Aquarium of Duman Entertainment Complex Astana

    Human being on the planet have loved the nature at large. In an attempt to create mini nature they created lot of such places at so many places. Aquarium is one such thing which has come into our drawing room too. And public aquarium which are large in size and volume attract lot of tourists across the world. There are only few aquariums to make it to the list of largest aquarium in the world. These aquariums can hold even whale sharks. One such aquarium is in entertainment centre 'Duman', Astana in Kazakhstan.

    Duman is an entertainment complex that house an aquarium, a 5D cinema and many other entertainment options. This aquarium at Duman is the only aquarium in the world which is over 3000 km away from ocean. More than 2,000 of sea inhabitants, the representatives of 100 species of sea fauna from different parts of the world, live there. This is definitely a place to be at. One of the major highlight of this aquarium is the 70m long tunnel where one can get up and close to sharks and other big fish. Duman adds to the 'Must see' places list of every tourist when he is in Astana.

    The life of the inhabitants in the aquarium is r full of events, but it might not be always visible to outside observers. However you will be able to watch the process of feeding. Watching this aquarium can be once in a life time experience for many travellers who get to see a piece of sea and underwater kingdom right in front of their eyes. Sea life on exhibit is quite an experience which will stay in your memory forever.

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