5 Places in Tashkent you must see

    Uzbekistan is becoming a popular travel destination in Central Asia. Tashkent the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan is the most popular travel destination in Uzbekistan. Tashkent is modern. The architecture of the city combines medieval oriental buildings, the European architecture, Soviet architecture and the modern glittering skyscrapers of glass and concrete. Tashkent is evolving as a favorite travel destination in a land locked country Uzbekistan which was for long away from the sight of foreign tourists. So, when you are in Tashkent on your Tashkent Tour Package then you must see some places as your sight seeing activity. 5 of them are mentioned below.

    Chorsu Bazaar Chorsu Bazaar Tashkent

    Chorsu Bazaar is hundreds years old. Chorsu Bazaar is a traditional bazaar with bright colors. Chorsu is biggest and oldest in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and in Central Asia. Located across the street from Chorsu Station of the Tashkent metro near Kukeldosh Madrasah, in chorus all daily necessities are sold. Tashkent since oldest time was a trade center where from good came into and out of Tashkent. So a fair was set up where goods came into and went out eastward, westward, southward and northward caravan routes. It was called Chorsu which means crossroad. Since then despite lot of attacks on Tashkent, this oriental bazaar has lived through. You get to see variety of spices. Then you get rice, sugar, white balls of Kurts, dried cottage cheese. Apricots, Almonds, pistachios, walnuts and peanuts are other items for which salesmen shout loud and call you to check and buy them. Fruits and vegetables can be seen in abundance and of varieties. Summer and autumn are best times to display the fruits. The bazaar looks amazing with newly arrived fruits.Then you can have a look at the goods of crafts. Jewelry, painted cradles, gold embroidery, quilted men’s and women’s caftans, national musical instruments and much more delicate goods.

    Amir Temur Square Amir Temur Square Tashkent

    Amir Temur square is a historical place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The history of this square goes back to 19th century. Amir Temur, an outstanding commander and statesman from 14th century is represented through a monument right in the center of the square. So this monument of Amir Temur in the center of the square is made of bronze figure of Amir Temur with imperial regalia on a reared horse. The square is surrounded by the buildings of Uzbekistan hotel, University of law, the Amir Temur museum, famous Tashkent Chimes and the Forums palace which happens to be one of the most grandiose architectural structures in the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Before you take off after taking Tashkent tour package from India or Uzbekistan tour package from India, you should know beautiful things about the Amir Temur square so that your Uzbekistan tour package becomes absolute value for money. Amir Temur museum around the Amir Temur square looks beautiful. This museum’s blue cupola looks like Gur I mausoleum in Samarkand. Museum contains medieval architecture with all modern facilities. So you should visit this museum also as there are more than 5000 artifacts in the museum along with over 2000 objects which are displayed in museum’s exhibit halls.

    Uzbekistan state museum of Applied Arts Uzbekistan state museum of Applied Arts Tashkent

    What about a place where masterpieces of a country is organised. There is one such beautiful place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. This is an exhibition of best works of Uzbekistan masters and it was organised around a century ago in 1927. This was an exhibition organised in 1927. This was the exhibition of best works of Uzbekistan masters. So initially this was known as Museum of handicrafts which later in 1997 was granted the state status and received its present name of Uzbekistan state museum of Apllied Arts. The initial collection of the museum consisted of a hundred works of art from Prince Nikolay Romanov and other individual private collections, nationalized in April 1918. Those were mostly paintings and drawings by Russian and Western European masters, sculptures, furniture and porcelain. After it was established as museum then the collection also included works from the collection of Turkestan local history museum.Today the museum displays an antique collection of Uzbek applied arts and it has splendid variety of paintings, prints, jewelry, ceramics and vintage clothing.

    So if you are a lover of antique collections then you are bound to love State museum of Applied Arts in Tashkent city.

    Chimgan Chimgan Tashkent

    In the Tashkent region there is Chimgan mountain ski resort, a wonderful place to head towards especially during summers when it is hot in Tashkent. This naturally beautiful place is one which you probably look for when you are on an Uzbekistan tour package or a Tashkent tour package. 2 hours ride from Tashkent and you reach Chimgan mountain resort. So, Chimgan is most popular ski resort in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Chimgan is located 80 KM or nearly 2 hours away from Tashkent. It is at the height of 1600 meters in the western Tien Shan Mountain surrounding Tashkent from the east. Greater Chimgan is the main peak of the valley and stands out above the entire valley. At the height of 3300 meter Greater Chimgan looks like a peak of giant star from which the rays of slopes, adorned by cliff peaks disperse in all directions. Tien Shan Mountain at the top of it is a blanket of snow and snow slips down to the downside of mountain in winters.

    Charvak Reservoir Charvak Reservoir Tashkent

    Charvak reservoir or lake is a water reservoir in Bostanliq district in northern part of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. It is located on the river Chirchik downstream from the confluence of the rivers Pskem and Chatcal between the Chatkal and Ugam spurs of western Tien Shan ridges. The reservoir is formed by bulk-rock dam height of 168 meters. The water surface of the lake is more than 37 KM2 but it goes down during the summer because the water is used for irrigation farming in the Chrchiq valley. The coastline of the lake goes up to 100 KM. An Uzbekistan tour package from India allows you to explore Charvak Lake which is surrounded by green slopes of mountains, snow topped. Charvak reservoir is newly built in 1970 and the lake is at the topmost of several other reservoirs made on Chirchiq River. This area and surroundings had some villages and people sites as the evidence suggests but they demolished in 1966 earthquake. Today Charvak Reservoir is the most popular recreational site in the Tashkent region and also for those who go on to a Tashkent tour. It is located only 60 KM away from Tashkent so easy to reach. You can swim here; you can for hiking along nearby hills and mountains. You can also go for paragliding or ride on water or at the least you can just enjoy the peaceful environment, views of pure blue colored water and fresh air. Surroundings sites are quite beautiful and sunrise and sunsets are unforgettable once they set into your eyes or your camera.

    So, on your Tashkent Tour Package from India you must see these 5 places mentioned along with other popular sights in Tashkent.

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