DJuma Mosque, Khiva (Uzbekistan)

Djuma (Friday) mosque in the center of Ichan-kala. It was erected at the end of the eighteenth century over the ruins of previous construction. This is an original building without portals and cupolas without galleries and yards. It is 55x46 m. One can enter the mosque from four sides. From the northern facade facing the one of the main streets of the city the mosque faces a minaret 52 m. high.The building is fenced with brick walls. The interior space is a single hall the flat ceiling of which is supported by 215 wooden pillars.Small openings were made in the ceiling for light and ventilation of the hall.The interior is simply plastered. Spaces between the windows are painted in black and red colors trees bushes and irises are realistically represented symbolizing the wish of peace and tranquil in the monumental and decorative art of Central Asia.

Khiva Uzbekistan
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