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Why You Will Love Nightlife in Finland

Finland is the eighth-most expensive country in the world because it has some interesting and unique places in the world. We know it for its Reindeer, Santa Claus, and Archipelago etc. It’s surprising to know that the Finns are party lovers and going out is a lively affair. They break their weeks work off by doing it on the weekends, and that’s when things get lively as than expected. So, if you are planning to go to Finland and thinking of only to see the northern lights, sleep in igloo houses or enjoy the landscape of Finland, change your plans. Go out in the day and enjoy the best of what Finland offers you, but don’t miss out the nightlife in Finland.
Friday and Saturdays are the best big party nights where great nightlife happens. Nightlife in Finland is big and there are many clubs which cater to a specific age is mainly in the cities. But, no matter where you are in Finland, there’s always something and someplace waiting for you to come and enjoy the celebration of the nigh time. There are many small pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants open in small towns of Finland.
Top Finland Night Club and Bars
The Finns love the night; whether its large towns or small towns, a lot of places are open later in the evening. Many of the clubs have live bands, floorshows and DJs playing international and local pop songs. The towns where you can find a great selection of clubs is also home to many universities of Finland such as Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Kuopio, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Joensuu, Vaasa, Lappeenranta and Rovaniemi. A lot of the bars are very trendy and popular amongst the youths in the big towns, while in the small rural villages, traditional dances are still very popular. So, Finland gives you a variety of entertainment to enjoy while you stay here.

The clubs stay open up late hours and many of the doors in the capital city are not open until after 10 pm and closes until 4 am. You can visit some popular nighclubs in Finland such as The Tavastia & Semifinal Nightclubs, Molly Malone’s Irish Pub, Nightclub Kaarle XII and many others.
It’s very easy to go from one entertainment place to the other as the distances are very short. Whether you are looking for stylish bars, karaoke, lively terraces, nightclubs, etc there’s no shortage of these in Finland. There are also many nice restaurants and light summer night makes it look so beautiful as you can sit outside the terrace and enjoy the nature of Finland or even glimpse the northern lights.
Nightlife in Helsinki
Helsinki may seem a little withdrawn, but the nightlife proves otherwise. It only takes one night for you to have a good impression of the place. The nightlife in Helsinki is cool and unrestrained. Much of the city’s nightlife is out to the Westside of the city in places such as Mannerheimintie and Kasarmikatu. To the north of the city, you will the Kiallio district, which is home to several bars and clubs. You will find a nice artsy, bohemian crowd which is much cooler than most parts of the towns and districts in Helsinki.
During the weekends, the city is busy and kicks off really well. The parties are always in full swing somewhere or the other. For something more chilling and relaxing, you will find a very civilized cafe that spreads out in the Esplanadi Park.
In the summer, the experience is quite unique. You will see terraces spring up across the city and it looks like the city is awake for hours and hours. It’s a good time for a party and its relaxing. Winter is a bit of a contrast, but it entertains itself with different drinking establishments, bars, saunas, etc.
Top Helsinki Night Club and Bars

There are several nightclubs in Helsinki. If you are searching for some incredible nightlife scene, you will find it in Helsinki. The Finns love late evening, and the experience here in Helsinki is like no other. Being a capital city, there are several bars and clubs at your disposal. You can have a memorable experience as Helsinki has the best bars and nightclubs in the country.

Visit the tiger nightclub; this is a place with class and it has five porches. You will find good music, people food and comfort. It is slightly more expensive than the rest, but it is worth a visit. Apollo live Club is another club strip in the middle of the city. It is busy on the weekend and has a club with stand-up theatre and exhibitions.

Helsinki also has many great places for live music, and Nosturi is a great place where they host about 120 occasions every year. It has a great ambience, including dark metal to hip hop bounce. It represents both national and worldwide genres with a great crowd of music sweethearts. The place serves amazing drinks and there’s lunch menu in the summer.
Helsinki Finland Nightlife Tour

Taking a Helsinki Nightlife Tour is a great way to find some amazing places to start a party. And, if you want to have a good time and easy travel and experience, it’s best to always have a tour package. We at Dook International are providing Finland Tour, where we help you visit places with the help of our travel guide. We want you to have a good experience while you are in Finland, and our tour package will help you ease your travel to Finland.