Best Things to Do in Croatia

    The vibrant country is home to historic cathedrals, national parks and Roman palaces which are lingered from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. The attraction in Croatia displays striking natural and man-made beauty which makes Croatia one of Europe’s prime tourist destinations. Croatia boasts one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline along with its rocky, indented shore and thousand islands. In addition, Croatia’s coastal towns and cities have much to offer with its fascinating history and the historical remains of Roman and Venetian times. Some of Croatia's top attractions are historic cities and unspoiled nature. With history and nature; it has museums, galleries, restaurants, and shopping. Along the coast, one can see Venetian-era stone buildings centuries which are old harbour towns, while countless pebble beach’s offer many water activities such as water skiing, scuba diving, and windsurfing.

    Read More: About Croatia 1. Try Cliff Jumping at Istra Region

    Try Cliff Jumping at Istra Region

    If you love adventure and you are an adrenaline-junkie, the region is Istra in northern Croatia is a perfect place to try cliff jumping. It’s located just outside of Pula and you will find several incredible cliffs at the Galebove Stijene beach. The water at this place is also great for snorkelling.

    2. Tick off 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    UNESCO World Heritage sites

    Up until 2017, there used to be eight Croatia UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But recently two are added, so it’s a bonus for you to see these sites namely Plitvice Lakes National Park (1979), Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian (1979), Old City of Dubrovnik (1979), Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in the Historic Centre of Porec (1997), Historic City of Trogir (1997), The Cathedral of St James in Šibenik (2000), Stari Grad Plain (2008), Stecci Medieval Tombstones Graveyards (2016), Venetian Works of Defence between 16th and 17th centuries: Stato da Terra – western Stato da Mar (2017).

    3. Adventure to the Blue Cave of Bisevo

    Adventure to the Blue Cave of Bisevo

    The cave exposes its beauty in the afternoon on a clear sunny day. It is located at the Balun Cove and was made an easy entrance until 1884 with blasted dynamite. When the sun rays on the water, the bright blue effect is do domineering which can take you to a trance world. The bright sun lights of the water give any watcher or visitor a feeling of tranquillity.

    4. Enjoy an Endless Sunset at Rovinj

    Enjoy an Endless Sunset at Rovinj

    Do you love to watch the sunset? If you love this time of the day, you should probably head to Rovinj, Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula. Somehow this city is blessed as the sun seems to linger in the sky longer than expected. Once the sunset, find a spot for yourself and see how the sun dips far into the horizon line.

    5. Shop at Bjelovar Market

    Shop at Bjelovar Market

    In the town of Bjelovar, there is Croatia’s vibrant daily market. It lies in the heart of the city and the market offers such high quality and diverse food. You can stroll through the market and see many goods including fruit, vegetables, cheeses, sausages, meat, pastries and even plants. If you want to try local food, you should seek out for Prgica, a famous delicacy in the region.

    6. Sail the Seas

    Sail the Seas

    A country filled with over 1,000 islands and one of the richest archipelagos, you cannot miss sailing the coast. It’s probably one of the fun and adventurous things to do in Croatia. Take a tour to Hvar, Korcula, and Cres, Brac Krk and Mljet islands or maybe the islands of the Zadar Archipelago.

    Must-Visit Attractions in Croatia 7. Hvar Town 8. Korcula Town 9. Pula Arena 10. Rovinj 11. Mljet Island 12. Porec Old Town 13. Rijeka 14. Brac Island 15. Brela Beach 16. Plitvice National Park 17. Brijuni National Park Explore: Best Attractions in Croatia Best Things to Do in Zagreb

    Top Things to Do in Zagreb

    While Croatia is best known for its coastline, it is the capital city Zagreb is less explored or visited. It is Croatia’s capital and largest city, but a small town with charm and expansive squares and old hilltop district of cobblestone streets which are lit by gas lamps till today. The city has something to offer for everyone from sights like King Tomislav Square, Ilica Street, Gradec and many others. The day is good time walk by the pedestrian streets and eats at one of the many cafes, and by night you can enjoy Zagreb’s nightlife with dance clubs, bars, restaurants and fun.

    1. Walk the Streets of Kaptol

    Walk the Streets of Kaptol

    Kaptol is the town where the diocese was founded in 1904. Zagreb is one of the capital’s main landmarks which dates back to the cities earliest times, but it was razed in the 1200s by the Mongols and destroyed by an earthquake in the 19th century. What are so intriguing about the site is the remains of the Cathedral fortifications.

    2. Explore Gradec

    Explore Gradec

    This place used to be a popular medieval area populated by tradesmen and artisans. But, today, it’s now a quite district ideal for walks down the cobbled streets. Its landmark is St. Mark’s Square which is of culture and political significance. The name was given by St. Mark’s church and still retains most of its original Gothic architecture.

    3. Take a Walk Down Bogoviceva and Flower’s Street

    Take a Walk-down Bogoviceva and Flower’s Street

    After a nice day outing, you could probably walk down this street and see its beautiful spots. Bogoviceva Street is a downtown street in the city line up with cafes and particularly on weekends. Another street you can have a nice time is the Flower’s Square, also known as Cvjetni Trg where you will find nice flower stall of many varieties. The street is also filled with bars, cafes, eateries and malls.

    4. Drop by the Museum of Broken Relationships

    Drop by the Museum of Broken Relationships

    Since the time of its creation in 2006, the museum has gained much importance and now it’s given a permanent location in Zagreb’s upper town. The museum is a literal representation of its name where all the collection featured here are the relics of a broken relationship. Each of the items here tells a story and its fun to see something different which might take only about half an hour.

    5. Hit the Nightclubs

    Hit the Nightclubs

    People in Zagreb do not talk much about nightlife in Zagreb, but it’s a big-time party town. It’s a decent nightlife here but with a small influence like that in Belgrade or Prague. No matter what genre you like, there’s music for everyone to enjoy the nightlife. One of the most popular street people crawl into is Tkalciceva Street.

    6. Pick Up a Licitar

    Pick up a Licitar

    The city is fond of little red hearts which is found almost everywhere like shop signs, leaflets or anywhere you look. There all refer to Licitars which is a symbol of Zagreb. So, what’s a Licitar? Basically, it’s a honey dough cookie which is baked in heart-shaped and painted with edible red with piped messages and patterns.

    Must-Visit Attractions in Zagreb 7. Upper Town (Gornji Grad) 8. Zagreb Cathedral and Treasury 9. Lotrscak Tower 10. Stone Gate 11. The Museum of Mimara 12. The Art Pavilion and the Mestrovic Gallery Best Things to Do in Dubrovnik

    The beauty of the old town is scattered with secluded monasteries, medieval churches and museums which are within the historic centre of Dubrovnik. The city is known as “Pearl of the Adriatic” for its spectacular seafront location coupled with the historic and evocative old city centre. The city was founded in the 7th century and most of its exquisite architecture is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk by the city’s limestone streets, ancient city walls, and baroque building. However, there is also fun, a family-family attraction in the city to explore.

    1. Go Sea Kayaking to Elaphites Islands

    Go Sea Kayaking to Elaphites Islands

    If you love Adventure Sea, you should try sea kayaking to the Elaphites Islands. Line yourself up with sea kayaking gear and equipment and take a trip from the Dubrovnik city to the island. While you on the tour to the island, you can try snorkelling, swimming or even jump off the cliff at the green grotto.

    2. Go for Peljesac Wine Tours

    Go for Peljesac Wine Tours

    All it takes for the travel of art tastes the country’s wine. And while you in Dubrovnik, you should consider yourself lucky, you can explore Peljesac, the kingdom of wine. This place is supposed to have the country’s finest wine with the best taste of red wines with varieties such as the Plavac Mali.

    3. Explore the Old Town of Dubrovnik

    Explore the Old Town of Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik is filled with old towns and they are one of the many attractions. The touch of the old town abounds in Baroque, Gothic architecture in churches, palaces and monasteries. They are all built of white stones which have been thoroughly polished for years. There are the Rector’s Palace and Sponza Palace which are important public building in the town.

    4. Learn Ancient History

    Learn Ancient History

    In the early 1990s, Wade Goddard, a New Zealander came to the country and open War Photo Limited which exhibits his works from all over the world. He opened this after he was affected by what he saw in the country and keen to expand his experience and broaden people’s understanding of wartime.

    5. Take a Stroll by the City Walls

    Take a Stroll by the City Walls

    Strolling by the city walls is a relaxing time and the best way to get to know the city’s ancient fortifications. For those who love history and architecture, you can appreciate this intricate jewel which has been skillfully designed and constructed to get a history lesson. Better still, you can see a beautiful view of the city and the panoramic beauty of the Adriatic.

    6. Try the Fun Cable Car

    Try the Fun Cable Car

    The orange cable car started in 2010 and it’s inclined up over the Old Town. It’s a piece of history and also popular tourist attractions in the city. With the cable car, you can take a trip to Mt. Srd which is of historical importance that served a frontier against the Turks and kept the Serb forces at bay.

    Must-Visit Attractions in Dubrovnik 7. Stradun of Dubrovnik 8. Dubrovnik Cathedral and Treasury 9. The City Gates 10. The Square of the Loggia 11. Dubrovnik's Gibraltar: Fort Lovrijenac 12. The Big Fountain of Onofrio and St. Saviour Church Best Things to Do in Split

    Top Things to Do in Split

    Split, the second largest city in Croatia which was inhabited for thousands of years by Romans, Byzantines, Croats, and Venetians who left wonderfully preserved Old Town. The city is a mix of modern life and ancient history. Split is well worth a visit and one day is not enough to see this magnificent place. There are plenty of things to do in Split with easy access to the city now. The place is brimmed with antiquities, bistros, bars, cafes and impressive list of UNESCO World Heritage’s site.

    1. Climb the Marjan Hill

    Climb the Marjan Hill

    The Marjan Hill is in the old town of Split which is 178 meters high and a favourite recreational spot for locals and tourists alike. The hill has jogging trails, footpath with few rock-climbing and mountain biking activities. There’s also a cafe bar Vidilica at the top of the hill to enjoy the food and the view of the sea.

    2. Visit the Museum of Split

    Visit the Museum of Split

    Split has a number of museums that are of different historical importance, architectural style and sizes. Some of the prominent museums as Spit town museums, archaeological museums, ethnographic museum and Split live museum. If you are in Split, you should take a trip to these museums and learn more about the country in various ways.

    3. Savour on Split’s Cuisines

    Savour on Splits Cuisines

    Split is now becoming an epitome of gastronomy scene with many kinds of restaurants opened all over the place. Until a few years ago, eateries in Split only offer grilled fish and meat. But, now it's risen beyond with half dozen of restaurants serving the best and different variety of food in paces namely Bokeria, Villa Spit, Kadena, Mazzgoon, Uje, Ma: Toni, Re di mare and Zinfande.

    4. Stroll and Shop from Split’s Markets

    Stroll and Shop from Split’s Markets

    Split’s market is practically open 24/7 where you will see stroll holders in their shop selling and serving customers happily. Once all the markets are open, the city never sleeps again and many bars that are in an around the market do a roaring trade from morning till there’s no one left in the bar.

    5. Wine and Dine in the Split’s Restaurants

    Wine and Dine in the Splits Restaurants

    Split has many inviting restaurants and bars along the seafront of prom grade. You can try some nice local cuisine or the Mediterranean style by trying the juiciest stakes, the finest seafood and Dalmatian style of meal in any of the restaurants in Split. The city is filled with many bars for the best food and wine in the country.

    6. Go Rock Climbing at Santine Stine

    Go Rock Climbing at Santine Stine

    Santine Stine is known as the rock climbing area of the country with over 40 m high in the west part of Marjan. Marjan Crag was the very first site who organised the rock climbing activities. Many of the alpinist from split who trained here are now climbing various expeditions around the world.

    Must-Visit Attractions in Split 7. Diocletian's Palace 8. Cathedral of St. Domnius 9. The Ivan Mestrovic Gallery 10. Marjan Forest Park and the Marjan Stairway 11. Split Archaeological Museum 12. Klis Fortress Best Things to Do in Zadar

    Top Things to Do in Zadar

    Zadar is an artsy and cosmopolitan city near Dalmatia which is always under the tourist radar. It’s vibrant with an old touch of extravagant historic towns, cobblestone streets, Roman ruins, and medieval churches. There are so many things to do in Zadar. You can step into the world of dynamic culture and history and it will never bore you. There are exciting day trips, activities where you can go and explore. It’s an art place with two unique installations that you shouldn’t miss such as the Sun Salutation and the Sea Organ.

    1. Admire the Sea Organ

    Admire the Sea Organ

    There are about 5 organ pipes which emit sound into the stones and their symphony is synchronised by the waves of the sea. It was installed in 2005. If you come here in the dark hours of the day, you will get to witness the beauty of nature with a stunning light show.

    2. Visit the Gold and Silver Museum

    Visit the Gold and Silver Museum

    This is one of the city’s most prominent and best museums. The museum is filled with worldly treasures which have been preserved long ages by the Benedictine nuns since WWII. All of the items here are centuries old but they are so well preserved and maintained. Noted items amongst them all are crowns, fabrics embroidery with golden threads etc.

    3. Watch Glass Making Art at the Museum

    Watch Glass Making Art at the Museum

    The Museum of Ancient glass is in Zadar and showcases a collection of Roman glassware, cups, goblets, vials and flasks. The museum has also been an important institution to develop and maintain glass making. You can visit the museum and watch the art of glass making, see how glass blowers are done throughout the week.

    4. Marvel at the St. Anastasia’s Cathedral

    Marvel at the Saint Anastasias Cathedral

    The cathedral is a historical building which was built in the 3rd century. The cathedral was designed in the Romanesque style where the inside the church contains the sarcophagus of St. Anastasia. Most of the people come here to visit the great bell towers. You can either marvel at the cathedral or climb the structure which you have to pay.

    Must-Visit Attractions in Zadar 5. Church of St. Donatus 6. Zadar Cathedral 7. Kolovare Beach 8. Kornati National Park 9. The Roman Forum 10. The Church of St. Chrysogonus Dook International - Top Tour Operator for Croatia

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