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Southern Europe Countries to Explore

Seek new roads in Southern Europe with Dook

The Satisfying Sojourns in SOUTHERN EUROPE

Whisk away to its wonderful countries with Dook’s Southern Europe Tour Packages

The Southern chunk of Europe is known to be a blessed home to the world’s most incredible coastlines, some amazing beaches, ancient archaeological gems and incredibly high-on-life cities that are too hard to ignore. Add to these a mix of diverse cultures, rich history and a warm Mediterranean climate which is quite different from the other regions and you will be thrilled to experience such variety packed into one pleasant space. The countries here including Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and the Vatican City, differ significantly from each of their neighbours.
Southern Europe has always remained one of the most popular picks on European travel itineraries. Here you get hands-on experience of the pristine Mediterranean and Adriatic coastlines and the surrounding islands, the easy-going vibe in the cities, ancient Roman and Greek playgrounds that are quite distinctive, forts clinging to cliff sides and never-eaten-before delicacies. Then there are unspoiled towns and trails hidden amongst the cities that are well worth heading off the beaten track for. Not to mention the snow-white beaches, a wealth of enthralling landscapes, vineyards and a bunch of amazing local stories adding to the real part of the fun in the Southern Europe Tour.
For active mountain escapades, Andorra serves generous doses of adventure whereas neighbouring Spain is packed with cultural quests, fiesta-filled evenings, great events and all things amazingly beautiful. While in Croatia, you can take strolls in and around the quirkiest museums and beautiful amphitheatres, the sights of the ancient temples and modern cities of Greece will make your jaw drop in awe. For a package of history, art and good food, Italy is the best choice, while Portugal steals your heart with its wine ‘n’ dine options. For a combination of historic villages, hiking in the mountains and an afternoon spent around the Mediterranean, head to Cyprus and if spending time close to nature is your idea of a holiday, there is nothing better than a trip to Slovenia or Bosnia and Herzegovina. The shopaholics can test their haggling skills at the bustling bazaars of Turkey while the spiritual hearts can choose Malta or the Vatican City and the others who like an informative, filled-with-history vacation, can explore Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and beautiful Montenegro. Nowhere else in Europe can you see the antiquity mixing so well with modernity. Sounds too exciting, isn’t it?
Wondering how to kick-start your Southern Europe Tour planning process? We suggest you browse through our range of Southern Europe Tour Packages from India and get in touch with our experts. Not sure where to begin? Read on and shortlist the best of most familiar and hidden gems in Southern Europe which will eventually help you find your pick out of our amazing South Europe Tour Packages.
1. Albania

One Southern European country that is surely and swiftly catching the traveller’s interest after missing the buzz for years is Albania. Even though the country has been one of the least developed in Europe, it also is one of the least expensive which gives travellers a reason to keep pinning their travel hopes on Albania. The visitors are delighted to see its amazing old castles, beautiful Ottoman stone towns, countless wonders of nature like lakes and deep gorges, remote mountain ranges surrounded by beaches and quaint villages running along with the modernity of a quirky capital Tirana. Today, if you head out to explore the country, you'll always have something new to experience in its picturesque towns of Gjirokaster and Berat, the quaint Theth, seaside town of Himara and the colourful city of Tirana thriving with its exceptional attractions like BUNK’ART and Skanderbeg Square. With all these and more delightful destinations, you could spend weeks exploring Albania’s nooks and crannies without getting bored.
2. Croatia
Positioned in the Balkans and blanketed by the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is undeniably one of the most gorgeous Southern European destinations. Just like much of Europe, this incredible country boasts its fair share of ancient cities and ruins, stone castles and museums but what makes it special is the wealth of stunning natural Croatia Attractions such as the UNESCO listed Plitvice Lake and Krka, impressive one thousand seven hundred kilometres of beautiful Adriatic coastline, majestic waterfalls, wide landscapes and gorgeous islands that are yachters’ haven. While the jewel of Croatia’s booming tourism is Dubrovnik (thanks to its medieval era old town and Game of Thrones fame), the capital Zagreb is even more interesting, famous with its neoclassical buildings and hiking opportunities. Split, Pula in Istria and Zadar are amongst the other must-visit Croatia Tourist Attractions that complete your wonderful vacation in this incredible country. From stunning lush forests to enchanting national parks, a fascinating historic tour that takes you back to Roman times to the fantastic wine tasting experience, from the Venetian towers to Byzantine mosaics and churches, from outdoor adventures to leisurely beach vacations and what not! Croatia seems to have just about everything to satiate your wanderlust.
3. Andorra

A tiny country snuggled between two giants- Spain and France, Andorra is one of the underrated European destinations that even most of the well-travelled Europeans don’t know about. As a country that is seated in the mountains, Andorra’s tourism has always been well focused on nature. Here, you will easily find your way to the rugged mountain landscapes scattered with icy mountain springs and amazing ski slopes along with some of the most fascinating hiking trails and that’s why Andorra is preferably visited during all seasons. But there are certainly many other things beyond the natural wonderlands. The country is also a tax-free haven for shoppers who flock to the huge modern shopping centres to take utmost saving benefits on luxury goods. You can enjoy the high mountain cuisine, dive into the warm waters at the wellness centres or spend the lazy day in one of the cabins you book on the mountains. All this and more make Andorra one of the deserving bucket list destinations.
4. Bosnia and Herzegovina

A country situated within the Balkan region, Bosnia & Herzegovina is one of Europe’s most visually impressive corners. The places here are a delightful fusion of the East and West, modern and historic, unspoiled natural gems and likeable attractions. Here is where you can see the minarets and domes adorning the skyline or the ancient woodland covering the gamut of glorious reds and gold, where you can find traces of the past in the artisan workshops, see the turquoise waterfalls, lakes and rivers and hear the church bells while you move along the shepherds still controlling their flocks on steep hills. Feel the lively, city vibes at the quirky bars of the capital Sarajevo, wander through the colourful bazaars of Mostar or see its famous Old Bridge, hike up to the Dinaric Alps, enjoy the beauty of unspoiled natural parks or go down the deepest canyon in Europe. For every right reason, this beautiful country gives visitors the real taste of Europe and once you head out, you will be lured to discover more!
5. Turkey

A modern country depicting the captivating blends of ancient and contemporary, business and leisure and the calm and chaotic, Turkey is a pleasant surprise to the senses. With a rich mix of people, cultures, history, scenic beauty, great food and so much more, the incredible Turkey Attractions offer a wealth of unique experiences to any and every kind of travellers. Fall head over heels in love with the façade of Hagia Sofia touching the skyline of Istanbul, gape in awe at the magnificence of the Roman ruins and grandiose of Aspendos, discover the beautiful beaches of Antalya or lodge in the seaside resorts, go for a soul-soothing Turkish bath, sip in the famous Turkish tea, shop till you drop in the alleys of Turkish bazaars, explore the hushed streets of the Princes’ Islands, enjoy a bird's eye view of Istanbul from the Galata Tower or just opt to explore this incredible country on foot. Undeniably, the places to visit in Turkey have it all!

6. Kosovo

Europe’s youngest democracy and a country beautifully located in the Balkans, Kosovo is surrounded by soaring mountains, rugged slopes, lovely waterfalls and some of the most peaceful lakes- the reason why it is considered a great destination for hiking. Whereas its capital city Pristina is brimming with vibrant cafes and fine dine restaurants, the time-worn town of Janjeva and the riverside city of Prizren are worth the visit. Find your way crossing the cobblestone streets to plenty of Ottoman Mosques, churches, charming stone bridges and twelfth-century Monasteries. Travelling around Kosovo is pretty much easier given the fact that the public transport system is good, locals are warm and welcoming and it is one of the least expensive destinations on the continent.

7. Montenegro

Once a hidden gem in Europe, Montenegro, a tiny but gorgeous country is today getting hyped as the continent’s hottest new travel destination. And it's easy to see why. This little Balkan nation is in the southeast of Europe, sits on the Adriatic Sea and has Mediterranean energy that is impossible to ignore. There are pine-scented mountains and dramatic highlands that nestle the deep canyons, gushing rivers and shimmering lakes that are perfect for solace seekers and adventurers alike, antique stone villages along, walled cities with an array of man-made wonders and so much more. Fast gaining a reputation, Montenegro is mainly headlined in tourism for its old town of Kotor, the town of Perast, the low-key Niksic, picturesque Sveti Stefan but there is definitely so much to discover beyond the usuals. You can raft along the Tara River; visit Stari Bar to see a Byzantine city in ruins; see the crowning gem- Skadar Lake or just stroll the streets while having hearty chats with the warm locals. Add a pleasant Mediterranean climate into this appealing mix of attractions and there is no reason left to why you should not fall in love with this newest travel hotspot.
8. Serbia

Boisterous, diverse, welcoming, cluster of cultures and histories, captivating landscapes and a hell lot of entertainment- everything you have ever heard about the places to visit in Serbia is just so true. This landlocked country is located in the heart of the Balkans and is still delightfully off the usual tourist trail. The country is a nature lover’s paradise and a haven for history fanatics with mountains, lakes, deep gorges and the Danube River on one side and historic buildings, old churches and Byzantine frescoes on the other. While here, you can get high on the feisty Serbian spirit of Belgrade’s world-class nightlife or Novi Sad’s epic EXIT Festival, take part in gastronomic festivals, get a closer look at the historical richness of the country, check out the spectacular ski slopes, step inside the mysterious caves or sail down Serbia’s crystal clear lakes or rejuvenate yourself at one of Serbia’s mineral-rich dips and spas, the tourist attractions of Serbia are the delightful inclusions on any European itinerary.
9. Malta

Even though this Mediterranean island nation is seemingly quite small in size, Malta has a unique culture and distinctive experience to offer to its travellers. Perfect for a weekend break or a resort-side holiday, Malta’s popularity has dramatically grown over the years. Thanks to its sister islands- Malta, Gozo and Comino and its activities that are sure to keep you occupied for quite some time. While here, make sure you take a full day trip to Gozo, experience its old traditions, see the milking of goats and making of Gozitan cheese and take trips to ancient temples. You can even go around sampling the local cuisine and freshest seafood or just choose a beach and beautiful coves to relax in and recharge completely before you head back home.

10. Macedonia

Situated just above Greece and in between Albania and Bulgaria, the landlocked country of Macedonia is a melting pot of various influences and history that goes back thousands of years. Whether you are a city explorer or an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled to explore the nooks and crannies of this underrated country. While the rounded domes of churches share the beautiful skyline with the minarets of Mosques, the rugged limestone-crusted mountains soar over calm villages and sparkling lakes that make the wild countryside more lovable. Cycle through the vineyards here, see the Alexander the Great statue, the old Ottoman houses and fortresses, take a stroll around Lake Ohrid, hike through the Mavrovo National Park and do a lot more.

11. Cyprus

Even though it still has not been able to pin itself prominently on the traveller’s map, this fascinating island nation is stunning in many ways. It has a long connection with history as the magnificent archaeological sites, Byzantine churches and monasteries still stand erect as the evidence of empires that existed here across the centuries. Apart from history being an integral part of Cyprus tourism, the long sun-kissed stretches of sand and sea are what entices the travellers. Then there are plenty of hiking and biking trails, awesome cities and soaring mountains to explore along with an incredible wealth of unique flora and fauna that keeps your interest in Cyprus alive. Make sure to visit the wine villages, the historic city of Paphos, plenty of sun-drenched beaches and the Troodos mountain range while you are taking a Cyprus tour.

Top Bucket List Experiences in Southern Europe:

1. Relax your senses with soothing sunset in Dubrovnik, Croatia
2. Explore the adventurous side of Andorra
3. Treat yourself to good food and wine in Florence, Italy
4. Take a stroll around the art-loving streets of Milan
5. Take a tour of the Vatican city
6. Hike the Camino de Santiago pilgrim trail
7. Visit Miniature Europe- Slovenia
8. Take in the seductive beauty of Santorini in Greece
9. Experience the wildlife at its best in Durmitor National Park
10. Throw or join a luxury yacht party in Budva
11. Visit the largest bazaar in the Balkans- Skopje’s Old Bazaar while making your way to the Fortress
12. Party like there’s no tomorrow in Belgrade, Serbia
13. Take a hot air balloon tour over the beautiful Cappadocia in Turkey
14. Rejuvenate your body and senses with a Turkish Hammam
15. Discover the Shipwreck of HMS Maori in Malta
16. Taste the scrumptious seafood in Malta’s Marsaxlokk village
17. Have coffee like the Bosnians do in Sarajevo
18. Visit the traditional open-air Dolac Market in Zagreb
Inspired to sail through the marvels of Southern Europe? Let Dook be the captain of your ship!

Whether your ideal trip to Southern Europe means going out for adventure in the mountains, sitting for romantic dinners with local wines, lounging on the secluded beaches or rambling around the ruins from ancient civilizations, with Dook, you can do it all! Get to the heart of this region as you begin your journey with Dook’s Southern Europe Tour Packages!