuur, Silver Cutleries, Organic Skin Care Products, Ger, Hat, and Puzzle Toys!

With our easy access to tourists from every corner of the world, we have specific packages for them. Thus, if you are from India and want to dive into the cultural grandiose of the land, take up one of our Mongolia Tour Packages from India!

Is the Mongolian Siberian Ibex calling you? It's time to find out with Dook!

Travel to Mongolia with Dook from anywhere in the world.

If you are a peregrinate wanderer, a trip to Mongolia is your cue! Isolated from the rest of the world for centuries, this hermetic land is one of the last remaining niches of the nomadic tribes. The way the traipsing tribes found their lost long home in this land, get ready for a gypsy expedition to this virgin land with Dook's Mongolia Packages! Curated with care, our myriad tour packages are all-inclusive. A royalty service awaits as soon as you step foot on this placid soil! From airport transfers, accommodations, and transportation to expert guides, our Mongolia Tour will multiply your eudaimonia!

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