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Top Hurghada Tour Packages

Welcome to Hurghada! Our coveted Hurghada Tour Packages take you to the mesmerizing life of the beach town. From sightseeing the architectural wonders on the mainland to watching the Red Sea marine life, your trip to Hurghada will come to be a blockbuster. With access to all the modern amenities, luxurious accommodations, and well-maintained air-conditioned vehicles, a comfortable and safe adventure will be on your cards. Plan your trip to Hurghada with Dook and get ready to make memories of a lifetime!

Top things to know about Hurghada (Egypt) Hurghada

Hurghada is a resort town. A perfect place for leisure. Accessible both by sea and air, the best month to visit this serene place is April to October. In Hurghada, tourists get to see the aquatic spirits in their natural habitat, swim alongside the dolphins, watch the clear night sky from the deserts, and devour amazing delicacies at the local taverns. Hurghada has amazing goodies for the shopaholics to take back with them. The monumental ancient establishments are pleasing to the eyes. The mesmerising beach life, a dive to Straits of Gubal sites, exploring the desert lands on Quad Bike, luxurious dining at Hurghada Marina, visiting the El Gouna resort, exploring one of the biggest cable parks-Sliders Cable Park, hoping on the Sinbad Submarine, watching the Neverland Show at Alf Leila Wa Leila Hotel are some of the activities that are a must to add on the Hurghada Tour itinerary list.

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Experiences in Hurghada

Hurghada is a destination perfect for couples to enjoy their honeymoon at luxurious beaches. For those who want to go on a family trip, the water adventures, the camel ride, and the magnificent shows of Hurghada are the best attractions to opt for. For the solo-travellers Hurghada is a free canvas, leave your marks the way you want and take a heap full of memories to your next destination.

Top Attractions in Hurghada

Plan A Trip To Hurghada

Hurghada, located on the Red Sea coast, is best for its beachside and water adventure along with the notable architecture on the mainland. Tourists who take the Hurghada Packages to tour the city find themselves at the great Temple of Karnak. It is the greatest place built for worship to date. Once known as Ipet-isut, the temple has many temples built within themselves. It was built by the Pharaohs for generations. The Hypostyle Hall of the temple adorned with numerous enormous pillars is a sight to behold.

Tourists then make a trip to the Colossi of Memnon. Nested at Luxor on the west bank of the Nile river has two magnificent colossal of Amenhotep, the third. After witnessing the wonderful Egyptian art piece, the tour proceeds towards the Valley of the Kings. This is the place where the glorious Tombs were uncovered. This tomb is the treasure box of all the precious and priceless belongings that were offered to the Pharaohs for a lavish afterlife.

The tour continues as it takes the tourists to a historical monument dedicated to the one and only female Pharaoh in overall Egyptian history, Queen Hatshepsut. As soon as one step's food on the desert sands, the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahari stands boasting its strong legacy.

Hurghada's beach life is a next-level adventure. From water sports to swimming to diving, the following beaches have access to all the amenities to make the tourists feel the ultimatum of joy. Some of the famous private beaches of Hurghada are Steigenberger Al Dau Beach, Hurghada Long Beach, Hurghada Marriott Beach, Serenity Makadi Beach, Siva Grand Beach, and Coral Beach. Mahmya Beach, Smokery Beach, Public Beach Number 9, Old Vic Beach, El Sawaky Beach, and Orange Beach are some of the best public beaches in Hurghada.

Coming to the aquatic adventures, the beach town of Hurghada's water attractions are uncountable. On your Hurghada Tour, you cannot miss out on the Hurghada Aquarium. Located in Ad-Dahar, the aquarium showcases the Hurghada marine life of the Red Sea. If you want to witness the mystical sea creatures in their natural habitat Sinbad Submarine is the one. It is the only submarine where you can see the amazing underworld of the Red Sea. The water adventure in Hurghada is never complete without snorkeling. The best place for snorkeling is alongside the Giftun Islands. Tourists prefer Egypt's Straits of Gubal and Gota Abu Ramada for the best diving experience in Hurghada, and the trip to Giftun Islands for a magical boat ride adventure.

The nightlife of Hurghada offers an exclusively unique experience along with the usual drinks and loud music. As the stars lit up the Hurghada sky, tourists flee to the Alf Leila Wa Leila Hotel and enjoy its Neverland Show. The show will entertain visitors with cultural executions by dancers from across the globe. Also, another attraction of the show is the traditional belly dancing with traditional Egyptian music playing in the background. Tourists also visit the Bedouin camp to spend their night enjoying camel rides, gazing at the night sky with a telescope and sipping the herbal Bedouin tea. On the contrary, party-animals move to the beachside bars, enjoy the drink and dance to the party symphony all night long.

If we talk about the culinary delight of Hurghada. Even a picky eater will have their guts satisfied at the end of the day. The conventional dishes of Hurghada are mouth-watering. Tourists prefer sitting in a local deli and relishing the archaic and celebrated Egyptian meal. Moving on to the next delicacy, Koshary is another famous dish of the resort town. Coming to the best-recommended food roster of Hurghada, on the top is the camel steak served at Moby Dick located in the hustling and bustling Sheraton Road. The next on the list is sushi from Little Buddha. The restaurants cum lounge bar interiors are lavishly decorated and worth a visit to feel the luxury comfort as you empty the plate. The sushi rolls are prepared with the finest ingredients. Another option on the menu that is worth ordering is the spring roll and the Mongolian beef. If not for food you can visit this deli to put your hands high up in the air in sync with the trending techno beats. When you feel like pleasing your guts with tasty delicacy and your eye with a view, order a smokey BBQ platter at Nubian Cafe and Restaurant. Tourists satisfy their pizza craving when in Hurghada at La Luna in El Gouna. It also tops the list if you wish to have a delicious supper under the starry Egyptian night sky.

If you are more into enjoying the real flavours of Egypt, visit the eating houses run by the natives. An authentic Egyptian plate of food is a handful of legumes, vegetables and grilled meats, predominantly lamb and veal. The traditional Sharma, falafel, baba ghanoush, and fresh seafood are at the top chart of local dishes.

Hurghada has a special fanbase when it comes to seafood. Choose any of the fish ranging from sea bass to octopus displayed in the icebox of El Halaka. The fish platters include sizzling fish infused with Middle Eastern spices along with delicious salads. The fish soup is worth a try as well.

Explore every facet of Hurghada with the exclusive Hurghada Holiday Packages of Dook International. The packages are all-inclusive and customizable as per the tourists' preferences. Serving over 500+ destinations, Dook Travels’ Hurghada Tour Package is the most demanded. If you are planning a fun-filled Hurghada trip, we will be happy to serve you our best.

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