Batumi - A Place You Must Explore in Georgia

    The globe is experiencing a new dimension when many of the completely new cities are being developed for tourism. And then there are other places which have been given completely new look keeping its old essence intact. Batumi in Georgia is one of those which since 2010 has been transformed completely. Batumi today is a distinguished tourism centre sitting at the coast of Black Sea.

    Today Batumi is known for abundance of diverse architectural buildings that make the city modern and beautiful. Batumi is also one of the main port city of Georgia. One of the fascinating aspect of travelling to this part is it's cuisine. There are around 150 dishes registered in the region having Asian influences. The most popular local dishes are: borano (cheese melted in butter), chirbuli (breakfast with eggs and walnut) and sinori (a dish with cottage curds and dough plates). And when it comes to sightseeing in Batumi there are Museums like Gonio-Apsarosi Fortress, Ajara State Art Museum, Batumi Archeological museum and then there are churches like St. Nicholas Church, Catholic Church and few more. Other must watch sites are TBC gallery, Alphabetic tower, Batumi State musical centre, House of justice and more. What you can do when you are in Batumi? You can walk in Batumi Botanical garden, 6 May park, you can have fun in Batumi Dolphinarium, Open Aqua Park and Yacht Club. You can shop here in Super Markets and get what you want.

    Weather here in Batumi is quite suited for tourists. Winter is cold and summer is warm to hot. You would love Batumi when you land here. You can keep Batumi as your next destination when you plan to travel to Central Asia. It should be noted that in 2012 the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences named Batumi as the Best New Destination of the year. Still you can expect more to explore in Batumi, Georgia. So be here where excitement is guaranteed.

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