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Montenegro Tour Packages

Explore Montenegro with DOOK

Montenegro: A postcard-perfect surprise

Visit this convivial, cosy and captivating country with Dook’s bespoke Montenegro Packages

Once a hidden gem in Europe, Montenegro, a tiny but gorgeous country is today getting hyped as the continent’s hottest new travel destination. And it's easy to see why. This little Balkan nation is in the southeast of Europe, sitting scenically on the Adriatic Sea and has Mediterranean energy that is impossible to ignore. There are pine-scented mountains and dramatic highlands that nestle the deep canyons, gushing rivers and shimmering lakes that are perfect for solace seekers and adventurers alike, antique stone villages along, walled cities with an array of man-made wonders and so much more. However, the real crowd-pullers here are the pretty bays overlooking the royal blue Adriatic Sea and its clear blue waters.

Fast gaining a reputation as a great place to travel, Montenegro is mainly headlined by the old town of Kotor, the town of Perast, the low-key Niksic, picturesque Sveti Stefan but there is definitely so much to discover beyond the usuals. Eat at one of the charming waterside restaurants in Kotor, swim or kayak around Our Lady of the Rocks, feel the special vibes in Ulcinj’s Seaside Promenade, see the history coming alive at Cetinje, take in the splendid beauty of Žabljak village while you stargaze under a clear night sky, visit the crowning gem- Skadar Lake, see the beauty of frescoes at Ostrog Monastery, wander around the impressive Stari Bar ruins while gazing at the oldest Olive groves or just stroll the streets and chat with the larger-than-life locals. Add a pleasant Mediterranean climate into this appealing mix of attractions along with the opportunities to explore Montenegrin rich cultural history and the active pursuits to indulge in and it’s no wonder why tourism has now become the driving force behind the country's growing wealth as a travel hotspot.

The chance to enjoy everything in a country that’s smaller than Wales makes a trip here even more interesting. You just have to pack your bags for an exciting Montenegro Tour as we will take care of the rest. Book one of our Montenegro Tour Packages from India and gear up for the adventure waiting ahead!
Capital: Podgorica
Languages: Montenegrin, Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian, English
Currency: Euro
Driving Side: Right
Best Time to Travel: The destination can be enjoyed around the year, but the most preferable time is between May to October. For those who enjoy winter sports like skiing, the time between January and March is ideal.

Explore Montenegro:
This delightful country divided into central, coastal and northern regions, really has it all – the gorgeous beaches, splendid coastlines, soaring mountains, culture and UNESCO walled cities. But one thing stands common in all-the pure natural beauty that instantly captivates you! Plus, Montenegro being largely off the beaten path, makes the journey even more enjoyable and worthwhile. After all, those fantastic things do indeed come in small packages.

Undoubtedly, the splendour of a fabulously sharp coastline of the Adriatic Sea offers you a variety of beaches, coves, bays and islets that you have been dreaming of while Kotor that is wedged between the mountains and the bay is a living testimony of the country’s eclectic mix of city and seascapes. Move ahead from Kotor and explore Tivat on foot which is the youngest town thriving with attractive places to see. Stroll along the streets of Budva and Bar and you’ll see how fast this tiny country is developing or buzz inside the lively bars and cafes of Niksic to enjoy the nightlife and great food in Montenegro. Far more interesting are the palaces and museums of the old royal capital, Cetinje where you’ll find the surroundings teeming with ancient walled towns of the coast. If you fancy a sun-soaked holiday, head to Herceg Novi which is popular for its favourable weather and the picturesque settings adorned with mimosa trees. Don’t forget to visit the country’s capital Podgorica which is not as appealing as the other European capitals but is considered a good place to settle in and an ideal base to start your Montenegro tour with.

Discover nature up and close at Biogradska Gora, Prokletije and Durmitor National Parks and look forward to making unforgettable memories at their hidden lakes, numerous forests, diverse flora and fauna and imposing canyons. If you are a culture fanatic, there are plenty of treasures in the heart of Montenegro for you to explore which include Illyrian grey castles, Venetian stony walls, vibrantly painted monasteries and plane socialist-style buildings that reminisce Montenegrin rich cultural history.

Even though it is hard to believe that all of this and so much more – is wrapped up in a small chunk of the area, Dook lets you experience every bit of this incredible country. With our wide range of Montenegro Holiday Packages that feature both the off-beat and popular experiences, a trip to Montenegro will look like clear sailing!

1. Kotor: Dramatically delightful

Unlike, other towns like Budva which has beaches, or Dubrovnik that has got all the bling, the town of Kotor is known for its living history and romantic ambiance, outsmarts them all. It is a wonderfully preserved medieval town placed against the steep mountains surrounding the deep channels of the Bay of Kotor. It is here where the past dramatically mingles with the present, where the cobblestones and marble laneways are proof of ancient architecture inspired by various empires and an unavoidable dramatic landscape dominated by its UNESCO-listed Venetian Old Town adds to the overall experience.

Kotor is by far the country’s most popular highlight and one of the best places to visit in the Balkans. Even though it is characterised by its authentic Old Town and its maze of cobbled streets, stone churches and orange-roofed houses encased in a fortification wall, there are other things that are beyond the usual charms. The region's proud history is portrayed in the Maritime Museum of Montenegro, one of the most comprehensive museums on the Adriatic coast whereas the visitors can be rewarded with an abundance of natural views across the Bay of Kotor. Another favourite highlight of Kotor is the Fortress hike which takes you from the base of the Old Town up to the soaring heights and sights of the old St. John Fortress. If you are a serenity seeker, head to the Kotor beach or enjoy paddleboarding around the bay. If you are looking for spirited night-outs, Kotor doesn’t fall off from expectations as there are the streets buzzing with bars, live music and castle-top clubbing which is too good to miss. And if you are looking to sample a hearty local delicacy, you must visit one of the waterfront restaurants to have the squid-ink risotto and monkfish dishes with a glass of Vranac Montenegrin wine.
Want to add Kotor to your Montenegro Tour itinerary? Book from our specially created Montenegro Tour Packages and gear up to go beyond the usual tourist trail.

2. Budva: Pulsating, glitzy, historical and more...

A bit more glamorous and touristy version of Kotor, Budva is the central point of attraction of Montenegro’s splendid coastline. Thanks to its Old town, the stone alleyways, little ancient towns and several important cultural establishments have made Budva the most visited destination in the country. Those looking for a more laidback holiday in this petite town can head to Budva Riviera for kayaking, nearby Bečići and the beautiful sandy Jaz beach and others alike that are sure to satiate the wanderlust.

Budva might not interest every traveller but will surely be enticing for those who like to a bit of everything, from beach life, glitz and glam to a considerate blend of history. While the medieval walled Stari Grad which is the famed Old Town is filled with all the traditional charm, the main attractions for most of the visitors here are the sandy beaches that make up the Budva Riveria. The narrow streets of the medieval fortified city will make you discover the magnificence of this UNESCO-listed town whereas the extravagant yachts and pulsating nightlife will keep you invigorated throughout. Then there is Budva Museum, the town walls, churches and the Gallery of Modern Art that allow you to take in the historic sense of place. For the refreshing breathers outside the city, you can visit the charming village of Krapina or drive away to Montenegro's most photographed site, Sveti Stefan which is just a 15-minutes drive from Budva.
3. Herceg Novi: A city to instantly fall in love with
This beautiful city located at the entrance of Boka Kotorska Bay is one precious Montenegrin gem that is impossible to not love. It is the country’s westernmost city primarily known for two things: castles and the glittering sunshine. While many choose Herceg Novi to explore the city’s iconic architecture and 6 centuries of its history foot, the others find plenty of opportunities to hike in the mountains, go for an excursion along the beautiful bay or opt for a mind-calming swim in the evening. This combination of the city being historic, cultural and naturally pleasant will be a rare find among all in the country.
Even though the city is recognised for its beautiful walkways, churches, charming islands and spectacular viewpoints, there are a few highlights that are definitely not worth missing. These include the Ottoman-built Kula Fortress, Bosnian-inspired Sea Fortress and the Spanish Fortress, all of which tower above the pretty beaches and harbours and the pretty sights are too hard to ignore. Then there is a 300 meter-long Žanjic beach and the Uvala Veslo that is an addiction for adventurers seeking cliff-jumping and swimming activities. If you are visiting the Old Town, the main square called the Herceg Stjepan Square is a must-visit While here, also be sure to amble through the colourful docks and the Pet Danica promenade that stretches along the magnificent seafront. And to top it all off, there’s an Austrian clock tower in the center of the old town which is the city’s symbolic highlight.

These are just the headnotes of what this pretty little town has on offer; a lot more is waiting to enchant you.

4. Cetinje: Oozing the glorious past

On a short drive distance from the coast at Budva, this former royal capital of Montenegro is as charming as it is splendidly reminiscent of its history and heritage. Today, the old and elegant mansions with intriguing architecture have been converted into insightful museums and buildings. One of the great proofs is its foreign embassy buildings – which are quite delightful to look at and can be admired while walking down several cafe-lined pedestrian streets. The 18th-century Cetinje Monastery is another interesting sight located at the centre of the city and has some beautiful frescoes, while the 15th century Vlah Church with its fence made from Ottoman rifles also makes for an ideal must-see landmark.

You can also visit the sprawling National Museum and the Blue Palace but always keep in mind that a walking tour is the best way to discover the wonderful sights of this compact yet historically rich city. Move a little outside this royal marvel and you’ll find the amazing Lipa Cave to explore. This largest cave system has tight passageways and large halls stretching for more than 2.5km underground and rewards the visitors with impressive karst rock formations.

Top Bucket List Experiences in Montenegro:

1. Visit the soul-stirring Stari Grad in Kotor

Quite evident that the city of Kotor is rich with history and its Old Town, Stari Grad is indeed one crowning jewel that doesn’t need any formal introduction when it comes to top bucket list experiences in Montenegro. This waterfront ancient stone town is where you’ll catch beautiful glimpses of the mountains and crystalline waters between the houses and Venetian walls. Views from Citadela are even though unparalleled, the real charm, however, is in the sandy beaches that make up the 'Budva Riveria'.

2. Take in the pleasant and picturesque vibes of Perast
Positioned beautifully to the northwest of Kotor and sharing the same gorgeous bay, this pretty little town of Perast is a photographer’s dream and a paradise for vacationers. Mostly featured for its stone villas and picturesque chapels like Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George, Perast is equally famous for baroque palaces and the nearby beach activities. However, the real fun remains in discovering the pleasant views, the town’s crumbling bell towers and romantic seaside cafes. Strolling along the city’s harbour at dusk is another wonderful way to soak up the spirit of Perast. Spend a day here and you won’t return disappointed.

3. Find your kind of adventure at Durmitor National Park

The highest town in the Balkans, Zabljak snuggled in the north of Montenegro is not just famous for stargazing, wooden cottages and romantically enchanting meadows; the thickly forested Durmitor National Park is its real crowning jewel. Centered around this mountain village, the Durmitor National Park is considered a premier destination for hiking, skiing, kayaking and other adventure activities, thereby inviting both nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. This magnificent attraction is home to glacial lakes, deep gorges and the Tara River that silently flows through the park. It also has rare flora and fauna as well as some amazingly picturesque trails that add up to the entire unforgettable hiking experience here.

4. Experience the quaint beauty of Sveti Stefan

If you have ever seen the posters or most of the brochures of Montenegro tourism, the images that pop on the top are mostly of the island of Sveti Stefan and it is easy to see why. Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful places to visit in the country, Sveti Stefan looks like being plucked out of the pictures of an island paradise. Once a tiny fishing village, this island today stands out as the most visited attraction, being home to a five-star luxury resort. Add to that the shady paths along the coloured cliffs that line the coast north of the causeway and you have a great place to walk and watch the sunset over the island. You can always opt for a walking tour as well, opt for going on mini hiking trails and enjoy the plenty of fantastic viewpoints nearby and get that perfect shot for your Insta feed.

5. Fill your soul with piety at the Ostrog Monastery

Call it a miracle built by nature or a human collaboration, the magnificent Ostrog Monastery carved inside a uniquely positioned mountain cliff is a visual and soulful treat. Considered a popular day trip for both tourists and locals, visiting the Ostrog Monastery is a magical experience making the monastery quite frequented around the year. If you have the chance to explore the special atmosphere and magnificent facades, check out the beautiful frescoes painted onto the walls and ceiling of the mountain, recalling that this is still an energetic place for worshipping pilgrims.
6. Gape in awe at the beauty of Lake Skadar

Visiting Montenegro and not visiting the famed Lake Skadar is like missing out on exploring the surreal gem of the country. The largest freshwater lake in the Balkans and the most famous in Montenegro, Skadar is as serene as it is spectacular. Most of the Lake Skadar lies in Montenegro and has been designated a national park to protect the lake's diverse ecosystem- the reason why you’ll see almost 270 different species of birds here. The beauty here is defined by the clear water, steep and lush coastlines and patches of floating water lilies that make the lake look even more appealing. For an unforgettable experience, visit Lake Skadar during springtime because it is that time when the weather warms up, lilies are in full bloom and the water is too soothing to enjoy a boat ride.  
Experience a little of everything in Montenegro with Dook!
Whether it’s the city’s history, awe-inspiring landscapes, ancient stone villages, or local delicacies, Montenegro’s offering is hugely varied and is sure to give each visitor a mindboggling experience! Our Montenegro Tour Packages from India are thoughtfully curated for you to experience a little slice of everything so that you get away from the typical tours and have a travel experience of a lifetime!

Get in touch with our team of travel experts to find out more about our special Montenegro Packages.

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