Indian Restaurants in Tashkent

    There is something unique about Indians and their love for Indian food. No matter where in the world Indians are, they go far to search for Indian food. They are definitely excited about the trip but at the same time they are anxious about the food while traveling outside India. And in last few years when numbers of Indian travelers outside India have increased, the demand for Indian Restaurants has also gone up. The good news is that it is not too difficult now to find Indian food and Indian Restaurants in most part of the world.

    Now when we talk about Uzbekistan, a central Asian country where Indian tourist has increased fairly, there are also some good Indian Restaurants available which offer authentic Indian food at an affordable price. In Tashkent, the capital and Main Tourist Destination of Uzbekistan, there are many such Indian restaurants. Here are some of the Best Indian Restaurants Available in Tashkent. So if you only prefer Indian food, you do not need to worry about that while traveling Tashkent.

    1. Indian Restaurant BRHAM JI
    • Buffet - 12 000 sum (per person);
    • Home delivery;
    • The restaurant has catering and private parties also. Location: 90a Nukus Str.,  2nd floor of the Cafe "Karat" Bus stop "Russian embassy" South Indian Restaurant Raj Kapoor in Tashkent
    2. Uzbekistan Ovozi, Tashkent Reference Points: Hotel "Uzbekistan", State radio committee, supermarket "Dunyo", Central Square Amir Temur, NC "Uzbektourism" 3. Ragu Location: 57, Osiyo Str., Kiyot Microdistrict, Tashkent

    Ragu Restaurant is a very popular Indian restaurant which can offer a fabulous menu with over 150 dishes including a range of vegetarian courses. The food is noted for its spicy and delicately flavored taste.

    4. Zarafshon Location: 17 Matbuotchilar St.,Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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