Almaty vs Astana Two Beautiful Cities of Kazakhstan

    State of mountains which is landlocked in itself is very fascinating from  travelling point of view. Another thing that is fascinating about Kazakhstan is its two major tourist destinations - Almaty and Astana. These two Kazakhstan city have become delight for every traveller for its richness in flora and fauna, all sorts of modern looks, quite a welcoming people and many beautiful sights to see.

    There is no Almaty without the mountains. For you who love to explore culture and traditions, Almaty boasts of wonderful mix of culture and traditions. And if you still want your travel destination to be of new modern look then Almaty makes you feel that you are in Europe. This leafy city with a backdrop of the snow-capped Zailiysky Alatau (a spur of the Tian Shan) has always been one of the most charming Russian creations in Central Asia. When you are here you can visit Arasan baths, Kolsai lakes, Central state museum, St. Nicholas cathedral, Gorky Park and many other places . If you love shoping then you will be delighted to know that Almaty has perhaps more bazaars than most cities in the country, the most popular being the Green Bazaar, which sells everything under the sun.

    The capital city of Kazakhstan Astana has become one of the main business centre in the country. Extremely soothing spring season in Astana looks specially wonderful with its wealth of blooming toffees and tulips. Every year the city hosts various international industrial exhibitions, conferences musical contests and festivals of Kazakhstani people. Still unexplored by many, Astana is an intriguing and little-known land of vast plains, mountainous horizons and beautiful culture. The city is still very young. What are the sights for you to see? Well some of them are Bayterek monument, Mosque Nur, Akvapark, Khan Shatyr. Shopping here is comfortable and convenient, offering everything you need in a range of city locations. From modern shopping centres to traditional and busy bazaars, in Astana you are rarely more than a few metres from a quality shop of some kind, and never more than a short drive from somewhere which sells the best of anything money can buy.

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