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Enjoy the Electrifying Romania Nightlife
Romania is one of the less-traveled places of Eastern European countries, but one of the favorite things travelers come to Romania....the nightlife! The city comes alive by parting hard and party for less. As it is still unspoiled, you can take advantage and experience the great nightlife in Romania.
Unlike the Brits or Americans, Romanians have a different drinking culture and they party hard all night long. Most of the nightclubs and bars do not kick off until late midnight, and they stay open till there’s not one last dancing person in the club or bar.
People in Romania party and enjoy wholeheartedly without having to be in time limits. Most places usually have a policy to shut down nightclubs and bars early because it is a family destination etc, but not in Romania. It is a party destination that you will only find fun in its nightlife and its one hell of an experience to enjoy and party the night away in Romania. The country has a growing number of nightclubs offering the best nightclubs, discotheques, and pubs to give you an unforgettable nightlife until dawn.
Romania Night Clubs and Bars

When the sun sets, Romania brings out its outrageous nightlife fun and parties for night owls. With the growing number of bars and nightclubs, it is hard to keep track of how many are there across the country. The party trails in downtown or large dance clubs offering all kinds of entertainment.
Whether you are looking for a dance night club, hip hop clubs, jazz acts or even ballroom dancing, Romania is ready to serve you with the best of its nightlife. The clubs and bars come in all budgets, and though most of the tourist places are slightly higher than the rest. However, you will be spoiled the joyful spirits of the crowd and the performers.
For an adult wild night’s experience, the Buddhist Exotic Cigars Club is undoubtedly the place to give you an unforgettable night.
You can either pick a bar of your musical taste, bound, and vintage is a popular club with youngsters. The club plays the latest range of music and the crowd id crazy as it’s full of young blood. Sometimes, you might find some celebrities hanging out here too. There are uncountable clubs and pubs you will always find in and around the alley, city center of the country.
What makes Nightlife in Bucharest Lively?
Bucharest is a vibrant city; the party scene is powerful with plenty of bars and clubs open to party people. The city, which was once a center of the history’s most communist regime, is now transformed into a colorful one.
The energetic Bucharest Nightlife offers a multitude of opportunities for leisure and entertainment. The best thing about Bucharest is that it has no license hours, so the nightlife runs deep at night till dawn. Bucharest is far different from other city centers, and it’s just getting on being a city. Along with the rapid pace of street and buildings giving way to a capitalist future, modern bars and clubs are also springing their way throughout the city.
With East and West clashing history and collision between the Middle East and the Balkans, Bucharest brings the best to enjoy your nightlife with the best of its food and drinks. Bucharest is open to all and available for all budgets, bars, clubs, and restaurants are of standard price. Though the city remains alive on all weekdays, but it’s on fire on the weekends. It’s growing into a hub for new generations with bars and clubs popping up everywhere, you wouldn’t want to miss the night in this city.
Visit the Best of Bucharest Night Clubs and Bars
Many of the great pubs and clubs in Bucharest open till dawn crowded with party people. Most of the city’s nightlife scene is found in old town, it is filled with bars, clubs, pubs, cafes, and restaurants. They are all housed in grand buildings. You will find locals and tourists enjoying some social drinking with less spending. Beer, Vodka and even a glass of wine is cheap because they enjoy the drinking culture by one and all in this city.

Some top places to party in Bucharest are the player club, it is one of the most popular clubs in Bucharest and it hosts great performances by world-known artist. Summer is great here as they have thrilling but unique pool parties to have a great time.
If you love concerts, the Control Club hosts several local and international ones; it has a great terrace and great for summer.
In the old town, there’s an alcohol station known as Shoteria Bar which offers a wide variety of shots and cure from the intoxication at the rehab station of the bar.

Nomad Skybar as the name suggests will take your sky high with the food and drinks it offers from all over the world. If you just want to chill out with your friends with some nice ambiance, music, good food and drinks, this is the place you should drop by!

If you are into karaoke night, the Mojo Music club hosts such entertainment every night of the week. It offers great drinks, services, entertainment, fun and also has a sports bar as an extra addition.

There are also great places to  party outside of Bucharest, Craiova, Brasov, Mamaia, Cluj- Napoca, etc has an influx rate of students popular for their techno and funky music scene
Explore Bucharest Romania Nightlife at its Best

Romania is a country less explored yet it has so much to offer to its visitors, especially its nightlife. So if you are planning to visit this exotic country, opt for Romania Tour Package. You can get a hassle-free travel experience, and we are glad to help you with all your needs and requirements for your travels to Romania. We at Dook International can guide, assist and provide you with Romania travel and its packages!

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