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Celebrate A New Experience After Dark With Nightlife in Serbia

Serbia is synonymous with nightlife. It is well known for its all-night carouse; wherever you go, you will see people are out on all nights of the week. What’s exciting about Serbia is that the night outs are not dictated by weekends but by events and circumstances. The variety of clubs, bars and night venues is unmatched in Serbia and you will certainly find what you are looking for in here. Every night the irresistible spirit is evoked by Serbia Nightlife and its countless bars and clubs.

The night is yours not only on Fridays or the weekend but it’s yours every day! The nightclubs in Serbia are the meeting places where people have fun, dancing, drinking, eating and enjoying the music. Most of the venues are located in Belgrade, but there are also other major cities where you can cruise around their nightclubs. The mainstream clubbing places consist of venues playing tech house, progressive trance, house music and turbo-folk. However, you can also find places playing rock, trace, pop, jazz, and many other kinds of genres. Along with these, Serbia is known to be the land of Exit festival and Guca brass festival producing numerous sounds.

Explore Some of the Best Serbia Night Clubs and Bars
Serbia is developing for being a hard-partying spot and it’s also getting the name of “New Berlin” by its crazy nightlife. The clubs and discos are always crowded which brings a vibrant and ever-changing nightlife. The country boasts of its cheap drink in almost all the bars as compared to most of the Balkan Countries. There are several bars, casinos, clubs and its’ very nice to spend a great party night in some of the best bars in downtown and floating disco bar. The number of clubs is also growing daily with music ranging from techno to reggae to hip-hop etc. Serbia nightclubs also have some interesting floating river clubs along the Danube and Sava, Ada Ciganlija and few other cafes, bars and restaurants always filled with cheerful people and lively music.

Serbia never lacks in places to go for nightlife as there’s always something special for you to have fun. Whether, it’s just chilling out, eating, watching live musical artists, cultural shows, theatres or party places, the true sensations of Serbia are waiting for you.

Go and Surprise Yourself with Nightlife in Belgrade
Don’t wait for surprises only on the weekends, explore Belgrade nightlife every night. It’s the capital city of Serbia has some of the best and beautiful crowd- a mixed crowd of young and old ones. With so many choices of the late-night places, it can be quite overwhelming for you to pick up what you like, and that’s because everything at night is amazing in Belgrade.

Belgrade is considered to be one of the best party destinations in the world. It has a growing nightlife scene and everyone is ready to party all the time, drink, eat and dance the night away. Belgrader’s have experienced a lot of turmoil and hardships and they take fun seriously and enjoy every minute of their just living life to the fullest. While you are here don’t resist the temptation to stay home while you know there are countless clubs out there full of cheerful people and lively music waiting for you to join and experience Belgrade’s nightlife. You get to see and experience the most renowned local and global Dj’s spinning in the clubs some of the best house music, electric funk and many others.

Dance and Drink Away in the Best of Belgrade Night Clubs and Bars    

Whether you are in Belgrade during the summer or winter time, the clubs are always open. The city doesn’t stop partying all year, and it doesn’t matter whether it's too cold or too warm, Belgrade just keeps partying. In the summer time, the party moves to the rivers where summer nightclubs have their jam on the nights of May. They are celebrated in big, open-air boats and rafts which are redesigned into amazing discotheques. Some of the most popular ones are those on the Sava River, starting from the Brankov Bridge to the point where the Sava meets the Danube which is one of the longest rivers in Europe. Winter Belgrade Nightlife happens in downtown in the best nightclubs of the capital city.

If you looking for some of the best night clubs and bars in Belgrade, get ready to put on your dancing shoes as the crazy parties are waiting for you. For summer clubs, you can visit the Freestyler, Moneyclub, Hotmess, Leto Club, Shake N Shake, River Club etc. As for winter season, you can visit Hype club, The bank, Bankow, Mr Stefan Braun etc.

Experience the Best of Nightlife with Serbia Nightlife Tour

To get a better experience of the nightlife in Belgrade, it’s always a good choice to take a Serbia Nightlife Tour. Whether you want to visit posh cafes, restaurants, bars or even underground clubs, you can enjoy them all in the night with cost-effective nightlife tours.