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Top Alexandria Tour Packages

Welcome to the ancient city of Alexandria! Strolling along the coastlines of Alexandria to glimpsing at the lost artefacts of the land in its national museum, the Alexandria Tours are filled with history, culture, entertainment, food and music. With the Alexandria Tour Packages, get to devour the best Alexandrian delicacies at the best gastronomical hubs, stay at the best accommodative houses available, and ride on the most comfortable locomotive as you roll up your sleeves to set sail on an exciting journey through the different historical timelines. Make sure to take a time off to capture memories of a lifetime while sipping the Greek caffeine made in the local cafes with a dash of traditional elixir in every cup you get your hands on.

Top things to know about Alexandria (Egypt) Alexandria

Alexandria is a destination that has tourists from different countries throughout the year. The aura of the Mediterranean climate dancing along the monumental buildings is one of the reasons why Alexandria attracts such a large flock of people from all around the world. Witnessing the submerged monuments and statues of historical significance in Egypt. Travellers go on deep sea diving to witness the ridge of Lochia, also known as Pharillon, which was the home of Cleopatra.

Along with the other ancient architectures, the Islamic architecture the place holds is worth witnessing. The beaches that face the mesmerising Mediterranean sea are in everyone's dream without mentioning, Isn't it? And above all, the golden hour! Watching the sun hide behind the crystal-clear waters is mesmerising. The nightlife of Alexandria is full of entertainment. From the festive aura, watching the fishermen fly out their nets to get a handful of the delicious sea protein for the supper to enjoying the night picking, and vibrant music, the entertainment never seems to stop.

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Experiences in Alexandria

A visit to Alexandria can go in various ways. It all depends on the route you choose. All the sites in Alexandria are beyond commendable, but to make your stay at Alexandria the best, you can choose your own adventure through the different available Alexandria Packages. There are myriad categories to choose from like family, leisure, cultural, spiritual, historical, adventurous, etc.

Top Attractions in Alexandria

Alexandria is an ancient city. It has its old touch within every mile of the Alexandrian street. Out of the vast elegant attractions, the one that cannot be missed is the Alexandria National Museum sheltered in the old Al-Saad Bassili Pasha Palace. It is like the materialistic summary of ancient Alexandria. The artefacts glorify the Alexandrian history of ages, as well as the history of the Egyptian, Roman, Coptic and Islamic eras. The next that is worth a visit is the Serapeum and Pompey's Pillar, followed by a visit to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Plan A Trip To Alexandria

Founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria is called the ‘Bride of the Mediterranean’. From the Hellenistic civilisation, Roman civilisation, and the Byzantine era, to Islamic conquest, Alexandria has clung to its magnificence to date. Alexandria is the braille that narrates the glorious history of the rise and fall of numerous empires, as travellers in today’s age feel it on their visit to the ancient city of Alexandria.

The port city’s history is filled with both an eventful and tempestuous past, yet it still stands strong representing centuries of the cultural heritage of Europe. From knowing the cultural heritage through sightseeing to enjoy the city like the natives living there, plan your trip to Alexandria with our coveted Alexandria Tour Packages.

The most prominent choice of the travellers as they step foot into Alexandria is visiting the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa. It is the largest cemetery of the Romans. Considered one of the seven wonders of the Middle Ages, this Romanian cemetery showcases the architectural significance of the Roman, Greek, and Egyptian civilisation.

The inscription on the walls of the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa stands true to the above statement. As you step into the entrance of the cemetery, the spiral staircase will take you three levels underground. ‘Triclinium’, a room within the catacombs, has the most amazing decorations.

The tour proceeds to the next destination which is one of the voguish attractions all over Egypt, the Roman Amphitheater of Alexandria. It is a special roofed theatre built during the Romanian era to host musical concerts and competitions among the great poets. Many say the Roman Amphitheater of Alexandria was built to hold important meetings and discussions and was also used as a conference hall during the Byzantine Era. The curiosity to join the dots about the significance this historical landmark holds makes the tourists pause their legs within those ruins for hours at a stretch.

After making a geographical stretch of around three kilometres, travellers witness another great landmark- the Amoud Al Sawari, also known as Pompey's Pillar. Constructed in the late 4th century BC, the pillar represents the honourable contribution of the great Emperor Diocletian. This remarkable column is the last remaining proof of a prodigious temple which was made of marble and the interiors were bejewelled with precious metals. After squinting at the remarkable historical attractions, the next best location is the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, to let your history-laden adrenaline rise a bit more. This Alexandrian library is the biggest in the world.

It is a cylindrical-shaped eleven-story building which is an abode to over eight million books. Apart from the main library, the Antiquities Museum displaying the Graeco-Roman antiquities- The statue of Ptolemy the first and The statue of Alexander the Great which once resided underwater, and the Manuscript Museum hoarding centuries-old history carefully preserved in the ancient scrolls and texts are the other two main attractions of this site.

The next most preferred destination for travellers is Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral- Africa's oldest church. The Saint Mark church is a glorious example of Coptic Architecture. A resting place for some of the notable personalities. Bidding adieu to the holy cathedral, as the tour proceeds to the next destination, the old downtown and the baroque-style edifices that you pass by will never let your heart, mind and soul get exhausted from the long trip.

After visiting the holy home of the Christians, the next stop is the holy place of the Islamic people- the El Nabi Daniel Mosque. Before its adaptation as a mosque, it was a tomb that held the mortal remains of the great teacher and scholar, Prophet Daniel and the religious story-teller, Sidi Lokman el Hakim. After the sightseeing, the tour takes its way through Fouad Street, where the great man of Alexandria, the Statue of Alexander the Great stands proud and tall.

As you pass the Statue of Alexander the Great and drive for a few minutes, you will come across the enormous and extremely beautiful mosque in Alexandria. The Sidi Morsi Abu al-Abbas Mosque is unquestionably a sight to behold. Complimentary to such wonder awaits the oldest funfair in Egypt as you walk outside of the mosque. On your visit to Alexandria, make some time to enjoy the antique rides while chewing on the colourful candy floss at the funfair.

Out of the uncountable monumental treasures that Alexandria possesses, travellers prefer visiting the Citadel of Qaitbay next, followed by gawking at the old harbour where you can see the traditional fishermen making nets and fishing for the supper. The citadel shares the land where once stood the antique Lighthouse of Alexandria. It is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. As the tour reaches its end, travellers visit Mamoura Beach. A stroll alongside the shore is always recommended. After witnessing the ancient greasy, travellers prefer to end their tour witnessing the modern Alexandria.  The world-famous Stanley Bridge that was built by Alexander the Great is the perfect representation of the modern architecture of Alexandria.

Alongside the sightseeing and strolling, the gastronomical wonders of Alexandria can never be left out. Starting with the famous Egyptian breakfast foul, the fondue, and the variety of seafood, to the luscious Egyptian liver sandwiches, the food culture of Alexandria is divine.

With such a rich history of Alexandria, to make sure you experience it to the fullest it is best to have a tour guide. Considering the cultural diversity and the languages, travellers will find it difficult to explore all of Alexandria on its own. To crack some great deals on Alexandria Holiday Packages, visit the website of Dook International. Reaching the milestones of successfully completing over 2000+ groups in almost 50+ countries, it offers various Alexandria Packages at the best prices. The packages offered here are all-inclusive. Let's say, if a group opts for one from the Alexandria Tour Packages from India, they will be provided complete assistance from booking the flight tickets to picking them up from Alexandria or Nouzha Airport, accommodation, sight-seeing, tours with a professional Indian guide and finally seeing them off at the airport. With Dook, your comfort and safety will always be their top priority.

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