Flying hours to major destionations of the world from Delhi & Mumbai

    Don't you want a escape from your daily boring life? Don't you want to throw a surprise vacation to your family? Whatever your reason may be, how about going to some fabulous, wacky and picturesque destinations around the world? Well once you are ecstatic about this and have decide to go onto a new trip, planning becomes vital. Planning for what? Budget, Tour operator, Accommodation, Sightseeing and few more things you need to plan. But not to forget one more element of your travel. You don't have unlimited time for your trip, do you? So you always want to know flying hours or flight duration from your place to your travel destinations. It helps big time. So here in this article we try to bring to you the flying hours from Delhi and Mumbai to major world destinations at one place. Flying hours given here are mainly the minimum duration taken by one of the flights out of many from both the places Delhi and Mumbai. There are other flights which take equal or more hours to get you to the destinations mentioned here.
    Destination Flying hours from Delhi Flying hours from Mumbai
    Bangkok 4 hours 25 m 4 hours 25 m
    Pataya 11 hours 11 hours 25 m
    Sydny 12 hours 25 m 14 hours 25 m
    Jakarta 8 hours 30m 8 hours 30m
    Bali 9 hours 10m 9 hours 25m
    Kualalumpur 5 hours 25m 5 hours 10m
    Hongkong 5 hours 25m 5 hours 55m
    Manila 8 hours 30m 9 hours 15m
    Ho-Chin-Minh 6 hours 50m 7 hours 45m
    Singapore 5 hours 35m 5 hours 25m
    Tashkent 3 hours 5m 13 hours 5m
    Almaty 3 hours 40m 7 hours 20m
    Bishkek 5 hours 40m 10 hours 25m
    Moscow 6 hours 15m 9 hours 45m
    St petersburg 9 hours 20m 12 hours 35m
    Yerevan 10 hours 55m 19 hours 10m
    Tblisi 10 hours 5m 8 hours 55m
    Dubai 3 hours 40m 3 hours 10m
    Male -maldives 7 hours 15m 5 hours 15m
    Mauritious 7 hours 30m 6 hours 5m
    Johannesburg 13 hours 15m 10 hours 55m
    Nairobi 9 hours 40m 5 hours 55m
    London 9 hours 10m 9 hours 30m
    Paris 9 hours 5m 9 hours 30m
    Rome 8 hours 15m 10 hours 35m
    Auckland 16 hours 30m 16 hours 15m
    Sofia 10 hours 40m 11 hours
    Tokyo 7 hours 55m 8 hours 25m
    Barcelona 11 hours 10m 11 hours 10m
    Venice 10 hours 35m 10 hours 45m
    Prague 9 hours 30m 10 hours 30m
    Amsterdam 8 hours 25m 11 hours
    Berlin 10 hours 20m 10 hours 10m
    Madrid 11 hours 35m 12 hours 5m
    Florence 11 hours 25m 11 hours 50m
    Vienna 7 hours 40m 10 hours 50m
    Budapest 10 hours 20m 10 hours 30m
    Dublin 6 hours 50m 12 hours 5m
    Athens 10 hours 20m 10 hours 25m
    Milan 7 hours 55m 10 hours 50m
    Nice 10 hours 45m 10 hours 50m
    Edinburgh 11 hours 35m 11 hours 40m
    Zurich 8 hours 35m 8 hours 55m
    Geneva 10 hours 10 hours 25m
    City of Brussels 8 hours 25m 9 hours 10m
    Frankfurt 7 hours 50m 8 hours 15m
    Madrid (Spain) 11 hours 35m 12 hours 5m
    Switzerland 8 hours 35m 8 hours 55m
    Lisbon (Portugal) 12 hours 5m 12 hours 45m

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