Song Kol Lake in Kyrgyzstan

    One loves it the most when the journey and the destination both are extremely picturesque. One such exhilarating experience one gets while travelling to Song Kol Lake. Second Largest Lake after Issyk Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan, with fresh water Song Kol Lake sits at the height of 3000m. Another high altitude alpine lake in Kyrgyzstan, Song Kol is surrounded by 3500m peaks and yurts which belong to herders from the nearby villages.

    One would love to breathe deep at this place which lends itself for hiking to the travellers. The alpine lake in the Tien Shan mountains is a perfect destination to reach to. Horse riding is one of the cool things to do in Song Kol. Horse rental is easily available by Community Based Tourism (CBT) and Shepherd's life in Naryn and Kochkor the two biggest town near the lake. CBT and Shepherd's life are two organisations here to help local people make money from tourism. Trekking via Ak Tala village near Naryn one can camp, hitch hiking along the way to the lake is the most beautiful experience one can have. Another way to Song Kol is from Kyzart village near Kochkor is on horseback.  Trekking or horse riding to the lake offers soothing sceneries on the mountain.

    Yes Song Kol Lake is one of the favorite destination while one is in Bishkek. But there is snow all year around Song Kol lake. So the best time to visit the lake is from July to September in the summers. The Lake which belongs to Naryn River basin is home to shepherds who offers the travellers yurts when they are here. Otherwise there is not much facility available and that brings the fun element of staying in the place too. Therefore, including Song Kol Lake as one of the best places to visit in Kyrgyzstan becomes quite obvious to the tourists.

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