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Scandinavia Countries to Explore

Seek new roads in Scandinavia with Dook

About Scandinavia - An Overview

Scandinavia, historically known as Scandia is located in Northern Europe, consists of two countries of the Scandinavian Peninsular, Sweden and Norway, with Denmark as an addition. All the Scandinavian countries share similar culture, languages and even flags. Scandinavian attracts many wilderness hikers with its remote forests and chic cities. There’s a lot to know about Scandinavia, the whole of northern Europe is an epic expanse of wilderness-lakes, forests, volcanoes and beautiful landscape. It offers the best hiking as well as anything from kayaking, bear watching to glacier walking. All the Scandinavian countries have proper seasons, long winters with snow, spring welcomes nature, summer days are long filled with festivals, hiking, cycling, boating etc and autumn display glorious colours of the season.

Scandinavia Countries

Scandinavia is home to some of the world’s astonishing landscapes in the world. The Scandinavian countries namely Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland are the famous Scandinavia Tourist Destinations. You can relax in Iceland's Blue Lagoon, find Denmark's Greatest Castles, Go Whale Watching in Norway and Iceland, Go Skiing in Norway or Visit the Danish Royal Gardens. But, amongst all the attractions, the Northern Lights bring in nature and photography lovers to these countries from all parts of the world.

History of Scandinavia

Scandinavia history is characterised by common mutually North Germanic languages and cultural heritage. For over 600 years, Scandinavia was dominated by Denmark and Sweden who fought and conquered all territories and lost it again. By the 19th century, independence was moving in Finland, Iceland and Norway and by 1920s they were all autonomous. Scandinavia has no geographical boundaries. Today, it includes Sweden and Norway, and Finland is also considered part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, though Denmark is also included historically in the region of the peninsula.

Scandinavia Climate and Weather

Scandinavia Climate differs in all regions, it can be a balmy summer or winter wonderland destination. Scandinavia Weather varies from north to south and west to east. For instance, Sweden, Denmark and Norway have a marine west coast climate. Though, there are some parts of the central part of Europe has a continental climate. But Scandinavia receives significant rainfall, and even in the driest month, there is still a lot of rain. The winter months run between Decembers to March, the springtime runs between April and May, summer runs between June and September and the fall runs between Septembers to October.

Scandinavia Tourism

Scandinavia Tourism is dedicated to the regions of northern Europe which consist of Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Denmark. It has so much to offer such as the UNESCO World Heritage, Northern Lights, the Fjords, royal history, Nordic cuisine, design and architecture etc. It is home to the wildest sights, fairytales castles, gritty, pretty cities, Viking treasures that will not stop you thinking about Scandinavia. The whole of northern Europe is an epic expanse of wilderness-lakes, forests, volcanoes and beautiful landscape. It offers the best hiking as well as anything from kayaking, bear watching to glacier walking. Below is a list of some places to be explored in Scandinavia:

• Skagen, Denmark
• Gothenburg and the west coast, Sweden
• Bergen and the fjords in Norway
• Stockholm, Sweden
• Lapland, Norway & Sweden
• Copenhagen, Denmark
• Österlen, Sweden
• Reykjavik, Iceland
• Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Scandinavia Tours - Experience the Scandinavian Countries

Scandinavia Tours introduces the diverse countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. For starry-eyed gazers, there are a ton of eminent spots to explore and fun activities for private and important escapes in Scandinavia. Live an ideal Scandinavian travel dream with Scandinavia Tours from India. The natural phenomenon characterizes the trademark of this land. Why not experience Scandinavia with our Scandinavia Group Tour and Scandinavia Private Tour.

Along with Europe's scenic roads, Sweden offers a modern history, blending its medieval legacy and sea treasures with an urban-cool climate and amazing grand excellence. Denmark is a rainbow of islands, greenery enclosures. Fjords head up a motorcade of natural wonders in coastal Norway, ferrying you on board on boats, troll cars and private coach to ranches, waterfalls, glaciers, hotels and holiday homes.

For those who love adventure, Norway is a dream destination filled with Lofoten Islands, tranquil fjords and the majestic Lyngen Alps. There is an ample of things to do in Norway, the country is well-known for cycling, hiking, horse-riding or you can take the luxury landscapes to enjoy the majestic landscape of the country. Running alongside Norway is Sweden, a Scandinavian destination full of the magical world of pine forests, lakes and valleys. Here, you can go snowshoeing, ice fishing, snowmobile and many others. You can also enjoy a healthy dose of fresh air as your trek through the forest of Finland or skiing or ice fishing.

Indian travellers are now exploring many countries including the Scandinavian countries. The Scandinavia Tours from India help travellers with visa support, flights, hotels, stays, and sightseeing excursions.

The Scandinavia Tours let you explore all the Scandinavian neighbours, and in the mention of neighbours, Denmark is a really great city which boasts of its beautiful architecture, cultures, quaint harbour and amusement park. But amongst all, the Faroe Islands is one of the most fascinating places to visit with epic scenery.

Scandinavian Tour Packages - Book Your Dream Tour

The Scandinavian region is a popular tourist destination with three kingdoms Denmark, Sweden and Norway bound together by similar languages and heritage. But, Finland and Iceland also form a quintet of Nordic nations.

Our Scandinavia Holiday Packages let you explore Denmark, the homeland of Hamlet’s grand castle of Elsinore, Copenhagen, charming cobblestone streets and where world-class cuisine that awaits you. Stroll in Sweden’s capital, the sophisticated Stockholm and marvel at the Nobel Museum and Riddarholm Church. Encounter the tribal people in Swedish Lapland. In neighbouring Norway, you can sail into deep fjords, watch the coastline or even watch the reindeer just roaming about here and there.

Finland offers a gorgeous natural setting, and a land of thousands of thriving forests, crystal-clear lakes from where the view of northern lights can be seen shimmering across dark skies. It’s also a dream place for food lover. Meanwhile, Iceland is now one of the world’s hottest destinations and has attracted many visitors for its spectacular waterfalls, geothermal springs, active volcanoes and beautiful landscapes.

The Scandinavia Tour Packages from India are offered with luxury and unsurpassed service. Our Scandinavia Holiday Packages will take you on an unforgettable journey through Scandinavia. We connect travellers to their Scandinavian travel dream to have memorable escapes into the snowy forests, galleries, cafes, polar glides and see the Arctic tundra and glaciers. The whole of northern Europe is an epic expanse of wilderness-lakes, forests, volcanoes and beautiful landscape. It offers the best hiking as well as anything from kayaking, bear watching to glacier walking.
Why Travel to Scandinavia?

• The Northern lights, dramatic peaks, vibrant cities and outdoor activities are what make it worth travelling to Scandinavian countries! You will find an electric mix of old and new architecture in Oslo, buzzing culture and nightlife in Gothenburg, and the Viking fishing village called Copenhagen turned into of the most sophisticated cities in Europe.  
Be enthralled by the 20th-century Scandinavian architectural wonderland.
See the best of nature by sailing along the magnificent fjords or even see the dream place on every traveller’s list “Northern lights.”
Try out some inspired cuisine, Scandinavia is more than just about chocolate and meatball, it’s the birthplace of Nordic cuisine which features innovative touch on traditional dishes.

Dook International - Leading Scandinavia Tour Operator

Dook International is a leading Scandinavia Tour Operator where all your travel needs like visa, ticketing, hotel stay, food, sightseeing, shopping and other things are well taken care of you so you can enjoy the trip to the fullest. This is where Dooks does it best. We are a pioneer in the travel industry and so far we have been able to send thousands of travellers from India to CIS and European countries. We provide the best travel services with the best price deals. We work together with the locals from the Scandinavian countries, and thus help us to design the best travel package for all the Scandinavian countries. We are well-known as a Travel Agency for Scandinavia Tours, and we take pride in what we do and will continue to offer the best services for the years to come.

Scandinavia Travel Guide and Tips

Scandinavian countries are the most developed countries in the world making them popular tourist destinations. However, most travellers are never prepared for what’s in store in these countries. This Scandinavia Travel Guide for Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark are going to be helpful for your trip and especially if you are travelling as first-timers.

Below are a few Scandinavia Travel Tips:

• Weather & Clothing: The weather changes as per season. But, always make sure to pack warm and waterproof clothes and footwear.

• Money: It’s always good to have cash on you as every Scandinavian country has its own currency.

• Restaurant Prices: Scandinavia is pretty expensive, a light snack would cost you $10-$20 per person, restaurant dinner would cost from $60-$100 per person, and star restaurants often cost $150-$250 for a dinner.

• Electricity: Regular European electrical plugs are used in all of Scandinavia.

Best Time to Visit Scandinavia

The Best Time to Visit Scandinavia is summer i.e. during the months of July and August. The sun comes up early by 4:00 in Oslo and sets by 2:30. If you think when to Travel Scandinavia for the fall, May to September offers good cool weather with a minimal crowd. But, winter is not really a good time to travel to Scandinavian countries unless winter sports are what you looking for! Many sights are close and it often said that Scandinavia’s metabolism is low in winter. Days are shorter and the countries look warm only on festival season such as Christmas.