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    The Intimate Ruins of Sauran, Kazakhstan


    There are many ruins in the world. There are many ruins symbolising one or the other thing in the world as well. What makes them special? One thing that makes them special is an intriguing reminder of past time. Generation by generation stories goes on and that's what make such places a special one for locals and more so for travellers from outside. So which place on planet we are going to explore here? Well we are going to explore The intimate ruins of Sauran in Kazakhstan here.

    The Intimate Ruins of Sauran, Kazakhstan

    Little away from highway from Turkestan to Kyzyl Orda in South Kazakhstan, the intimate ruins of Sauran is there. Sauran is a place for adventurers. Once one of the biggest city in Kazakhstan, Sauran is today known as romantic ruin remains. Once you are over the fascinating big cities like Almaty and Astana in Kazakhstan, it's really time for you to explore more here. Ruins of Sauran will catch you with its old and beautiful charm. The interesting story of ruins of Sauran goes like this. It is believed that city had been settled by Arabs sometime around 8th century at nearby 3 km from the place where today ruins of Sauran is. Though this city had most powerful fortifications, still around 12th - 13th century it could not resist army of Chengiz Khan and surrendered to stay under their protection. Later in 14th century, the Sauran became the capital of Ak-Orda one of the states built on the ruins of the Mongolian Empire. The city location shifted on several occasions because of changing course of Syr Darya on which it depended for water. Sauran is among only few cities which survived Mongol Onslaught. As different empires came and went, Sauran adapted itself well becoming capital of Mongol White Horde and later it became military fortress under Tamerlane. In the end people dropped this place off and went to nearby place, so Turkestan got importance and this marvellous of Central Asia lost its mojo which was then easily taken over by Russia.

    The Intimate Ruins of Sauran Kazakhstan

    The walls are still high in places while crumbling in other places. You can enjoy humming of birds and cute little turtles. Sitting and watching here can set your imagination far in the past of this place. Sauran lost its due worth but as a traveller you can simply enjoy the atmosphere here and on top of it can talk to archaeologist working here and they are happy to answer you.

    The Intimate Ruins of Sauran in Kazakhstan

    No entry fee and no security here. You can get there from Turkestan by your own vehicle or Taxi on rent. From Turkestan you need to drive 47km on the highway to Kyzylorda. You can also take bus. On the way to ruins of Sauran you should ignore signs of Sauran village because main site is still away from these signs. So if you love to explore less explored and far off places this intimate ruins of Sauran in Kazakhstan should be must see place on your travel destination list.

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