Kow Ata, Ashgabat (Turkmenistan)

It is a natural underground lake. The name translated from Turkmen means father of caves. Located 100 kilometers from Ashgabat. The water temperature is from 33 to 38 C all year round.at a depth of 55m from the cave entrance is the underground lake. With a length of 70m and a depth of 10m or more the lake is known for the warm temperature of its water.The water also has a high mineral content prompting both claims about the health-giving properties of a swim and warnings that bathers should not stay in the water for too long. But the sulphurous smell from the lake coupled with the half- sensed presence of bats overhead also gives the place something of an underworld quality. The climb back towards the growing patch of light at the cave entrance can feel like the ascent towards salvation. Or at least towards a world less pungent.

Kow Ata Turkmenistan
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