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Top Antalya Tour Packages

Antalya is a city famous for its vibrant blue waters and gorgeous beaches. It is also one of the cheapest and most exciting places in the Mediterranean. From bachelors to groups, Antalya entertains tourists of all age groups. Our Antalya Tour Packages are designed in a way which is not only all-inclusive but also customizable as per the need and comfort of the tourists. So, get a hold on one of our Antalya Packages, and subscribe to unlimited fun- Swim on the beaches, explore the waterfalls, visit the age-old golden cities, enjoy the ultimate delicacies, shop till you drop in the Kaleici bazaar, enjoy the vibrant and enchanting nightlife. The list will never see an end.

Top Things to know about Antalya (Turkey) Antalya

Antalya is a resort city in the southern Mediterranean region of Turkey. With its calm and composed Mediterranean climate, tourists come to this place to enjoy a serene vacation with a complementary vibrant and fun-filled nightlife. The best time to visit this resort paradise is from June to September. Tourists generally prefer the air route to visit the place. They have to land at Antalya Airport. The currency that is accepted in this region is Try.

Antalya is one of the best shopping hubs, as research shows it is one of the top 7% of the cheapest places to live list. Antalya is a friendly land great for solo travellers as well. An Antalya Tour without strolling inside the Old Town is never complete. Antalya has a huge variety of local dishes available at local eateries. For dessert, the lentil ice cream and the burnt ice cream are a must-taste. Coming to beaches, Olympos and Cirali are the best. Make sure your itinerary should include visit to the beautiful towns of Kas, Kalkan, Kalekoy and Demre. If you are willing to take up your first international trip without spending loads, Antalya is the best place.

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Experiences in Antalya

Antalya is a famous honeymoon destination. And if you want to celebrate your last days of bachelorhood like a dream, come to Antalya. For families, Antalya has a lot of family entertainment in its store; amazing waterfalls, and watersports apart from the sightseeing. The cultural and historical experience of the land is immense. As you step foot into the city, you can sense a symphonic fusion between the vibrant contemporary culture and the ancient culture that gives birth to an experience that is never to be found anywhere on earth.

Top Attractions in Antalya

All the attractions in Antalya have a unique beauty of their own. When in Antalya it is nearly impossible to point out which one is the best of the best. Even the ruins have such historical vibrancy, that the building renovates itself every time you hear their history. Antalya has amazing waterfalls that are always a hotspot for tourists like the Duden Waterfall, Manavgat Waterfall, Kursunlu Waterfall to name a few. The ancient town of Kaleici is a storehouse of archaic amusement in itself. The Mount Tahtal and the Antalya Museum are other favourite picks of tourists.

Plan A Trip To Antalya

With over 15 million visitors every year, Antalya has a lot stored within it for tourists of all age groups. Home to myriad romantic, adventurous, and sporty beaches in harmony with ancient and cultural edifices, Antalya is a paradise to all. Apart from the sea-sand-sun trio, the experiences that the tourists witness are mammoth. An Antalya Tour usually begins by taking the tourists back to the day when such a divine place came into existence around 6000 years ago.

The old history of Antalya is still alive within the archaic ruins of the ancient cities of Aspendos, Xanthos, and Myra. Tourists visit the ancient city of Aspendos to have a look at the age-old Amphitheater which still stands intact on the grounds of Antalya. One of the well-preserved relics in the Turkish-Mediterranean. The Amphitheatre displays the brilliant exertion of the talented engineers that graced the land during the reign of the Romans. The architectural footprints left by the creators around the seating areas and stage are wholesome upshots.

Imagine the atmosphere and the zeal the whole area released back in time. The next mesmerizing plat in the ancient city of Antalya is the Aqueduct. The ruins of the Acropolis are in the north of the Acropolis, above a small hill. The other relics that multiply the beauty of Aspendos are the city senate- bouleuterion, agora, marketplace, and the basilica, to name a few. As the legend goes, Aspendos was the home to the refugees from the wrath of Troy’s destruction.

Located in Kinik in Kas is the ancient city of Xanthos. It once stood as the capital of the Lycian Kingdom. It is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and the proud holder of the longest Lycian inscription in the world.  A small ravine following the Antalya road bifurcates the city into two. Tourists admire the ancient Hellenistic walls across the city which were restored by the Romans later.

As the tourists dive more into the mystic city, they come across an inscribed pillar dedicated to the twelve Lycian numens, known as the Xanthian Obelisk. The pillar has four faces with Milyan, Ancient Greek, and Lycian inscriptions. The next is the Agora of Xanthos. Surrounded by courtyards with columns, there are the basilica remains that consist of three rooms’ architecture in Byzantine style with mosaic floors. Close to the Agora, there stand two Turkish tombs. The famous one being the Pillar of Harpies.

A little further to the Pillar of Harpies is the Theater remains with vaulted corridors leading to the orchestra. This relic dates back to the time of the Roman Kings. Against the Theater is the Lycian Acropolis. The Acropolis sits inside the lap of a rock wall that rises from the Esen Stream. Myriad rock tombs and sarcophagi can be witnessed all over the city with their unique lids and reliefs.

Antalya is home to another significant ancient city, Myra, the place of the Supreme Mother Goddess, an ancient city, discovered in Demre. The top attraction in Myra is the Saint Nicholas Church. It has been listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List. The church was built to commemorate the great bishop of Myra, Saint Nicholas. The church that the tourists' witness was made in the 8th century, and the aboriginal church dates back to the 6th century BC. The church is said to have divine powers as per the beliefs of the natives. A monastery and a bell tower were later added to the relic. The port town Andriake in Myra is famous for boat tours among tourists. For daily boat tours, tourists prefer Cayagzi Bay. This port was once the most active and significant port of Antalya.

A place from where the glorious history of Antalya roars the highest is the old town, Kaleici. The only entrance gate to Kaleici, Hadrian’s Gate, is the last gate that still stands in its primordial fettle. It is over 1,900 years old and is dedicated to the great Roman Emperor, Hadrian. A sight worth a visit. Entering the old town, another point of interaction that the tourists come across is the Saat Kulesi and Yivli Minare. The Yivli Minare is one of the first Islamic buildings in Antalya. It was built during the time of Seljuk Sultan Kai Kobad, the first. The gigantic minaret stretches up to 38 meters in height. Another important attraction is the water channels that are over 800 years old, set up inside the mosque.

Kaleici has numerous buildings that were built during the Ottoman, Byzantine, and Roman eras. Lucky for the tourists, these buildings now represent themselves as stores, hostels and restaurants with their traditional touch still intact. One of the architectural beauties that can be witnessed in these buildings is its pebble mosaic floors with monochromatic figurative and geometric patterns. The other attractions are the marina, the ethnographic museum, the Duden Waterfall, and finally the Bazaar. To enjoy the best of Antalyan nightlife, Kaleici is the best place.

Coming to the gourmet zone of Antalya the dishes that are worth a recommendation are Tahini Piyaz Salad, Arap Kadayif, Tahini Pumpkin Dessert, Meatball Skewers, Serpme Patty, Bergamot Marmalade, Kulakli Soup, Bagaca, Guluklu Soup, Lentil Ice Cream, Trimis, Hives, Burnt Ice Cream, Phrygian Stuffed Pepper, Stuffed Rack of Lamb, Legan Kombesi, Alanya Bohcasi, Tomato Cive, Toros Salad, and Cretan Artichoke Kebab, to name a few.

Antalya is full of interesting locations in each and every corner of the land. To make sure you witness the raw beauty of Antalya, we have a wide range of Antalya Tour Packages, out of which the Antalya Tour Packages from India is the most coveted one. The packages are all-inclusive with the modern cutting-edge facilities ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the trip. Since its inception, Dook International has successfully served more than 5 lakhs travellers including group tours, business tours and many others.

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