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    5 Tashkent Tourist Spots in The Heart of The City


    Center of a city is always among the most popular tourist spots. This is called heart of the city. Tashkent also has some amazing tourist spots in the center or the heart of it for the visitors. You can have a great time here when you go with Tashkent Tour Package. Amir Temur Square and Independence square are the two main squares of the city and around them there are some places of interests for the visitors. For you we are bringing 5 Tashkent tourist spots in the heart of the city.

    1. Palace of International Forums

    The Palace of International Forums ‘Uzbekistan’ is one of the main Tashkent tourist spots today. It stands on Amir Temur Square in the very center of Tashkent city. The palace is considered the country’s most significant representative building. This truly spectacular palace was ceremonially opened in September 2009 celebrating Tashkent’s 2200th anniversary.

    You will find that the palace has classical external elements making it appear amazing and in the interiors you go through the extensively glazed facade. The main foyer has a ceiling height of over 16 meters and an area of 2,500 square meters.  The main attraction here is the extravagant chandelier with 1.1 million Swarovski crystals. You can see the floating staircase in this grandeur open floor plan of the foyer.

    Palace of International Forums Uzbekistan 2. TV Tower

    Seeing something beautiful from top is always a great experience. And when you see the beautiful city of Tashkent from the observation deck of Tashkent TV tower, the tallest in Uzbekistan, then it is definitely a different experience altogether. Tashkent TV tower itself is an architectural masterpiece. And the great element of Tashkent TV tower which makes it even more special is its revolving restaurant that serves national Uzbek as well as European cuisine to the guests, with bars where you are offered a wide range of drinks. Do visit Tashkent TV tower on your Tashkent Package from India.

    TV Tower Tashkent 3. Broadway

    This is another tourist spot in Tashkent’s center near Amir Temur square. This is Saligokh Street, locally known as Broadway. The Broadway in fact connects the two main squares Amir Temur square and Independence Square in Tashkent city. This is also one of the greenest parks here covering huge area with lots of trees and fountains.

    What is there for the visitors on and around Broadway Street? Well, there are shopping centers, restaurants, fashion stores and cafes. You can buy handicraft items, souvenirs and other items on and around Broadway Street. Explore the Broadway on your Uzbekistan Tour Package.

    Broadway Tashkent 4. Tashkent Clock Tower

    Tashkent clock tower is one of the symbols of Tashkent. This tower in the center of the city was opened in 1947 on the eve of second anniversary of Victory Day. The tower has big chimes. The clock tower has an interesting story about how it came to Tashkent. Ayzenshteyn, a watch maker and resident of Tashkent brought the tower clock mechanism. He brought it from Germany after the 2nd world war as a trophy. This clock actually hung on the tower of City Hall in the city Allenstein in East Prussia. When city hall was destroyed, fortunately the mechanism of clock remained. Then Ayzenshteyn submitted an idea to build for the clock tower in Tashkent and this was accepted by the City Administration. After that a competition was announce that included various projects for the town clock tower to be built and first clock tower was erected then as per the winner of the project.

    Tashkent Clock Tower

    Today, there are 2 towers, second one being exact copy of the first. In both the towers you can see the aesthetics of the past and the dynamic present. You can also see combination of modern and traditional elements of the Uzbek art.  In the old tower you can see traditional Uzbek arts and antiques and in the new tower you can see showrooms displaying ancient and contemporary jewelry created by crafts dynasty. Thus you must visit Tashkent clock tower on your Tashkent Tour.

    5. Center of Enlightenment

    Center of enlightenment is a modern and spectacular building in the center of Tashkent. The building is home to the Palace of Symposiums and National Library of Uzbekistan. During the years of independence, the Center of enlightenment became an organic part of a single composition; in the center of Tashkent which included others like the Palace of Youth Creativity, Art Gallery, a business center “Poytaht”. Adjacent to the Independence Square, the center of enlightenment stands out as distinguished modern landscape design.

    Center of Enlightenment

    The new palace has a national architecture and modern architectural styles. You can see rich painting on walls, majestic marble columns and the blue dome. These all proves the point that centuries-old traditions of the Uzbek people continued on city planning.

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