Balneotherapy in Bulgaria

    All round the world there has been different ways of treating the ailment . Balneotherapy is one of them. it is an age old concept and technique of treatment of disease by bathing. Today this is very fascinating and natural way of cure and very important part of a travel trip too specially because balneotherapy is today practised at Spas. Thus this therapy makes your travel specific because such therapy is not available everywhere. Bulgaria in this regard generates a lot of tourism for this reason. In Bulgaria the centres that offer balneotherapy use mineral waters, mud and salt that are unique in nature. Bulgaria being a very good travel destination attracts tourist for this additional reason that anyone alongside travelling can get the natural treatment in the form of Balneotherapy. Special mineral use in Balneotherapy helps treat diseases like arthritis, Skin conditions, Asthma and few others. Nowadays the combination between abundant natural resources, year-long scientific experience, new technologies and implementation of the best European practices is the core of the philosophy for creation of contemporary balneology, SPA and wellness centres in Bulgaria. The specific climate in Bulgaria helps the year round tourism. Climatic treatment of allergic and chronic diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract is widespread in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a tourist destination where healthy climate and mineral water inhalations are successfully used for asthma and pulmonary diseases. So Bulgaria is very well known for medical tourism now for its Balneoterapy treatment.

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