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What to do in Armenia at Night?

Armenia is a landlocked country which is bordered with Turkey to the west, Georgia to the North, and Azerbaijan to the East. This country boasts a history longer than most European countries. In 1991 after independence from the Soviet Union, Armenia quickly became drawn into a conflict with Azerbaijan over the mainly Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh region. This country is a winter wonderland and many regions of Armenia are covered with white fluffy snow. The amazing cities are veiled in festive decorations. The feeling of warmth, joy, and hospitality will set a perfect tone for your upcoming holidays. When it comes to nightlife, Armenia has a lot to offer for those seeking active nightlife holidays. On approaching of colder season, doors for new adventures and exciting experiences open up for those visiting the country. The welcoming environment and the numerous nightspots of Armenia provide you with all the warmth and joy you need. The nightlife of Armenia is very active with an extensive collection of bars, pubs, and clubs for all preferences. The nightlife of this country is one of the preferences of tourists. With various clubs, bars, booze, parties, and new people, this country is becoming extremely interesting. Nightlife is an inseparable part of young people’s lives. Most nightspots are usually full at night hours which are why their number is growing day by day. So, if you are a nightlife lover, then this country is just perfect for you. A large variety of venues of this enthusiastic land will never let you get bored. So, be ready for sleepless nights and cool hangouts with your friends and loved ones.

Top Night Clubs and Bars of Armenia

There is no scarcity of amazing and happening restaurants and night clubs in Armenia featuring house music as well as talented local bands which play everything from hard rock to jazz as per the latest trends. Some of the most famous and renowned clubs here play techno and trance tunes until the wee hours of early morning. They are often lashed out by topmost DJs from Europe or Russia. This place also employs a budding classical music scene apart from nightclubs, pubs, and discotheques. In addition to tall these, there are often famous concerts at destinations like the Philharmonic, Opera & Ballet House, and Chamber Music Hall. Some of the most famous night clubs in Armenia includes Liberty PUB, BAK75, Daboo bar, Calumet Ethnic Lounge bar, Stoyka, Friends bar, Club 12, and many more.

Discover the Mysterious Nightlife of Yerevan

Yerevan, the capital of the Republic of Armenia is one of the three hubs of the South Caucasus. This city is home to over a million people and is the largest Armenian community in the world. Most of the tourists in Yerevan is concentrated in the center which is very compact and easily walkable with endless dining and entertainment options. Kentron or downtown is the heart of Yerevan and indeed Armenia. Though the architecture of Kentron is diverse, ranging from Belle Epoque to Soviet Panel blocks, the great majority of the center is in its rocking nightlife. Barekamutyun is one of the main areas around the metro stop of the same name. The neighboring district Arabkir is considered a small downtown and is home to the Hayastan Hanrakhanut department store. In this small and mysterious city, you can see various interesting and mesmerizing things in each step. It comprises a wide range of nightclubs, pubs, discos, and restaurants. Major Tourist Attraction of Yerevan includes the republic square, opera building, national gallery, the building of Matenadaran, and many other sights. Yerevan is popularly known as “the city of pink stone” and looks amazingly beautiful. At sunset, this city puts on bright colors of neon lights for offering a gloss and festive mood to visitors and travelers. During summers, this city looks even more animated after dark. The city at nightfall is getting even more vibrant and busy. Everybody from children and the elderly, to young people, locals, and numerous tourists go outside for some fresh air after a scorching hot day and enjoy the happening nightlife to its fullest.

Visit the Amazing Night Clubs and Bars of Yerevan

Some of the most famous and renowned nightclubs include Paparazzi club. It is one of the most rocking pub-clubs in Yerevan. Located just a few steps away from Republic Square, in front of the Royal Tulip Hotel, you can enjoy here your time with your friends while listening to EDM, House, Hip-Hop, Techno as well as live performances by famous local bands. This club is considered as the most secure club in Yerevan city which has more than eight security workers in different parts of the club. Another most rocking pub in Yerevan is Liberty Pub where you can listen to various different types of music such as pop, rock, techno or live music. This pub offers a wide variety of drinks and snacks at reasonable prices. Hemingway’s is another little and cozy dive-bar which is located right next to Cascade. In this venue, you can have a nice evening meal or party hard till the morning. Enjoy your time while listening to great music and having various drinks and dishes with your loved ones. Located behind the Moscow theatre, Kami Music club is a famous venue where you can relax and listen to the top musicians of the city. It offers live performances by famous artists and bands of various genres. In addition, it also offers a wide variety of delightful alcoholic beverage which includes fanciful cocktails in the bar of the club. One more very interesting and happening place to hang out with friends is Daboo bar which comprises warm atmosphere, cold cocktails, and hot music.

Plan Your Next Armenia Yerevan Nightlife Tour   

If you are planning your next nightlife tour then Armenia is a place which must be on the top of your list. From the posh cafes and restaurants to the underground small clubs, the nightlife of Yerevan and Armenia offers an exciting experience to the residents and visitors. The nights of Armenia are legendary themselves. When the entire city is packed with sidewalk cafes full of people, the city center of this place itself looks like a big cafe. The nightclubs start early at around 8 PM and continue till early morning. Dook International is offering cost-effective tour packages which include various services from transportation to luxury accommodations and restaurants. We also provide local multilingual guides which will make your entire trip stress free and enjoyable.