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North Africa Countries to Explore

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Interwoven by an exotic mishmash of cultures, traditions and gastronomy, the region of North Africa assures a journey like no other. Sandwiched between the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea, North Africa is quite a different corner in comparison to the south. Here, you will find epic history in abundance, bustling ancient bazaars along with colourful cultures and cuisines that have been the constant highlights of the region for years. This magnificent area– comprising Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Sudan, has become a hotbed of travel and tourism in recent years and it is easy to see why. From the world-famed Pyramids of Giza to the ancient city of Luxor and Nile River, from open-air markets and souks of Morocco to its enchantingly beautiful city Marrakech, from the famed deserts of Tunisia to lush landscapes of Algeria– you will find it all here!

Gradually and steadily, North Africa has flourished and has become a growing tourist hub more than ever, welcoming visitors from across the world. Being close to the Middle East with a lot of similarities to mirroring the region, North Africa opens the gateway to new cultures and customs and newer adventures for the avid traveller. Then there is good food, great hospitable people and some awesome UNESCO-listed as well as cool cities to look forward to.
Visit the ski slopes of Morocco or dive underwater to see Egypt’s amazing coral reefs to get the chills and thrills of an absolute adventure. Those who have a knack for scenic pleasures must visit the Sahara desert, the fine sandy beaches of Tunisia, the snow-topped mountains of Algeria and much more alike. The history and culture buffs will be occupied by a treasure trove of ancient sights, Berbera Roman ruins, exquisite mosques and hordes of epic past that has been left behind today with an indelible mark in the region. And not to mention, there are quite a lot of bustling ancient souks (special mention of Marrakech’s souks) where you can master your bargaining skills and take back the unique souvenirs. Wherever the heart takes you, your visit to these iconic North African destinations will be nothing short of amazement.
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1. Egypt:

Being one of the oldest countries in the world, Egypt boasts some of the most important historical sites in the world. This north-African country which is also known as the ‘land of Pharaohs’ or the ‘land of pyramids’, has evolved as a favourite tourism hotspot over the years. While it still preserves its historic treasures as well-preserved as they should be, its world-class coral reefs ideal for scuba diving in the Red Sea and serene sails over the Nile add up to the real fun of a trip to Egypt. But a spectacle that steals the show in the country is the iconic Pyramids of Giza which are considered to be one of the dearest locations here. Apart from these, there are several temples and tombs, swathes of a blazing desert, the ancient cities of Luxor and Cairo and some absolutely amazing attractions like the southern town of Aswan and Siwa oasis. Don’t be disheartened if you are a beach baby as Egypt has got you covered too! Watch out for the awesomeness you will be accessible to as here, unlike the other paradisiacal beach destinations, you can combine the historic sightseeing along with the scuba diving to reefs and wrecks or lounging under the sun. Head to the Sinai Peninsula and enjoy hiking to its rugged mountains or soak up the sun. Do not forget to take a day trip to Ras Mohammed National Park that will surprise you with its assortment of wildlife and the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

Egypt is abundantly filled with bucket-list experiences. Take your time out to search through the wonders of Egypt and find something that makes you remember this unique Egyptian adventure. To help you get started, our experts have created a range of North Africa Tour Packages along with the itineraries of Egypt Tour that will eventually help you book better and faster.  

2. Morocco:

From the rugged to the lavish, from medieval to the luxuriously modern, the fascinating north-African country Morocco fulfils your Arabian-adventure dream in every way. While its diversity of culture and landscapes is enormous, there are plenty of other surprises that list it among the most beloved bucket-list destinations. This country has a unique culture that is beautifully blended with varied influences like African, Arabic and French and this is easy to spot at any corner. The stunning desert-scapes and the Atlas Mountains, massive Kasbahs, the scent of spices, bustling maze-like souqs and the towns coloured brightly with shades so good- Morocco is just like a pleasant dream! While here, you should definitely explore Morocco’s former regal capital- Marrakech and its bazaars, stand in awe watching the sunsets of Casablanca, bask under the blanket of stars in Sahara desert, explore the most photogenic Chefchaouen or the stunning walled medina and alleyways of Fes el Bali and spend your days relaxing on the panoramic terraces or stuffing in the yummiest tagines and couscous. Discover magical Morocco with our North Africa Tour Packages and fall forever in love with this incredible country.  

3. Tunisia:

Sitting as it is on the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia is majorly regarded as a beach destination in North Africa. Since it has a long coastline that stretches for kilometres, Tunisia has some of the best beaches in the region with clear waters and shimmering sands along with options for various activities for the people to indulge in. And the best part is that Tunisia being a little underrated has the advantage of offering seclusion in abundance. While here, you should definitely hit the fantastic beaches of Djerba, Monastir, Sousse, Hammamet, Bizerte and Kelibia. Moving beyond the water-based adventure, Tunisia is also packed with ancient ruins, beautiful Muslim architecture along stunning cities and busy souks that are too good to miss. The sites not to miss here include the ancient Tunis Medina, Bardo National Museum, the UNESCO-listed Carthage, Roman amphitheatre of El Djem dwarf and more alike. Go a little offbeat and travel through the unspoiled white villages located along the coast, enjoy a private outing near the deserted coastline or take a walk in the barren lands of a salt pan. Whatever interests you, Tunisia will surely tick off most experiences on your North Africa Tour bucket list.
4. Algeria:

Despite being the biggest country in Africa, Algeria, another underrated gem in northern Africa doesn’t get the attention it deserves. This country is undoubtedly beautiful- the mishmash of a stunning 1200 km Mediterranean coastline, spectacular Roman architecture and lush green landscapes make it a destination worth visiting. Here, you will find a surprising mix of the best beaches, large swathes of desert and even the snow-topped mountains along with a dash of culture and art that make Algeria even more attractive. While here, you can explore the city of Algiers which is the capital of Algeria and a key tourist magnet. Some other destinations worth exploring in and around Algeria are- the Dar Hassan Pacha mansion and nearby streets that exude an old-world charm; the Oran city where you can discover the Casbah and Le Theatre; the towns of Batna and Annaba; the picturesque city of Constantine; the Turquoise Coast; deserted sites of Djemila and Tiddis and several Ottoman mosques and forts that are considered the best in North Africa.
Top Bucket List Experiences in North Africa:

1. Visit Fes in Morocco and get awestruck by the colourful views
2. Feed your senses and soul at the souks of Morocco
3. Find your way up to the soaring Atlas Mountains
4. Try your hands on surfing at Taghazoute in Morocco
5. Spend an unhurried day while cruising along Egypt’s Nile River
6. Raft the White Nile
7. Gaze in awe at the Pyramids of Giza
8. Dip in the sizzling springs of Cleopatra’s Pool at Siwa Oasis
9. See the colossal ruins of Luxor at a sunset
10. Discover shipwrecks and life under the sea in Ras Mohammed National Park
11. Unwind by the sea while sipping in Arabic coffee in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia
12. Appreciate the uniqueness of Tunis
13. Visit the Arab souq in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital
14. Trek through the Sahara desert at sunset
15. Go dune skiing in Algeria’s desert
16. Buy a gorgeous carpet in Ghardaia, Algeria

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