Shah-i-Zinda Ensemble , Samarkand (Uzbekistan)

Shakhi Zinda is the burial place of royal persons and nobles. But the main mausoleum from which the necropolis starts seems to be the imaginary grave of Prophet Muhammads cousin Kusam ibn Abbas. The complex was called Shakhi Zinda that means in Persian The Living King. He was one of those who preached Islam in that region. Later the Complex became an important pilgrimage centre that was revered by the people as sacred.It consists of rows of refine sparkling blue colors tombs. Harmoniously combined in a lively and moving composition various mausoleums are grouped along the narrow medieval streets. Shakhi Zinda consists of eleven mausoleums which were built one after another in 14 - 15th centuries.A unique ensemble of ancient tombs (1370-1449 years) is located near Afrasiab settlement. It is also called Street cemetery. Building of mosques and mausoleums of XI-XV centuries oddly stretched on both sides and their blue domes look like an elegant necklace from the top.

M 37 Samarqand Uzbekistan
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