Must-Attend Special Events in CIS Countries

    Every country has its own culture, traditions and hosts several festivals and events based on it. An event is of importance and a planned social occasion held in many of the CIS countries. There are more holidays and festivals in the CIS Countries than the other days in a year.

    They organize these festivals or events in the form of art, culture, sports, activities, etc which you will find in all the CIS places. You should take the time to explore and experience these events as they come once in a year.

    So while you are in any of the CIS countries, have a look at the lists of the events we have listed below for you to enjoy something a little extra on your vacation:

    Belarus 1. World Vegan Day in Minsk Date: 3rd November 2019

    This is an annual event celebrated by vegans in Belarus and all over the world. They will celebrate it through activities such as planting trees, setting up food stalls with an awareness program.

    2. Mom & Baby Date: 11-13th October 2019

    It is an annual family festival which will have specialized exhibitions, education programs, presentations and projects on baby clothing, baby and mom, toys, furniture, etc.

    3. Winter End Blues Festival 2020 Date: 21st February 2020

    This is the fifth blue festival which will be held in Minsk, Belarus. There will be several dance activities taking place and music played by profession blues musicians and DJs. It’s a great festival to dance the blues.

    4. InterStyle - Belarus

    This is a national trade fair that will be held in Minsk, Belarus. It will open to visitors and traders. The exhibition will showcase the art of make-up; Hairstyling, body care, and other related products to the beauty industry.

    Armenia 1. 1000 Year of Village Life Date: 29 September 2019

    The event is organized for those who want to experience the authentic village life of Armenia. You can witness the various rural culture and traditions and even take part in the rituals.

    2. My Handmade Armenia Crafts Festival Date: 28-28 September 2019

    It is one of the biggest handmade crafts in Armenia, and fair and free workshops for the Arts Exhibition. The festival will feature some of the best works of the local artisans in Armenia.

    3. Big Bonfire 2019 Date: 28 September–28 December 2019

    The festival is also known as “Mets Poor 2019,” which will be set in Sarukhan village. It is more of a tradition where the villagers set this big fire representing the harvesting of potato where games will be held with food servings.

    4. Areni Wine Festival Date: 5th October 2019

    The Areni wine competition will take place in Noravank Monastery, Areni Village. You can get to taste some of the finest wines of Armenia which will be crafted from the Areni grape.

    5. Lady Expo Date: 8-10th November 2019

    The 16th international specialized exhibition will be held in Yerevan. It will showcase many products such as medical cosmetics, perfume, costume jewelry, ornaments, footwear, and clothes.

    Kyrgyzstan 1. Kyrgyzstan Photo Tour Date: 1st 13th June 2020

    This is an 11 days photography that will take place in the landscapes of Kyrgystan. Here you can expect to see the graceful horses, eagle hunters, shepherds, the snow peaks, mountains to capture lifetime images.

    2. CBT Ski Challenge Date: 15th January 2020

    This event is usually held in the third week of January, and you get to experience skiing with CBT’s expert guides and explore the ski festival leaving no traces behind.

    3. FoodTech Kyrgyzstan

    This is an event that cycle every two years, which will take place in the arena of Ksapes. It is an international specialized exhibition of equipment for food and industry. There will be a display of meat, fish, dairy, oil and fat processing equipment.

    4. Wild Weekend Trip to Kyrgyzstan (No visa required for UAE Resident visa holders) Date: 10th October 2019

    This is a tour event for those who want to join the trekking activity in Kyrgyzstan. You can spend the weekend in the beautiful mountains of Kockhor district and discover Central Asia’s gem in the weekend timeframe.

    5. 4 Day Horseback Riding in Green Pastures of Song Kul Lake Date: 10th 13th June 2020

    This tour is organized by Nomad’s land to give travelers an experience of exploring Kyrgystan’s nature. You will be on horseback and discover the beauty of Kyrgystan’s beauty bit by bit.

    Moldova 1. Rush Evolution Jiu Jitsu Tournament Date: 10 November 2019

    It is a sports event that will be held at Manje Sport Arena, Moldova. It’s one of the greatest sports events to be held in the country. There will be participants from all over the world and the rules of the tournament will be based on the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.

    2. Moldova Wine Festival 3 Nights 4 Days Date: 5th-7th October 2019

    It is one of the biggest wine festivals in Moldova celebrated annually in October in the Great National Assembly of Chisinau. The festival is also a representation of Moldova’s culture and traditions. There will be several concerts, programs, excursions, food servings, etc.

    3. Wine Festival in Chisinau-Moldavia: A Weekend Trip! Date: 4th October 2019

    This is a small event organized by Couchsurfing Bucharest, which will be held in Chisinau, Moldova. Apart from the wine tasting, there will also be local trips organized in the famous “Friendship train”.

    4. Food & Drink Date: 14th 17th May 2020

    It is one of the biggest and the only food exhibition in Moldova which is held annually at the International Exhibition center Mold Expo, Moldova. There will be about 5000 participants from all over the country exhibiting their products.

    5. Christmas Fair Date: 20th 25th December 2019

    The fair is held annually during the Christmas season for handicrafts and handlooms industry at the International Exhibition Centre Mold Expo, Chisinau. There will be many participants from all over the country showcasing their products. Explore the fair and you can grab some nice souvenirs, handicrafts, and delicacies of winter.

    Russia 1. Brazuka Dance Festival Date: 31st 4th November 2019

    The 5th Brazuka Dancing Festival brings in refreshing fun activities that you will not witness in any part of the world. It will start with a Zouk battle in a boxing ring, dance school celebration and an end in a water park.

    2. Russian Winter Festival Date: 8th 9th December 2019

    The festival runs annually from December to mid-January as the homage to the Russian Christmas and New Year celebrations and traditions. It will host several entertainment and grand events at Izmailova Park with additions of games, food, crafts, etc.

    3. The Russian Summer Festival Date: August 2020

    It is a rich cultural program that takes place around the island. They will fill the shoes with volleyball, basketball, tennis, triathlons, etc. It also includes exhibitions, shows, and concerts.

    4. International Folklore Festival Date: 14th 17th December 2019

    This is a 4 days folk event that will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia. It will display the different ethnic and diverse cultures and traditions of the Russian people from different parts of the country.

    5. White Nights Moscow Date: June 2020

    The White Nights Festival is an annual international arts celebrated at midnight of the sun in St. Petersburg. There will be grand performances with a series of carnivals that take place during this time.

    Tajikistan 1. Nawruz Month: March

    It is Central Asia’s New Year celebration celebrated in Tajikistan by making holiday dishes, singing, entertainment, and dancing.

    2. Roof of the World Festival Month: July

    It is a celebration of Pamiri customs held in the Kharog city park. They celebrate the festival with an international song and dance festival performed by an artist from all over Central Asia.

    3. Didor Film Festival Month: October

    It is a Persian movie festival held in Dushanbe and has recently expanded its scope in European and Russian movies. They organize the festival to promote the film industry and the location of Tajikistan.

    4. Falak Festival Month: October

    Falak is a poetry sung in southern Tajikistan which is usually celebrated and held before the date. It is performed by singing this poetry, accompanied by playing musical instruments such as string-bow instrument, dutar, etc.

    5. Orozo Ait Date: Changes yearly

    The celebration is celebrated after Ramadan by preparing different dishes and celebrating it with friends and family. Amongst the native of the CIS countries, it is usually celebrated by the Tajiks and Uzbeks.

    Turkmenistan 1. Novruz Month: March

    It is one of the biggest festivals in Turkmenistan and Central Asia. It is a festival celebrated with family and friends circle. They make a special dish on such an occasion known as ‘semeni’, a paste made from sprouted flour and wheat.

    2. Turkmen Horse Festival Month: April

    This is an extraordinary festival and a public holiday in Turkmenistan. It is celebrated especially for one of the best breeds in the country, the Akhal–Tekel, which is a symbol on the country’s coat of arms.

    3. Carpet Day Month: May

    It is celebrated as a national holiday in Turkmenistan. Established in 1992 as carpets have always been part of the Turk people’s lives. They even have the well-known Carpet of Museum in Ashgabat exhibiting the process of carpet making, carpets, and a concert.

    4. Kurba Ait Month: September

    It is a Muslim holiday which is also known as Eid Al-Adha in Arabic. On such an occasion, people go to the mosque, sacrifice a sheep, prepare the meal, and feed it to the poor people.

    Ukraine 1. Kyiv Lights Festival Date: 28th 29th September 2019

    It is a festival of lights and media arts held in Kyiv City State Administration. It will be created by an international festival and turns the city into an open-air art gallery through its colorful installations and projections all over the city.

    2. Wine & Spirits Ukraine Date: 23rd 25th October 2019

    It is one of the biggest wine festivals in the country and a melting point for distributors from all over the world. It will showcase the best drinks of over 105 brands including wine, beer, spirits, and low alcohol drinks.

    3. World Food Ukraine Date: 23rd 25th October 2019

    It is one of Ukraine’s biggest and best international food & drinks exhibitions. Exhibitors will come from all over the world to let you experience the best of the best. If you are a food lover, this is a lifetime experience to try the different food from over 27 countries.

    4. BeerEx Ukraine - International Beer Exhibition Date: 23rd-25th October 2019

    It is the first international exhibition for beer and low alcohol drinks in Ukraine. There will be over 100 exhibitors from all over the country. You can visit the exhibition and get a taste of some of the best local drinks in the country.

    5. October Boogie Fest Date: 4th-6th October

    This is the 5th edition of the festival which will be held in Kyiv where there will be professional performers, instructors, and competitors. Later it will be accompanied by great parties, workshops, live music and a lot of dance.

    Uzbekistan 1. II International Festival of Illusionists in Tashkent Date: 27th October 2019

    The second international festival of illusionists will be held at Cinema palace, Tashkent. It’s one of the worldwide festivals as they will bring the best illusionists from all the CIS countries. It will be a grand and magical event.

    2. Food Week Uzbekistan Tashkent Date: 6th 8th November 2019

    It is one of the oldest exhibitions in Central Asia, which exhibits the equipment and technology used in the food industry. It will be held in Uzekspocentre Exhibition Centre, Tashkent for three days attended by over 15 countries.

    3. Beauty Expo Uzbekistan Date: 2nd -4th May 2019

    It is an annual fair dedicated to showcase the industry of makeup, hair styling, etc to the visitors. There will be only the latest products used by the high-grade technology in the industry.

    4. UzFood Uzbekistan Date: 1st -3rd April 2010

    This is one of the country's largest food exhibitions where professionals present their products to a wide audience. There will be more than 6000 suppliers and dealers from Uzbekistan's food sector.

    Kazakhstan 1. InterNations Oktoberfest Party @FULLER’S Pub Date: 28th September 2019

    It is one of the world's largest festivals which will take place at Fuller's Pub. It will showcase a great variety of beers and whiskey followed by some offers, games, lottery, etc.

    2. Food Expo Kazakhstan Date: 6th -8th November 2019

    The trade show will be held in Almaty where food companies will be exhibiting snack making equipment, packaging equipment, and many others.

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