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Exploring Russia’s White Nights & Breezy Days

Russia is the largest country in the world which offers everything from historic cities, artistic riches, epic train rides, to vodka-fuelled nightlife. Whether you are seeking to explore cultures or you are an adventure addict or you are looking for some rock-and-roll nightlife, Russia delivers all in ample amount. It has the hottest vibes being one of the coldest lands in the world. As the night falls, the people of this city step out for celebrating and enjoying life to its fullest. Thriving on local vodka, freshly brewed beer, gigs, delicious food, and much more, Russia is home to some of the best night spots. The top ballet, opera companies, and classical music orchestras of Russia need no introduction. You can experience them in their element at grand performance halls like Moscow's Bolshoi and St Petersburg's Mariinsky Theatre. Jazz is particularly loved by Russians. Some other popular forms of live music are common in the amazing cities of this happening land. Drinking, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, is an integral part of its culture and society. All kinds of cafés and bars can be found across the country along with some very interesting places for tea, coffee, and cakes.

Best Russian Night Clubs and Bars

Russia never sleeps. It’s the love of Russians for partying and enjoying that makes this country fascinating and fun. Home to an extensive range of nightlife spots, Russia is well-known for its amazing and breathtaking nightlife. Some of the Top Night Clubs of Russia includes Night Flight. It is a world-renowned club for those who live for twilight hours. Being the oldest one, this club is visited by international businessmen, wealthy tourists, and the occasional Russian oligarch. Krysha Mira is one of the rocking hotspots of Russia where revelers from across the globe come to drink and dance late into the dark. Another legendary club is Propaganda which has been around for 20 years. This club offers delicious steaks and sandwiches during the day and amazing cocktails at night. If you want to enjoy any concert in Russia then 16 tons is your destination which is a concert hall and English pub. This place is very famous for its music programs. Pravda club is one of the most fashionable clubbing venues which have two spaces- a larger hall with three bars and a capacity of 800 people, and a smaller hall for private and afterparty events.

Moscow Nightlife - Illuminating Reflections of Moscow at Night

Moscow is the 871-year old capital of Russia which is an iconic and global city dotted with architectural gems from the time of the Russian empire. It is the financial and political center of Russia with a population of around 13 million. The history, artistry, and majesty of Moscow have been thrilling visitors matter which season and what hour of the day it is. Kremlin and Red square is the very founding site of the city and is considered the heart of the city historically, geographically, and spiritually. This city has enough attractions to keep any traveler busy and engaged for a couple of weeks. It is home to a mix of quirky museums, medieval fortresses, artistic retreats, and 19th-century architecture. Apart from all this, the clubs and cafes of Moscow are one of the most rocking and happening night spots for all. You can experience the real nightlife of Moscow on Fridays and Saturdays. There are no closing hours of most of the nightclubs here and also they don't charge any cover fee. Russians love to party and Moscow proves this with fun to no end, trendy nightspots, extreme luxury, and much more. Whether you are a fan of jazz music, avid clubber, or simple old alcoholics, this city has a wide and interesting array of options. The nightclubs also offer a wide choice of food and drinks for all tastes.

Amazing Moscow Night Clubs and Bars

Moscow is well-known for its vibrant and stunning nightlife. With a plethora of choices, this capital city offers a lot for every taste, choice, and preference. One of the oldest nightclubs of this city is Propaganda which has been around since the 90s. It is an iconic place which is favored for scoring world-class DJs and offering delicious dishes. Another well-known and most-preferred night spot is Shop & Bar Denis Simachev. Founded by Russian designer Denis Simachev, this place is worth a visit for its electronic interiors and salmon pizza. Nauka i Iskusstvo is a fancy nightclub which is all about music. It hosts some of the best electronic parties, amazing designer shows, and hip music gigs. Another one of the quirkiest nightclubs is Squat ¾ which occupies the basement of the former Central Baths building. This place is also home to a Greek cafe, fashion store, and barbershop. Pluton is one of the newest venues which is located on the premises of the hip design center Artplay. This place promotes all kinds of events from cathartic ambient, jazz music, to artistic performances. If you love rooftop clubs then Rodnya is the one which hosts resident DJ sets and international bands on tour. You can lose yourself and dance until sunrise on the club’s rooftop terrace. With a fascinating and spectacularly dystopian interior, Aglomerat is a multi-purpose art venue which hosts all kinds of events from movie screenings, art exhibitions, to metal band shows and rave nights.

Discover Russia & Moscow in Depth by Taking Our Nightlife Tours

Let our best tour guides take you to the amazing journey of discovering and exploring Russia and its capital city Moscow. If you are planning to visit this country for the first time and want to make your trip unforgettable and stress free then choosing a tour is the best way. Moscow is the city which is particularly known for its nightlife and our tour will cover the topmost nightspots. Whether you want to visit small rough-and-ready bars or you want to explore elite night spots, this city has everything for making your nightlife memorable. Our tours offer various services including local multilingual guide, transportation, best itinerary, photo sessions, and many others. There are several problems for you when you visit any nightclub alone. Without having knowledge about where clubs are, which clubs are better, how much money is required, and what to wear to the club. By taking our nightlife tour, you will solve all of these problems. Our local guide is well-trained and experienced which can advise you about what dress is better, which club you must visit, what food or drink you should order, and much more. You’ll be able to see the best clubs, learn their history, and study the atmosphere of the clubs. Dook International is one of the leading firms offering cost-effective nightlife tours.

Fascinating Nightlife of St Petersburg

St Petersburg is the second largest city of Russia after Moscow with 5 million populations. Located on the Neva river, this city is one of the most modern cities of Russia. It was the first city which has adopted the clubbing culture in the 80s. It is also considered as the cultural capital which is home to one of the largest art museums in the world Hermitage. Russia’s first rock-club took off in this city only and it has been the main launch-pad for rock musicians. With the opening of some of the most famous nightclubs, the nightlife of St Petersburg has flourished further in the early 90s. For those who are seeking a rocking and most memorable nightlife, St Petersburg is just perfect. The nightlife here starts with the opening of underground rock music clubs and art centers. You can eat, drink, dance, and enjoy life to its fullest around the clock here. With dimly lit jazz halls, groovy clubs, and vibrant underground music scenes, it has a wide range of options for a night out. Some nightspots even offer unique performances and eccentric people which make this city much more fascinating.

Top-Rated Night Clubs and Bars of St Petersburg

Griboedov is the most well-known clubs boasting the rich history of Russia. It hosts exhibitions, gigs, DJ appearances, music gatherings, and concerts. From funk and soul to rock and indie, there are daily performances by local independent groups here. Purga has been a major landmark of the city for nearly 10 years. It has an unusual concept of celebrating New Year every day bearing in mind that New Year is the biggest holiday of Russia. Another topmost nightclub is XXXX bar which has blossomed into a chain of venues including 9 different bars. It is one of the most-liked and visited night spots the music of where follows the radio hits of the last 30 years. Dom Beata is one of the most successful and fashionable nightlight spots in recent years which offer live acts. It is a place for those who fancy themselves a hipster.