9 Best Cities in Bulgaria You Must Visit

    Bulgaria is quite a novel destination in the Balkans. It has a rich and immersive history which stands on its own unique identity in the rest of South-East Europe. This unique mix of culture, customs, traditions, art and overall way of life is found nowhere better than in the cities of Bulgaria. While there are many destinations which you could cover in your trip to this beautiful country, some are more important than others. Here are the Top 9 Cities in Bulgaria you must visit:

    The Very Best Cities for Travelers in Bulgaria 1. Sofia Sofia - Bulgaria Capital City

    If art and culture is your reason to travel, then Sofia is where you want to be. As the Capital of Bulgaria, this great city has emerged as a major arts centre in Europe. This alone makes it a tourism hotspots. But if that is not enough for you, then the sheer number of historical sights in the city is just icing on the cake. You can stroll through Sofia’s many monuments for days and never run out of tales of their historical splendor. For those who fall easily for majestic views, the view from Mount Vitosh offers a massive panorama filled with marvelous lakes. Sofia, Bulgaria is where Kodak moments come from!

    2. Plovdiv Plovdiv

    In Bulgaria Tourist Cities, there is no other place which can claim a longer historical lineage than Plovdiv. This city has been continuously inhabited since the 6th Century BC. Now, this makes it a must-visit place for all kinds of history buffs and archaeology lovers. But you can find a healthy mix of regular tourists in the city as well. A lot of them will probably be enjoying the wineries that are popping up all over the city. You can sip these while looking at the stunning Rhodope mountain range and the Balkan mountains. If you are looking for cities in Bulgaria, then Plovdiv is sure to make your trip a stellar affair.

    3. Nesebar Nesebar

    Bulgaria has many getaway destinations on its travel map. Some of these present a unique cultural milieu while others like Nesebar are classic beachside resorts. It has a great number of historical churches and other monuments. Two of the highlights in Nesebar include St. Stefan Church and the Church of Christ Pantocrator. At the same time, it also has a massive shore where you can take in the beauty of the Black Sea. In particular, Sunny Beach is the most awe-inspiring shore destination in Nesebar. It’s thronged by many visitors and tourists during peak season. If you’re not keen on big groups of people, considering book your trip during the off-season.

    4. Varna Varna

    Varna is among the most well-known cities in Bulgaria. It has a spate of tourist attractions which will keep you on your feet all through your days. You can marvel at the world’s oldest gold in the Varna Archaeological Museum, you can also visit the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin or the Baroque Opera. The Roman Baths in Varna are also a prime tourist attraction. Aside from that, you get every other tourism luxury from top-tier bars and restaurants to spa treatments to high-adrenaline adventure sports. If you are looking for an all-round travel experience, Bulgaria is the place to be.

    5. Sozopol Sozopol

    Sozopol is another major historical city in Bulgaria. This city was first setup by the Greeks in the 6th Century BC as a sprawling arts and religion centre. Since then, it has held on to this identity and gained a lot of popularity over time. Nowadays, it serves as an out-of-the-way yet lucrative destination for travelers. Aside from all the historical jewels in the city, they also have Christian complexes and stunning fortresses on the coastline. You can also take in Sozopol’s beaches and cobblestone promenades while you enjoy its vibrant nightlife.

    6. Burgas Burgas

    Burgas is another important entry in our list of the best cities in Bulgaria. The town rests on the westernmost point of the Black Sea and is named after the Burgas Bay. This is also Bulgaria’s largest port known as the Port of Burgas. This city is not so well-known among casual tourists in the Balkans. However, for the more experienced travelers of Bulgaria, Burgas serves as a great out-of-the-way place to unwind by the seaside. If you are looking for something very un-touristy, yet welcoming enough to allow a good time, then Burgas is the right choice.

    7. Veliko Tarnovo Veliko Tarnovo

    Bulgaria was once home to the Russian Tsars. And though the Russian monarchy has long since removed away from the country, its historical trail remains fresh. At the epicentre of this historic trail is Veliko Tarnovo. Often called the City of Tsars, it contains a massive Fort with stone walls spanning over 3000 feet. It also offers complete round the clock sights on the picturesque hills that surround the fort. Beneath the fort, cobblestone streets lead up to traditional homes, and beatific churches seeped in history. Among the many highlights of this place is the famed Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration of God. It showcases the unique style and architecture of the Tsarist architects and how their vision progressed over time. Out of the 30 monasteries established in over time, this is the most celebrated one. If you want a particularly rich tour of Bulgaria’s imperial past, Veliko Tarnovo is a must-visit for you.

    8. Koprivshtitsa Koprivshtitsa

    Among the majestic beachside cities of Bulgaria and its distinct cultural centres like Varna, Koprivshtitsa stands out novel tourism destination. Don’t worry if you couldn’t pronounce it in one go. Most people can’t. They also cannot forget the stunning experience they have in this city. When you head over to Koprivshtitsa, you are sure to meet many honeymooning couples. They will be usually thronging popular tourist destinations like the Oslekov House. This was a house owned by a wealthy merchant who built it in 1856. It has great visual appeal and is known for some very unique designs. Another popular tourist hotspot is the Topalova House which was lived in by a prominent tax collector in 1854.

    9. Bansko Bansko

    If you’ve had your fill of beautiful Bulgarian beaches, then you can hop over to Bansko. This city is well-known for its majestic snow slopes. You can find all manner of snow sports in Bansko. Situated at the foothills Pirin Mountains, Bansko snow slopes are only about 160kms from the Sofia, Bulgaria, the capital of the country. Many argue that Bansko’s slopes can rival even those of France, and Switzerland and that too at lower prices. Along the slopes of this city you can find dozens of après-ski restaurants as well as nightlife venues. Moreover, Bansko is host to an annual Jazz Festival which is often headlined by international artists, famed Bulgarian performers and jazz connoisseurs.

    Where Will You Go From All These Bulgarian Tourist Cities? Bulgarian Tourist Cities

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