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Exciting Nightlife in Lithuania

Lithuania has an exciting night scene and offers a variety of choices for night goers and party lovers. Whether you like nightclubs, live music, cozy bars or even exciting venues, there’s much for you to choose when it comes to nightlife.

Since its independence, the country has been establishing itself to be a modern one like the rest of the other countries in Europe. The nightlife entertainment in Lithuania is diverse and relatively spectacular and cheap with amazing events, league sports, theatres, clubs, bars, etc.

There are traditional cultural shows which are concentrated in the country’s major cities. You will come across theatres, concert halls and operas while the music is more international. You can also spend a good time in the evening by the cinemas, pool or even doing bowling activities. There are also great casinos in the malls which are mainly in the downtown.
Many concerts and festivals are organized at night especially in the summer’s time. They are open-air entertainments which happen mostly in Vilnius and Druskininkai.
Popular Lithuania Night Clubs and Bars

Lithuania has a crazy nightlife and it is worth and exploring Lithuania for the party scene as there is a high number of pubs, cafes, and bars especially in the capital city. During the summertime, a lot of tourists throng to this party destination to have a good time. There are several nightclubs in Lithuania and they are innumerable in the major cities of the capital. So while you are in Lithuania, make the best time to visit and enjoy the best Lithuania Nightclubs and Bars.
The scene in Lithuania is dominated by local brewing where they are served in various club and pubs in the country.  There are a wide range of clubs and pubs for different taste but not sure where to party? Whether you are looking for a Lithuanian party place or some other kind of party style like a European or London style, you will find the best of them all that suits your interests. If you want to hit the bars, go to Nomads, Alaus Biblioteka, NIUS or Apoteka Bar.

However, if you are looking for some dancing time and fun, these are some of the most popular nightclubs in the country including Cocainn Night club, Bardakas, Salento Night Club, Rumor Lounge & Club, and few others.
Have fun with Nightlife in Vilnius  

Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania and it is a hub spot for commercial, educational and entertainment. The city is not just beautiful, however, it offers amazing Nightlife as there are lots of pubs, clubs, bars, and restaurants which will make your stay longer than you expect. It is a fun city as its streets are filled by youngsters when the sun sets down and mostly populated by the younger crowd. Here you can find, enjoy and see the best entertainment as it offers budget entertainment for all and everyone. Though the crowd is lesser on the weekdays in the clubs but by the evening of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, people hit the clubs in large numbers.

As compared to other European countries, Lithuania does not have a large number of nightclubs. However, you will still find the best pubs and clubs to drink and have fun in Vilnius. Amongst all the places in Vilnius, one of the most concentrated places to party is around Vokieciu gatve. Along this street, you will find several pubs and clubs which are the best in town and the country overall. This is where the tourist stays, so therefore the clubs and pubs are also concentrated in this area.

Top Rated Vilnius Night Clubs and Bars

Brodvejus is one of the most popular places in Vilnius and is known for its live music and people from all over the world attend this club to dance on the right track. You will find the right music and the atmosphere is filled with young people. It also has a restaurant which serves great cuisine.

Mojo lounge is considered to be one of the best clubs in the city and they have some of the finest parties. What make this club popular is its good service, live music, food, crowd, and an affordable place.

Pabo Latino is a pub to find great Latin music; it’s great for those who love salsa and bachata. However, for those of you who don’t know how to salsa, you can always get a special lesson from them at a reasonable price. There’s also a great bar at this place, it’s a perfect club for an older age group.

Exit Vilnius: It is a great disco place where is located in the center of the city. There are DJs from all over the world that comes to play at this club and therefore attract a large crowd of party people.

Why to Choose Vilnius Lithuania Nightlife Tour

Lithuania is a haven for nature and it boasts of its spectacular sea-side villages, park and many other historical attractions. It is growing fast into a European gem and hotspots for nature lovers, history buffs and many others. This stunning coastline is now a particular of interest as it is enclave with churches, cobbled streets, courtyards, etc.

Vilnius is the capital city and it represents a very confident, modern culture with amazing Vilnius Lithuania Nightlife. It is a vibrant but inexpensive city that yet needs to be explored.

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