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Located in Western Asia on the Armenian Highlands, Armenia is a country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is bordered by Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, and Iran to the south. This landlocked country has a territorial area of 29,743 square kilometers and continental climate. Winters bring a plenty of snow here which is enjoyed a lot by winter sports enthusiasts. They ski down the mountains of Tsakhkadzor which is located thirty minutes outside Yerevan. With 29.3 lakh population, the people of this country have their own distinctive alphabet and language. 96% Armenians speak the Armenian language while 75.8 % additionally speaks Russian. English is also becoming increasingly popular with increasing tourism.

Home to breathtaking landscapes, rich and diverse culture, centuries-old history, everything about Armenia is enjoyable and pleasurable. One of the most admirable natural beauties of this place is Selim Pass which provides travelers with a rare opportunity to view Verdant valley. Many other natural attractions include Jermuk, one of the famous spa towns which are known for its healing mineral waters, Garni, cave city of khndzoresk which is known for its basalt columns, and Lake Sevan. This country is one of the Best Tourist Destinations for those who are seeking an unforgettable and breathless experience. There are numerous adventurous activities as well like Amberd fortress hiking, swimming in the cold and fresh water of Lake Sevan, mount arrogates climbing and hiking, lastiver hiking, and many more. It has world’s longest cable car line which even holds a Guinness World Record. The Armenian cuisine reflects the traditional crops and animals accompanied by meat and fish. Fresh herbs and dried fruits are used extensively as main ingredients and as accompaniments. Harissa, porridge of wheat and meat, Dzhash, a brothy stew of meat, and pilaf, a seasoned rice, bulgur, or shelled wheat dish served with lamb and beef meats, are some of the most common dishes in Armenia.

Small & Authentic Yerevan and Armenia Group Tour Packages Under Your Budget

Armenia is an ancient country which is blooming and rejuvenating by all the international recognition. It is one of the fascinating places for visitors across the globe. Residence to various wonderful monasteries, this country boasts stunning attractions. If you are planning to leave home for some amazing experience and worthy exposure, go for a Group Tour Package to Armenia and Yerevan. Dook International brings forth an economical and escorted range of MICE and Corporate Group, Religious Group Tours, and Family tours. Keeping in mind the age, choice, preferences, and ideologies of travelers, we design small and authentic group tours. We give immense attention to the safety of the travelers ensuring a hassle-free and value for money tour. Being a tour operator, we have our own office and team in Armenia. Our efforts and quality services have made us one of the leading DMCs. With a team of well-trained and highly-knowledgeable experts, we provide all the facilities including Visa support, airlines, luxury accommodations, Indian foods, sightseeing, English speaking tour guide, transportation, etc. Our Armenia and Yerevan Group Tours take care of the time and budget limitations without missing any important attraction by designing a perfect itinerary. We are the most reliable partner with a vision of making your vacations pleasurable.

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Experience matters. Especially when you are going to explore and travel an unknown country, you must consider a tour operator which can guide you and inform you regarding all the necessary information related to the history of the country, popular tourist attractions, activities to do, financial things to consider, and many more. Dook International is the leading tour operator providing all the services required from Visa support to transportation. You don’t need to worry about any arrangements and accommodations. Whether you are traveling for some official work like meetings, conferences, interviews, or you are going for leisure, we will arrange everything perfectly. We also offer special discounts for B2B travel agents. Our services are cost-effective and trustworthy which contribute to a great extent in making your vacations memorable.

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Dook International combines the knowledge and intimacy of a local and owner-operated DMC. By offering a diverse portfolio of experiences, our management keeps with its commitment to corporate and social responsibilities. Our USP is the ability to anticipate the unexpected which is considered one of the most important things in this increasingly unpredictable global landscape. Equipped with global sales assistance, standardized business tools, advanced DMC software, and consistent delivery of best services to clients, Dook International offers lowest prices Armenia and Yerevan Group Tours. Our main intention is Customer delight which makes us the most promising and successful DMC. Our expert team offers a full range of destination management services, including event production, meetings and conference, multi-faceted transportation logistics, authentic tours and excursions, sites and venues selection, team-building activities, creative themes, and much more. Visit our website to gather more detailed information regarding the Armenia Group Departures, group size, minor to major costs, facilities, and services involved.