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Top Cairo Tour Packages

Movies usually feature camels, deserts and pyramids in portraying Cairo. But it is not really so, the area is known as the "Manhattan of the Middle East." Dook International provides a broad range of Cairo tour packages and tailor-made group trips. These services are available throughout Egypt combining with drivers & tour guides of the premium quality. Dook’s goal is to provide the clients with a real taste of Cairo living through their services, as they regard your satisfaction in the highest esteem. We, at Dook, promise the best possible experience, services, and affordable costs as well. Cordially our services encourage you to spend every second on the grounds of the pharaohs with your friends and family. You can select one of our fantastic Cairo Holiday Packages from a wide range of options that will be apt for your every perceptions and match your ambitions.

Things to Know About Cairo (Egypt) Cairo

In the Khan El-Khalili bazaar in Cairo's old City, you can discover how to trade or act while sipping tea. The centre is a wonderful place to visit mosques from different eras, still rich in relics from earlier times. A little farther out, the famous Pyramids of Giza are protected by the Sphinx, which stands tall. It is advised to enjoy night tour to the Pyramids who tell their tale with lights and sound along with some delicious traditional food, like kunafa.

It is best to take a journey to Alexandria, one of the storied towns of the Old World, if you are thinking of taking a day trip. The six million-book largest library in the world is where you will begin your tour of Alexandria. One will also go to the oldest church on the planet and many authentic markets where people sell merchandise. Visitors should also visit the charming Montazah Palace Gardens. The Nile Delta, swarming with birds and lotus blossoms, is located west of Alexandria. Which other activities are there in Cairo? Like Cleopatra, you can take a day tour on the Nile in a traditional required-level boat. Visitors enjoy sailing in the longest river on the planet. Tourists find it exciting to board the train to Aswan in southern Egypt and watch green fields, the Nile and the villages pass by expeditiously.

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Experiences in Cairo

There are many interesting parties to pick every weekend, providing a very exciting and fun nightlife. Depending on where you put up and how far those places are from your vicinity, it can sometimes be challenging. It is a vast, dynamic city that practically never sleeps. Most of the days are charming besides a few gloomy days probably around five or so over the year. It may become too hot for you if you are accustomed with a chilly weather. Despite being termed as "desert cold" that gets under your skin, it can get very chilly in the winter, yet it is surely bearable. The people are very friendly and helpful. Nearly all residents and cabbies speak some basic English. Surprisingly, there is much less theft inside the capital if compared with other countries. However, be cautious about costs if you come out as an unsuspecting tourist, they might increase price and take full advantage of you. Make use of Dook’s list of the best Cairo Packages attractions to assist you in planning your trip and your valuable time.

Top Attractions in Cairo

Cairo is popular for its historical sightseeing and the Pyramids of Giza. However, it has numerous other sites and activities that attract tourists from all over the world. It is a city with mesmerizing mosques, museums describing the culture of Egypt and Islamic arts. Besides, Cairo is home of wonderful architecture, road trips, rich Egyptian culture, food and many among others.

Plan A Trip To Cairo

Reserve a vacation with Dook Travels today. To visit the best place, choose our fantastic Cairo Tour Packages.

Cairo is among the world's most popular destinations for historical sightseeing, but there is a lot more to do in Cairo than just visiting mosques but also museums. It tends to be a town that tourist love and loathe in equal measure since it is both beautiful and rich in historic splendor as well as bewildering and an assault on your emotions for the first visitors. The capital of Egypt has a great deal to offer those who can look past its issues, despite the reality that it can be hard to traverse due to its sheer volume of noise, smog, and congestion during your first visit.

The Giza Pyramids, which are right outside the City, are the main draw to visitors, but the City itself is teeming with structures that date hundreds of years ago. One can only take in a tiny fraction of Cairo's sights during a single visit due to their sheer number. The Pyramids of Giza are a very well half-day trip in Egypt and the top attractions on everybody's Cairo Tour. These funerary structures from the fourth dynasty are one of Egypt's major attractions and are located on the Giza Plateau, right on the outskirts of the City. You should visit here irrespective of the heat, the dust, and the bustle of visitors.

Its interior, mainly composed of a series of small passages, can be explored, though there is not much to see other than a simple burial room with an unfilled coffin. One of the most systems refers to a system of antiquity, and the lion-bodied Sphinx guards the funeral shrines. The Giza Plateau will have a new addition when the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is done. The Egyptian Museum is among the greatest museums on the planet because of the amazing collection of artefacts on exhibit there. Auguste Mariette, a French Egyptologist, founded the museum in 1857. In 1897, the museum transferred to its current area, a striking powder-pink mansion in Downtown Cairo.

You cannot help but be impressed by the magnificence of the exhibits, even though it now has some empty cases from artefacts that have moved to the new Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), which has yet to be opened.

Al-Azhar Mosque, finished in 972 CE, is one of Cairo's earliest and finest surviving mosques and the finest building from the Fatimid era. Al-Azhar University remains the most important theological school in the Islamic world today. It is also one of oldest universities in the world, having been granted a BSc degree by Caliph El-Aziz in 988 CE (the other university vying for "oldest" status is in Fes).

The Gate of the Barbers, beside the neo-Arab facade built by Abbas II, is the building's main entrance. One may enter the center courtyard after changing your shoes just at the entryway. The El-Taibarsiya Medrese, located at your right, has a minaret (prayer niche) that belongs to 1309. The enormous prayer hall, 3,000 square meters, is situated across the courtyard.

The front half of the building is original, while Abd El-Rahman built the back half. The Al-Azhar Mosque is ideally located at the centre of Cairo's Islamic district and is reachable through taxi. From Midan Ataba in the city center, Al-Azhar Street runs directly east to mosque's square.

This little church-filled cluster of winding lanes is within the walls of Old Babylon, in which the Roman Emperor Trajan originally built a fortification along the river Nile. Several Roman towers still guard the main street. Magnificent examples of Coptic architecture can be seen next door at the Hanging Church since ninth century.

The "other pyramids" are situated in the enormous Saqqara necropolis and the nearby site of Dahshur. Seeing them in a single day is equally enjoyable as seeing the Giza pyramids. The locations are about 30 km south of Cairo. Saqqara's most well-known tourist spot is the Step Pyramid. However, the entire region is studded with beautifully decorated tombs, well worth spending a few hours examining.

In April 2020, the Royal Mummies Collection relocated to this building and became the centre of attraction. The most famous Pharaonic mummies from Egypt are presently displayed here, though the museum's entire collection remains far from complete.

Khan el-Khalili is a souq (bazaar), a maze-like labyrinth of narrow alleyways built as just a commercial centre in 1400 CE, and is still alive with the clanging of silversmiths and metallurgists. Divert off the major road into the surrounding alleyways and the small shops and cluttered master classes are among the best places to visit if you are looking for traditional products from Egypt. The main streets have long even though completely given themself over to the tourism sector (with plenty of cheap papyrus pictures and polycarbonate pyramids on display).

When you are here, pay a visit to Fishawis, Cairo's most well-known coffee shop, where foreigners and local business people are served syrupy Arabic coffee and sweet tea at a breakneck pace. Near the junction of this street and Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah Street, where most of the gold and silver shops are situated, is the spice market area.

Saladin built Cairo's citadel in 1176, giving it a commanding position at the base of the Mokattam Hills. Except for the eastern outer walls, the original edifice he planned vanished long ago, although successive rulers have added their features. The most well-known structure and the main draw is the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. One of Cairo's best famous landmarks is the "Alabaster Mosque," so named for its white stone and its tall, abnormally thin minarets.

Sultan Hassan Mosque, one of the best Mamluk architectural examples in the world, is a marvel of Islamic artistry with a wealth of stalagmite detailing and exquisite pirouette motifs. It was built for Sultan Hassan el-Nasir between 1356 and 1363. The south keeper's minaret is Cairo's highest at 81.5 meters, and the large main doorway at the northern corner is over 26 meters high. The entrance opens into a domed vestibule, preceded by a tiny antechamber and a corridor leading to the ornate open court built around a lavatory fountain.

One of the most important collections of Middle Eastern art is found in Cairo's Museum of Islamic Art. After sustaining extensive damage in a car bomb attack in 2014, the institution had to shut its doors to visitors for a long time, but it has since reopened.  The exhibit features, among other things, Ayyubid ceramics, frescoes, beautifully patterned wood inlay, coinage, sculpted marble headstones, and jewel-toned rugs.

Bab Zuweila is the most interesting of all the gates in the Historic Cairo area. This 11th-century remnant from the dark ages offers magnificent rooftop views of the entire neighborhood if you reach the top. The gate features two religious symbols and is the remaining southern entrance to the old town.  The Sheikh al-Mu'ayyad Mosque's red-and-white stonework is right across the street. A short walk away is the intriguing artisan shops on the Street of Tentmakers, where vivid Egyptian fabric is used for weddings and other special occasions offered in huge volumes.

Ahmed Ibn Tulun, the ruler of the Abbasid dynasty, built the Ibn Tulun Mosque, the second-oldest mosque currently standing in Cairo, between 876 and 879 CE. It was the largest mosque in the world while it was constructed. Numerous surviving remnants of the elaborate frieze work probably are found in the colonnades of the main court, which open onto a variety of halls with smaller fronts.

The green center of the Historic Cairo district is Al-Azhar Park, constructed over a medieval garbage dump. It was founded in 2005 and provided a much-needed break from Cairo's bustling streets' crowded mayhem. The exquisitely maintained gardens inside make a lovely spot for an evening stroll, especially given the amazing scenery of the entire old City during sunset.

Choose Cairo Tour Packages for best experience. Many Cairo holiday packages designed by Dook International have proved to be huge success for our customers. These ensure adventure and fun as you visit each of the City's top attractions, thanks to our well-researched and admired itinerary. Let Dook  be your travel companion while you discover this interesting City.

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