Toshhovli Palace, Khiva (Uzbekistan)

the palace Tash-Khovli (stone country-estate) was built in the eastern part of the inner city. This complex of a building with three yards has rectangular plan in the southern part are the receiving yard Arz-Khovli and a yard for entertainment Ishrat-Khovli. The northern part is occupied by a harem. Labyrinths of corridors join the yards and buildings. The brothers and relatives of the khan lived in the palace. The two gates face the west and south. All the constructions were built from the high quality bricks. The fencing walls of the palace end up with figured cogs. From the flatness of the wall the high well-portioned towers stand out.Around the southern part of the square yards high single-pillar aivans are built with main houses behind them. On the other sides are the rooms for guests with small aivans on the second floor. Five excellent aivans come one after another in the harern. They are open to meet the northern winds. Two rooms were built behind the aivans through a main majolica entrance with a painted ceiling. They are simply decorated dwellings.Outside facades are not faced but the walls of the yards are separated into separate panels and decorated with majolica of a carpet pattern

Tash Khovli Palace Khiva Uzbekistan
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