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Kyrgyzstan: A Cheaper and Closer Alternative To Switzerland

With a history span of over 2000 years, Kyrgyzstan or Kirghizia is a landlocked country with mountainous terrain bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west and southwest, Tajikistan to the southwest, and China to the east. This country encompasses a wide variety of cultures and empires. Geographically isolated by its highly mountainous terrain, this country has preserved its ancient culture and has been at the crossroads of many great civilizations. With an area of 199,951 square kilometers which is roughly the same size as England and Scotland combined, this country occupied 0.9% of the Soviet Union. The estimated population of this land is 62 lakhs amongst which 73.2% people are the Kyrgyz. The climate here varies according to different regions. The southwest region is subtropical and extremely hot in summer whereas the northern foothills are temperate.

This incredibly underrated tourist destination is home to gorgeous wild mountains, large alpine lakes spotting a landscape characterized by charming villages, Soviet-planned cities, and modern buildings. Some of the Best places to visit in Kyrgyzstan are Lake Ala-Kul, Osh, Lake Issyk-Kul, Tien Shan mountains, and Song Kol Lake. These spectacular attractions create a serene environment for wild camping with friends and family. Apart from this, Bishkek is widely-appreciated as a cultural hub being the capital city of the country. Delightfully green, this city sits in the Tien Shan mountain range in the Chui village. This city is a perfect place to begin your journey by collecting your visas to neighboring countries. It has many clubs and small cafes where young people can hang out and enjoy a thrilling nightlife. Horse riding is one of the long and nomadic traditions followed by the people of Kyrgyzstan. In summers, traditional yurts can be seen all around in which you dine and sleep on the ground. Ulak tariysh is the national game of this country which is much like Polo and played by two teams of 6 riders each. Beyond these interesting activities, you can also visit snow leopard rehabilitation center here to see fantastic animals.

Plan Your Group Tour with the Best Kyrgyzstan Tour Operator

With Dook International, your big tour to Kyrgyzstan will be acquainted with all the major attractions of the country and its cities. Our fascinating itinerary includes the alley of youth and Osh market along with providing you with all the necessary historical facts, interesting stories about notable events, and the life of the land and its people. We offer the Best Group Tours to Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek. Our Luxury Escorted Tours well-known for proper management, perfect arrangements, luxury accommodations, comfortable transportations, traditional as well as modern cuisine, and many other services. Opting for a reliable and trustworthy tour operator makes the tour hassle-free and much more enjoyable as you need not to worry about anything. You just need to pack your bags and begin your journey with your group members. The rest of the services are quality-assured by our experienced team of professionals who have immense and deep knowledge of the destination. You can go through the updates related to our Kyrgyzstan Group Departures on our website.

Travel Kyrgyzstan with the Most Trusted DMC for CIS

What are the things that cross your mind when you think about a group tour? Big buses, camera-clicking holidays, cheesy tourist attractions, restaurants with traditional cuisines, and a whole host of various travel experiences. Many times, traveling in a group can end up being messy and unmanageable. Therefore, Dook International has come up with the Best Kyrgyzstan Group Tour Packages. With our services, group tours will be more adept at the changing landscape and environment. Our groups are small that offer more authentic travel experience, a better environmental impact, and more knowledgeable local guides. From the financial point of view as well, choosing a group tour package is a great and worthy option. Our widely-preferred packages maximize the value of your every penny spent by being transparent and authentic. By focusing on the demographics, safety requirements, government policies, rules & regulations, audience-based accommodations, balanced schedules, time limit, age groups, preferences, and choices, our group tours are designed for an amazing travel experience.

Why Dook is the Best DMC for Kyrgyzstan?

Dook International has made the daunting task of looking for a tour operator simple and easy. There are certain things which are very essential for making a group tour fun and amazing. We focus on all the factors like group size, tour pace, safety, additional costs, cultural immersion, showcasing of all tourist attractions which will be visited during the tour, flexible itinerary, and many others. With proper knowledge of all local places and efficient services like visa support, airlines, luxury hotels, preferred cuisines, tour guides, and transportation, we are considered as one of the most cost-effective and Leading Tour Operators for Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek.