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Enjoy a Wonderful Evening in Uzbekistan

Intimate and thriving, that’s what the nightlife of Uzbekistan is. Home to most notorious and iconic bars and clubs in luxury hotels, the modern establishments of this county attract an immaculately dressed rich crowd. Tourists who make it to the cities of Uzbekistan ensure that this land has a roaring nightlife even on weekdays. With a variety of venues, cuisines, music, and ambiance, you can hang out here with your friends and partners. So, if you are looking for a wonderful night and relive all the stress of your life then visiting some of the best nightclubs of Uzbekistan is a great option. Varied entertainment is offered by the different types of nightlife venues so you can choose as per your budget and taste.

Top Uzbekistan Night Clubs and Bars

If you are looking to truly experience the nightlife of Uzbekistan then we have come up with some of the best nightclubs where you can groove and lose yourself completely. The first one on the list is Pasha which is the place if you want to eat great food and dance after. It is a superb restaurant with a great full-service bar. The next venue takes you to pre-world war II - Alisher Navoi Theatre. It is really magical with ballets to musical performances. Tashkent, the capital city is enjoying an increasing number of footfalls these days as this city has got amazing surprises when it comes to nightlife. Fabrique, Diplomat, Opera nightclub are some of the most-visited and thrilling places of this city.

Tashkent Nightlife - Unleash Your Inner Self on a Saturday Evening

The adventurous and fun lot invariably waits for the weekend to arrive which is the perfect time to put on your dancing shoes and head to some of the grooviest places on earth. Tashkent has a lot to offer for party mongers. Enchanting ambiances with diverse and electrifying music, the nightclubs and bars of Tashkent will surely get you into the party spirit. Whether you are a business owner, an artist, or a sportsperson, the party is something which is loved by everybody. Take a break from your boring and hectic work routines and plan a trip to Tashkent with your friends or partner. Enjoy the relaxed vibes and rocking dance floors of its nightclubs which will never disappoint you.

Best Tashkent Night Clubs, Bars and Venues

One of the oldest pubs in this city is Patrick's pub where you can spend a delightful time. For football lovers, the Irish pub is the one with a lot of drink choices along with love international football matches screened in the pub. This is one of the frequently visited places by most of the travelers. With an extensive collection of beverages, Dudek Brewery bar is founded by Miroslav Dudek who dedicated his life to the brewery. You will always get traditional Czech cuisine with a freshly brewed beer in this great venue. For a cozy get-together with your team of allies, York pub is the one where you can seat yourself comfortably and the friendly staff will serve you in a jiffy. This pub offers an unforgettable dining experience to the visitors. Featuring lavish interiors and an interesting list of local and branded beverages, Ye Olde Chelsea Arms is a perfect outing in the city. This pub has a pleasant atmosphere and a perfect place to taste a variety of refreshing drinks. It is a British-styled pub which is a paradise for nightlife lovers. Whether you are looking for a drink amidst a serene ambiance or a place with the crowd thronging, TIBONE-Steak pub plays a perfect host for late night parties. You can savor the delectable food items with a wide range of delightful drinks here. With a vast menu, CMI Afterparty Bar is a place where you can sit comfortably and enjoy a pleasant evening with your gang of friends. This bar keeps the spirits of visitors high with its rick music and popular dance numbers. It offers 50 different kinds of cocktails to taste. Gulp down a freshly brewed beer in this one of the best Peggy’s bar where you can spend a fabulous time with your friends. It serves some of the finest Mexican delicacies which are prepared by their master chefs. Beautiful paintings on the wall adorn this place and you can revel in the modest ambiance enhanced by the trippy lightings.

Tashkent Uzbekistan Affordable Nightlife Tours

Come out from your shell and play after dark in the cities of Uzbekistan which never sleep. The Nightlife Tours offered by Dook International offer you the ability to visit some of the hottest venues in town. Our tours will take you to the best lounges, bars, nightclubs, and pubs. Bypass all the lines instead of waiting over and party like a rockstar. With a wide range of services, we will let you Experience the Nightlife of Tashkent and Uzbekistan to its maximum. These tours will let you relax, have fun, and enjoy your upcoming vacations. Our team of knowledgeable and trained professionals works hard to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Discover the Marvellous Nightlife of Samarkand

As compared to Tashkent, Samarkand is a conservative city and comprises few nightclubs and bars. For centuries, this fabled city has been a magnet for travelers, merchants, and conquerors. Located in the valley of the Zarafshan River, this turquoise oasis beguiles modern-day visitors by its Amazing Nightlife. It is no longer a mythical place and the journey to this incredible city becomes much more exciting and thrilling as it has some of the most thrilling nightclubs, bars, and pubs. With gracious locals, mesmerizing sites, a wide range of drinks, delicious cuisines, and amazing hospitality, Samarkand is a travelers dream. Travel is best expressed through celebration and exchanging culture over the clinking of glasses is always a memorable experience. This city has some very interesting options spread across. You can enjoy an absolute classic night here with your friends and allies.

Top Night Clubs and Bars of Samarkand

Altstadt is one of the best and frequently visited Nightclub in Samarkand which serves unfiltered weissbier at its pleasant people-watching terrace. Blues Cafe is a surprisingly tasteful and low-lot barin the Russian old town. It is one of the coolest nightlife spots with live jazz and blues music most Fridays. With a full menu of western food and real coffee, this place serves its visitors with the best hospitality. For beer lovers, Bochka is one of the best and well-known venues which brew directly from the source at its wood-lined bar just outside the brewery. Some other top nightlife spots of Samarkand include Afrosiyob Palace hotel, president hotel, Paradise land, Incante show club, teahouse-cage, and many more.

Samarkand Uzbekistan Nightlife Tour

Discover the best and most-visited hottest spots in Samarkand by choosing the Nightlife tours. These tours will provide a true experience of this city combining the best food, wine, events, drinks, beers, cuisines, events, dance performances, and cocktails altogether. The nightlife tours of Dook International cover all the necessary services and make your trip unforgettable. Our team including locals and multilingual guides will take you to the best and top-class nightclubs and bars of this city. No need to stand in any queue to get an entry as we will let you enjoy the VIP treatment. We are well aware of the best restaurants, pubs, local food, traditional drinks, and authentic venues. You just need to relax and enjoy your evening with your friends.

Get Ready To Party on the Grooving Floors of Bukhara

It is well said that the nightlife of Bukhara can be compared to the nightlife of Pattaya. With best nightclubs, rocking dance floors, great music, delicious cuisines, delightful cocktails, and amazing hospitality, the nightlife of Bukhara is an unforgettable and amazing experience. Bukhara is considered as a city museum which is situated on a sacred hill. Apart from being the treasure trove of ancient monuments, this city is home to some of the hottest nightlife spots. Silk Road Spices, Cafe Wishbone, Cafe Segafredo, and Tea & Coffee Khona are some of the famous nightlife venues where people get rid of all their tensions and stress.