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    Big Almaty Lake


    Ever wondered what cooks the feel of a great trip within you when you travel to a destination? Answer to this may boil down to one thing and that is the destination itself. Some destinations simply shower their utter magic in your eyes and make you believe that there is nothing better you would ever see on the planet. And we believe once you see the Big Almaty Lake you would immediately feel this way or even more amazingly surprised. Before you jump to plan to go and visit Big Almaty Lake let us see some factual information about this lake that makes it  a special destination for travelers.

    Big Almaty Lake is located at an altitude of 2511 m, on the upper side of the canyon by the same name, is fed by the Almaty River running through it, and is part of a wonderful national park. Lake is 1.6 km long, little under 1 km wide, and up to 40 m deep. Lake is surrounded by three majestic mountain peaks, Soviet (4317m)Ozerniy (4110m) and Turist (3954m). The Lake changes its colour in different times of the day, month and year and reflects the magnum opus of nature that surrounds the lake on its surface. When you are done with your travel in beautiful Almaty city, it is time to head to the Big Almaty Lake which is only 25km drive from the city.

    Big Almaty Lake Tour

    The lake's high altitude location keeps it cool even in the month of July. However, this does not stop winter swimmers,  and even draws visitors who would not miss a chance to harden their bodies by plunging into these pure icy waters and being revived. The canyon itself is considered to be extremely dangerous to climb in due to mudslides, and it is to the credit of Almaty mudslide specialists that the lake has survived to this day. There is a pass above the lake on the way to a most beautiful light-blue lake, Issyk- Kul Lake  in Kyrgyzstan. In spite of the steep slopes, many local travellers hike to the lake on foot to breathe the pure mountain air and admire the mountain atmosphere. The Big Almaty Lake is within the Alatau – Eliy National park and  both the Gorge and the lake are an attraction for visitors using Almaty as their base.

    After all these information you would be gearing yourself for this destination. All the grace and charm of Big Almaty Lake make it ultimate place that fills romance in your travel. All you got to do when you are here is wear your heart on your sleeve and dance to your favourite tune while walking to and around Big Almaty Lake.

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