Manas Complex

    Kyrgyzstan has lot of tourist attractions. Bishkek is the center point in Kyrgyzstan for tourists. Bishkek is a historical place with lot of monuments reflecting architectural brilliance of old times. Walking down the streets in Bishkek is a good experience. You see museums, theaters, parks and much more. It is appropriate to say that Bishkek is the crown of Kyrgyzstan. A country which is loaded with natural beauty in its surroundings has a city which has lot of man made historical beauties. When you take a Kyrgyzstan tour package or you are on a Bishkek tour package you can be sure of having a good time and experience over there. This was little about Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek. Now in this article we will see about a complex in Bishkek city. This is Manas Complex and Bishkek boats lout of proud about this complex because Manas complex is the historical complex of national hero. Who was this hero and what are the good points about Manas complex which travelers should know before visiting here? Well, let us explore.

    Manas Complex

    Manas Complex is said to be the final resting place of Kyrgyz epic hero Manas. Manas is a quite loved hero in the history of Kyrgyzstan along with his wife and together they are said to have strong influence on Kyrgyzstan over 1000 years ago. Manas is also called Manas the Generous. Why? Because in Chinese Manuscripts it is said that Manas lived in 10 the 10th century and during his time which was short when he ruled, he managed to unite the Kyrgyz tribes who had a quarreling equations before Manas united them. So in his love even today people come to Manas complex in Bishkek to honor his memory. This complex is also considered a place to go to for newly wedded couples so that symbolically they can make their relation as husband and wife as harmonious as Manas and his wife had. This is about local people more. What about travelers from outside? Well Manas complex attracts visitors in quite a good number because it represents the best side of Kyrgyz architecture, lifestyle, folk style and beliefs. They also get to see famous monuments of deer horns which is the national symbol of national patroness. Deer has the historical significance because it is believed that deer mother saved and raised the first ancestors of people of Kyrgyzstan. Around the deer mother monument is forty female head dresses which showcases the customs of ancient times. The historical part suggests that in old times the custom was that when Kyrgyz people met with guests there used to be oldest and most respected woman in the center and forty girls were supposed to sing and dance for the guests.

    Manas Complex Bishkek

    In another section of the Manas complex one can view perfectly well designed yurts national houses. These houses reflect perfect designs and elements that show that houses in early history of Kyrgyzstan were made with comfort of their houses keeping in mind the fact that Kyrgyz people in those times lived a nomadic life. Manas united these nomadic people and so he is considered quite popular. It is said that till the epic hero Manas lives in the heart of Kyrgyz people the Manas complex will remain an attraction for local people. For outsiders also the history and architectural elements are quite exciting elements which compel them to stay here for some time at least. So in case you are on Kyrgyzstan tour package or Bishkek tour package you should think of visiting Manas complex.

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