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Top Giza Tour Packages

A warm welcome to Giza from Dook International. Our Giza Tour Packages are designed to transport you to a time when the ancient wonders sprouted and grew to become what it is today, through the deserts with their own magnificent histories and the riverfront of the second largest river in the world, The Great Nile. Customizable based on the sort of experience you wish to endeavour, the Giza Tour will be full of blissful surprises and wonders. As your trip comes to an end, you will have a piece of extra baggage of serene memories to bring back to your abode.

Top things to know about Giza (Egypt) Giza

Giza is situated on the bank of the river Nile and is the next-door neighbour to Cairo. Giza is open to tourists throughout the year. If you wish to enjoy the celebrations of Giza, January, February, June, and October are the best times to visit. October to February is best if you want to enjoy the cold nights, drizzles, sunny days, and a lot of fellow tourists. The best way to travel to Giza is by air. Land at the Cairo International Airport, and in case you have a Giza Tour Package, look at the person holding up your name board as you walk out of the airport. Your ride to the magnificent Giza land starts here.

The never-to-be-missed attractions are the three Great Pyramids of Egypt - the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure. Behind the Great Pyramid stands the Sphinx statue. The famous Khufu ship is worth a sight. Experience the camel ride. Visit to the greatest Egyptian museum, the Black Desert, and the White Desert are a few attractions that should be on the 'must do' list of your itinerary. Based on your Giza Packages, you can either choose to stay in Cairo and plan a day trip to Giza or stay at one of the best restaurants in Giza. It is best to plan a longer trip when coming to Giza. The mesmerizing attractions never seem to end. When you crave some beverage in Giza, go for the African Coffee or the Sahlab.

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Experiences in Giza

Giza has a world-famous historical significance and is home to the ancient wonder. Apart from it, Giza has a lot of wonderful experiences in its store. Be it the adventurous visit to the Zoo or the Dream Park, exploring the Gazan culture in Memphis, or sipping the African coffee for leisure. Plan a Giza Tour and feel the warmth of this gorgeous place in person.

Top Attractions in Giza

Giza stands on the west bank of the River Nile, where the great civilization of Egypt sprouted. This ancient city is home to many top attractions like the Great Pyramid of Giza and its nearby attractions like the Sphinx, Black Desert, Solar Boat Museum, and the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. The visit to the ancient village of Saqqara Necropolis, and the ancient capital city of Giza, Memphis are the other notable attractions.

Plan A Trip To Giza

Giza is home to the oldest seven wonders of the ancient earth. Dating back to 2750 BC, the Great Pyramid of Giza is the only archaic wonder that has retained its shape to date. It is also referred to as the Pyramid of Cheops or the Pyramid of Khufu. Out of all the three great pyramids- the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure, the Great Pyramid of Giza are the oldest. These Pyramids of Giza are the prime reason behind such extensive tourism in Giza. Travelers prefer to take the Giza Tour Packages when visiting the wonder.

The pyramids are the tombs of the mighty Egyptian Pharaohs. The Giza Tour to this great wonder starts with visiting the three great pyramids. The limestone blocks will keep your mind wondering! Next, you get to visit one of the three pyramids. Learn about the great tales the place holds as you walk into the King's chambers. After the near visit to these pyramids, the tour will take you to the panoramic viewpoint, where you can witness all the nine Pyramids that stand proudly on the Giza plateau.

Well, you have seen numerous clicks of travelers where you can see them kissing the Sphinx. This is the moment to add a photo to your memory wall! Click a selfie or group photo with the Sphinx and the Pyramids in the background. As you walk past the holy sands across the Pyramids and Sphinx, the camels will be waiting for you to take you on a ride. No one wants to miss it!

Then the tour proceeds to the Solar Boat Museum. It has the majestic Khufu ship on display. The boat was built to carry the resting King Khufu to heaven by the Sun God, Ra. Next, to the Sphinx is the Valley Temple. This is the temple where the communication of King Khufu took place. Finally, the Giza Tour to the Great Pyramids comes to an end back at the Sphinx. Travelers who are fond of history eagerly wait for this mesmerizing light and sound show, where the Great Sphinx narrates the glorious history of the land followed by royal dancing of the multi-colored lights as they elucidate the evening sky.

The Great Pyramids and the surrounding architecture are not the ends of Giza attractions. Another great attraction of Giza is the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. As you enter the museum hear the stories your guide narrated to closely relate to the age-old priceless Pharaonic artefacts that are put on display for the tourists. The museum has art and cultural artefacts preserved that are 5000 years old. The museum is the home to the most precious Egyptian collection and is the largest in the world to hold such Egyptian valuables.  In the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, you can see the treasures that were offered to King Tutankhamun.

Other attractions that will glisten your heart, mind, and soul are Valley of the Whales also known as Wadi-Al-Hitan, Pharaonic Village, Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Centre, Dream Park for the kids, the Black Desert, Giza Zoo, Il Campo, Dahshur lake, Wiiwii's Farm, and the International Equestrian Club, to name a few. The black desert, as the name signifies, is the dwellings of the once active volcanoes, surrounding which lies the lava that you can feel, which once erupted ages ago. In close proximity is the White Desert, which lay beneath the waters of the Mediterranean Sea around 4 million years ago. The Orman Garden is a botanical garden in Giza great for the kids to enjoy.

As the sun bids adieu for the day behind the mauve clouds onto the Mediterranean, the nightlife of Giza comes alive. Contrary to the modern nightlife environment full of loud music, dancing and drinks, Gazans start their night from the nearby beaches. When in Giza, enjoy the night like the natives. Take a swim on the Gazanian calm waters, enjoy the caffeine rush of freshly brewed Arabic coffee, and grab a hookah or two in the nearby beach clubs of Giza. Some of the top celebrations in Giza that are worth taking part in are Ramadan, Abu Simbel Sun Festival, Coptic Christmas, Al-Ahram Squash Festival and Verdi's Aida.  

Sitting among the locals and trying the traditional dishes are on everyone's itinerary. The Egyptian cuisine of Giza is dedicated to the ancient inhabitants of the land. A traditional dish consists chiefly of meat, and different varieties of lentils, pasta, and rice.  The highly consumed vegetable is okra. Also, the vegetarian delicacies found on the streets of Giza are to die for. Some of the top favorite dishes recommended by travelers are Ful Medammes, Falafel, Koshari, Shawarma, Macaroni Béchamel, Fattah, Molokhia and Fetir Mashaltet. One of the best desserts the place offers is Umm Ali. A pastry prepared from fresh milk and cream and garnished with lots of dry fruits, shredded coconut, and sprinkled with cinnamon. The other desserts worth a try are Roz Bel Laban, Konafa and Sahlab. Sahlab is one of the most distinguished shakes in Giza. For all the fish lovers out there, Giza offers Feseekh. Prepared during every festivities, the dish is a sun-dried fish preserved in salt.

For a euphoric trip to Giza, take up the Giza Holiday Packages that are offered to travelers. Giza Packages available under Dook International are the best considering the price, comfort and safety factors. They offer all-inclusive packages that include pick-up rides from the airport to dropping-off at the end of the trip, accommodation, recommendations to the best restaurants and cafes in the city, sightseeing experiences, and many more. Dook International has offered satisfactory services to over 5 lakhs travelers all over the world. Their customizable Giza Tour Packages from India are in the most demand. Serving adventure-filled experiences to over 500 destinations, Dook International wishes you a safe and ecstatic trip to Giza!

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