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    State History Museum - Bishkek


    Kyrgyzstan is a popularly growing tourist destination in Central Asia region. In Kyrgyzstan there are many natural sites to visit and Issyk Kul Lake comes first to any one’s mind when we talk about natural paradise in Kyrgyzstan. Song Kol Lake, Karakol, Fairy Tale Canyon, Sary Chelek Biosphere reserve and Konorchek Canyon are some of the God’s gifted places in Kyrgyzstan which are must see when one is on a Kyrgyzstan tour package. Apart from the Bishkek is the most popular city in Kyrgyzstan which attracts thousands of visitors every year. Bishkek is a historical city which has its own color, architecture, culture and many elements which draw travelers to explore the city. In this article we will see a place in Bishkek which is State History Museum and it is a site which you should visit when you are here on a Bishkek Tour Package. When you come to Kyrgyzstan first city you visit is Bishkek, so when you are in Bishkek you have plenty of places to see and one of those should be State history museum. Let us explore State History Museum in Bishkek a bit more.

    State History Museum - Bishkek

    State history museum is located at the Ala too square which is a popular site in Bishkek. This main city square is a vast expanse of concrete that the site of frequent political demonstrations and regular festivals.  At night many vendors set up photograph and karaoke booths, and there’s a synchronized sound and light show in time with the fountains. Ala too square offers you a great time when you are here. You can sense the grandeur of this area. You can enjoy this place which is full of fountains and has a huge flag surrounded by huge buildings. At this popular Ala Too Square is State history museum. This museum was earlier called the Lenin Museum. The museum has quite a few attractions to offer to visitors. You get the opportunity to see some exhibits of rock paintings, the Bronze Age household items, nomad jewelry as old as dating from the 1st century to the 5th century AD, Turkic stone collection, Talas stones which has runic inscriptions, old time ceramics, several glass and metal items and there are also number of ancient coins which you can see.

    The museum has 3 stories. Ground floor houses temporary exhibits while first floor houses permanent exhibits depicting natural and political history of the country and Soviet heritage. In the State history Museum you can also observe extensive collection of ethnographic objects belonging to late 19th century and early part of 20th century. These collections also include wool and wood work of Kyrgyz craftsmen of those times, knitting and embroidery works, Kyrgyz national costumes, and traditional women’s jewelry. So you see that State history museum takes you back to old Kyrgyzstan and you can observe all elements of old Kyrgyzstan. This is fascinating especially for those who love to explore historical part of a place. There is statue of Lenin on the south side. This museum sits between Ala-Too Square and the Parliament building. So you can have a good time at Ala Too Square and visiting State History Museum will add to your good experience when you leave this place.

    Bishkek State History Museum

    The State History Museum in Bishkek is open for visitors from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00 AM to 15:00 PM. When you come to explore the Bishkek city, you should explore State History Museum on your Bishkek tour packages.

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