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    Armenia Visa

    Armenia Tourist Visa for Indians

    Visa Required - Yes

    Visa on Arrival - Yes

    Application Procedure - Online

    Required Documents

    • Original passport
    • 2 Pictures with white background
    • Covering letter or Letter head

    Processing Time

    • Normal - 4-5 Working Days
    • Urgent/Express - No

    How to Get an Armenia Tourist Visa (Armenia Visa from India):

    Armenia, country of Transcaucasia is one of the world’s oldest centres of civilisation. It is becoming an increasingly popular place for tourist from all over the world. The largest city by far for anyone who wishes to explore Armenia in Yerevan, it’s also the cavity city of Armenia. It is a deeply touched historic city and home to Blue Mosque, which is the only Mosque in the country.

    If Armenia is on the list of places to visit, we can assist you with our Armenia Visa Services.

    Here are the following 4 visa categories your nationality falls in:

    • Visa-free
    • Visa upon arrival
    • E-visa
    • Visa at the embassy

    Types of Armenian Visas

    In addition to these, depending on the purpose of your visit, there are four types of Visa for Armenia:

    Guest or Visitor Visa - It is granted to those who plan to travel to Armenia for tourism, business, visiting relatives or other persons, business, transportation and other professional interest, medical treatment or other short-term stay. Visitor visa is issued for a single entry or for multiple entries with validity of one year.

    Official Visa - It is provided to owners of official and service passports.

    Diplomatic Visa - It is granted to diplomatic passport holders with diplomatic status.

    Transit Visa - It is a 1-year valid single or multiple entry visa with a stay in Armenia for no more than 3 days and an opportunity to extend it maximum to 4 days.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia issues and extends Official and Diplomatic visas, as well as issues e-visas. Visitor and Transit visas are issued and extended by the Passport and Visa Department of the Police of Armenia.

    Armenian visas are issued for maximum 120 days with possibility to extend for another 60 days if no other term is defined by international agreements of the Republic of Armenia.

    Invitations (Armenia Visa on Arrival)

    This is given only to a few countries at the arrival in the airport of Yerevan or at the checkpoints of Armenia. Depending on the selected visa type, you can stay up to 21 or 120 days. You can also opt for a Transit visa, which is available upon arrival, allowing you to stay up to 3 days.

    E-visa application (Armenia Tourist Visa for Indians)

    As for Armenia Visa for Indians, those who have a residence permit in the United Arab Emirates, State of Kuwait, State of Qatar, Kingdom of Bahrain, and Sultanate of Oman can obtain Armenian entry visa also on the border of the Republic of Armenia.

    A visa for Indian citizens can be attained on arrival at the airport or border point with a maximum validity of 120 days. You can also get an e-visa by applying online with our services for a Armenia visa from India. A longer stay is possible if the Indian citizen holds a residence permit.

    We offer Armenia Visa Support for this country along with the Armenia Tourist Visa by our staff of professional and reliable employees who are dedicated to breaking all the barriers for your safe and smooth travel.

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