10 Days Baltic Exotic Tour

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10 Days Baltic Exotic Tour

Arrive Vilnius
  • Arrive Vilnius airport, Transfer to Hotel.
  • Half day city tour - During our walk, we will discover the variety of architectural styles of historic churches and city buildings. The city ’s Old Town is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Charming neoclassical and baroque churches, a choral synagogue, a majestic castle, a cobbled labyrinth of parks, squares, bars, cafes, restaurants and the Gate of Dawn will make your impressions of this city unforgettable.
  • Today we will enjoy the most beautiful panoramic view of the city from the Gediminas Castle Tower.
  • We go on to the main square of Vilnius - Cathedral Square. It is the heart of the Lithuanian capital.
  • Life pulsates from the early morning until late at night here.
  • We will visit the most important Catholic building in Lithuania - Vilnius Cathedral. A57-meter tall bell tower stands right by the cathedral and is one of the symbols of Vilnius. We will not miss visiting the Cathedral catacombs. Then you are on your way to the Church of St. Anne, which impresses you with its expressive towers, countless arches, hundreds of artworks, ornate metal gates, and many other embellishments.
  • We will also visit the Amber Museum-Gallery, since this stone is a symbol of the Baltics.
  • You will see the biggest amber piece of this museum that weighs 3 kilograms. Also, you will be very surprised that amber can be white and black, green and red, varicolored, and even blue! A truly miraculous place awaits us as well. The Gate of Dawn, in Lithuanian - Aušros Vartai, is one of the most famous historical and religious monuments in Vilnius.
  • Also, it is a pilgrimage site. The city ’s defensive wall had ten gates, though the Gate of Dawn is the only one to have survived to the present day. The miraculous painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy in the Gate of Dawn is one of the most famous Renaissance paintings in Lithuania.
  • Return back to Hotel and Overnight stay at Hotel.
Castle on the Water
  • Breakfast at Hotel.
  • Today our road leads us to the medieval Trakai.
  • Before visiting the main landmark of the city, we will stroll among its dreamy houses. Trakai takes great pride from having been the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania although the Grand Duke ruled from this area only for a couple of years. The castle is famous for its Gothic architecture and special location – a picturesque island on Lake Galve, one of the deepest lakes in Lithuania. We will reach the castle by crossing the long wooden bridge and feel a real fairy tale atmosphere.
  • From the very start of entering the castle, we seemed to go back in time.
  • We will explore grand rooms full of medieval furniture, costumes, and maps.
  • Also, we will discover the Grand Duke’s Tower and climb the wooden stairs to visit the rest of the rooms.
  • Return to Hotel and Overnight stay at Hotel.

Kernave Tour
  • Breakfast at Hotel.
  • Kernavė is a scenic archaeological site, located on the right bank of the Neris River. It’s mostly known for the magnificent Kernave Mounds - one of the most unique places in Lithuania. In the Middle Ages, it was used as a defensive obstacle. Kernave hills are situated incredibly close to each other. Winding paths are like narrow tunnel in a labyrinth of nature.
  • Kernavė’s archaeological site is recognized for its outstanding universal value and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • We will see an open-air museum exposition as well - a fragment of the restored 13th - 14thcentury medieval town of Kernavė and learn more about the history of those times.
  • Also, we will visit the Kernave Archaeological Site Museum. The collections of the museum are formed only on the basis of the material of the archeological research in Kernavė.
  • Return to Hotel and Overnight stay at Hotel.
Vilnius - Riga
  • Breakfast at Hotel.
  • It’s time to say goodbye to Vilnius and head towards the crown jewel not only of Latvia, but also of the whole Baltics - Riga. You reach Riga by a comfortable bus.
  • After the transfer to the hotel and check-in, you have some time to refresh after the trip.
  • Then we begin our city tour.
  • We begin our city tour. Riga, the capital of Latvia, is the largest metropolis in the Baltics.
  • During our city tour we stroll through the narrow streets of the oldest part of the town -the Convent Yard, pay attention to the Powder tower and Riga castle. We also get a closer look at the buildings of the Large and Small Guild - broker houses of the times when Riga was one of the most powerful economic centers in Northern Europe, a member of the Hanseatic Union. We can’t miss visiting the House of Blackheads, probably Riga’s most splendid edifice. The House of the Blackheads has been delighting Riga residents and guests for almost 700 years, keeping historical legacy about the legendary brotherhood of the Blackheads.
  • Overnight at the Hotel.
Northern Riviera
  • Breakfast at Hotel.
  • Away from the capital and explore some natural wonders of Latvia.
  • Just outside Riga, there are kilometers of sandy beaches and coastal idyll.
  • We come to Jurmala, or simply ‘seaside’ in Latvian, which is also cited as the ‘Northern Riviera.
  • Local muds rich with minerals, and the ionized air, enriched by the fragrant pine trees make this place largest spa resort in the Baltics and one of the oldest spa towns in Europe.
  • A walk in Dzintari forest park where the brave ones can climb the eccentric observation tower.
  • Afterwards, we will stroll through Jomas, the main street of the resort, with lots of cafes and souvenir shops.
  • Take some time to walk the beach while feeling the touch of white quartz sand on your feet's. And don’t forget to rub the turtle statue that symbolizes longevity, which, as locals believe, can be fostered due to healing powers of Jurmala nature
  • Return to Hotel and Overnight stay at Hotel.
  • Breakfast at Hotel.
  • If there are places, epitomizing the word ‘cosiness’, then the demure town of Kuldiga is definitely one of them.
  • Kuldiga will capture you with its relaxing magnetism and subtle beauty. Most of the architectural ensemble in the old town is from the 17th century, since medieval highlights were ruined throughout history. We still can discern ruins of the13th century castle, weary windmill and the guardian’s house.
  • We also visit St. Catherine church, the oldest one in the town, built alongside with the castle and reconstructed 300 years later.
  • We move closer to the river and appreciate the arched brick bridge, the longest bridge of its kind in Europe. It was designed in the 19th century according to tsarist standards in the Russian Empire - so that two carriages could pass simultaneously.
  • Return to Hotel and Overnight stay at Hotel.
Riga – Tallinn
  • Breakfast at Hotel.
  • Today we continue our journey through the Baltics and gowith a comfortable bus to Tallinnthe capital of Estonia.
  • Tallinndeeply surprises everyone who chooses to explore it - with one of the bestpreserved old towns in Europe, unique ethnicity and pure nature.
  • The viewpoints on the hill are the best placesto admire panoramic views over the terracotta-roofed old town and the Balticsea.
  • Today, Tallinn astonishes tourists with an amazingly complete medieval oldtown, especially in terms of defensive walls and towers that kept their authentic appearance since the 16th century. Narrow streets wend our way to the low town with the heart in the Town Hall square, its houses honed as if they were from a toy chest.
  • Nearby we appreciate Holy Spirit Church with its17th-century Baroque clocks, their clock face still telling the right time.
  • Wepay a visit to St. Nicolas’ church that hosts a museum, marveling at the Gothicand Northern-Renaissance art masterpieces.
  • Looking at all this medievalabundance, the fact that Estonia is one of the most digitalized countries inthe world is not the first thing that comes to mind. And this is just a startfor your surprises in Estonia.
  • Return to Hotel and Overnight stay at Hotel.
Tallinn & Outside
  • Breakfast at Hotel.
  •  After the city tour you have free time to explore Tallinn on your own.
  • We advise you to visit the exceptional maritime museum Lennusadam, probably the most high-tech museum in the Baltics. For art lovers Kumu museum of modern art would be a real treat.
  • Return to Hotel and Overnight stay at Hotel.
Estonian Coast
  • Breakfast at Hotel.
  • It’s time to explore some of pure Estonia, and the rustic Estonian province would be the perfect choice.
  • At the outskirts of Tallinn we uncover Pirita convent’s ruins, a magnetic edifice of a female monastery. Once the biggest monastery in Livonia, built in the 1400s. Just next to it, stands the new nunnery, opened in2001 with the help of Finnish Order of St. Bridget and erected in quite a contemporary and unconventional style, strictly-lined and flat-roofed. Pirita Convents’ complex impresses us with an unusual composition of the new and old.
  • Afterwards, we offer you to get closer to the everyday life of indigenous people, so we wander further, to coastal villages of the Viimsi peninsula. In the Viimsi open-air museum we familiarize ourselves with the traditional life of coastal communities. Ambling among these wooden farmsteads, uncouth boats docked by the beach and rocks by the shallow waters makes you feel like you are in a postcard, embraced by peaceful seashore ambiance.
  • On the way back we make a stop by Pirita beach, where you will have some time to feel the sand and enjoy the Baltic breeze, peering at the expressive skyline of Tallinn. After coming back to Tallinn you have some free time at your disposal.
  • Return to Hotel and Overnight stay at Hotel.
Fly Back Home
  • Breakfast at Hotel.
  • Today our itinerary comes to an end.
  • You spent your time eventfully. 


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  • SIC (Seat in Coach)
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  • English speaking tour guide
  • Return airport transfers
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