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Oman Tour Packages

Explore Oman with DOOK

Oman: The hidden gem of Middle East

Experience Arabian Nights with Dook’s Oman Tour  Packages

The Sultanate of Oman is regarded as a hidden gem near the Arabian Peninsula's tip. Oman is a unique blend of ancient history and modern living. A destination where you may spend the morning exploring a traditional souq and the evening seeing a world-class show at the famed Royal Opera House Muscat.

The hospitality of the Omani people contributes significantly to the Sultanate's particular appeal. When travelling across the nation, travellers are frequently welcomed for Omani coffee and dates by locals. Dook Travels’ Oman Tour Packages have lots to offer to the travellers searching for a unique holiday experience. Hiking, scuba diving, fishing, kitesurfing and caving are just a few available activities. Oman's diversified beauty is evident in every area of the nation. It starts from steep mountains and deep gorges to water-filled wadis, countless beaches and some of the world's most spectacular desert landscapes.

Even when summer temperatures in the rest of the area soar, Dhofar and the mountain summits of the Al Hajar range in the Sultanate enjoy lower temperatures. These ideal climatic conditions make it a unique destination for tourists around the world. Though there is little religious diversity here, yet you can enjoy a wide range of serene landscapes on your Oman Tour. The emerald beaches, the rich Arab history in the historic forts, the lush green mountains, distinctive animals and boundless deserts will provide an Arabian trip unlike any other on the Gulf Coast. Local bazaars or souks are loaded with handicrafts and Oman's most renowned commodity, frankincense. Kind-hearted, friendly, and law-abiding people combine to make this country a must-to-see destination.

If you are interested in going on an eventful Oman tour and witnessing the magnificent beauty and history Oman has to offer, you are at the right place. With Dook's best Oman Holiday Packages, experience Oman like never before.

General Information for your Oman Tour:

Capital: Muscat
Languages: Arabic
Currency: Omani Rial
Driving Side: Right
Best time to travel: October to March

Explore Oman

Oman is a nation out on the renowned Arabian Nights tale. It's easy to understand how this section of Arabia inspired the ancient authors. Omani-style buildings and exotic vistas of crystal clear fjords, golden dunes, picturesque wadis and rocky red cliffs are few to mention. Muscat is a contemporary metropolis trapped in the past with its century-old Muttrah Souq market. Its ornate Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, and Portuguese-commissioned Al Jalali Fort, embody the sultanate's old-world charm. With our Oman Tour Packages, extend your journey to Nizwa, the historic capital, where 17th-century structures and heritage sites tower tall among the palm oasis.

When it comes to adventure, Oman offers lot of options. From the world's largest underground chambers to coral reefs or just camping beneath the stars, the country provides diverse experiences. The terrain of Oman also has an impact on the adventure sports available. Off-roading is one of the numerous thrills available in Oman. For adventurers, the nation has several unique preferences. Oman has something for everyone, whether dune bashing in the desert or exploring a wadi. The Wadi Bani Awf and the Jebel Shams are among the many picturesque wadis. However, it is best to go on a guided tour with an expert driver with Dook’s Oman Packages.

Below is a list of destinations which are a must-to-have in your Oman Packages:

1. Muscat: The City of Islamic Architecture

Everyone in their Oman Tour has a stop in the country's capital city in their itineraries. Muscat, situated in the Gulf of Oman, is tucked between mountains and deserts. It is home to the beautiful Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace, the twin forts of Al Jalali and Al Mirani and the unique Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, which has marble panels and the world's second-largest Persian carpet. In addition to its many beautiful mosques and old buildings, Muscat is known for its beaches. You must visit Shatti Al Qurum and Sifah Beach for some much-needed leisure. The Muscat Festival takes place between January and February. The festival will blow you away with a massive fair with circus acts, theatre productions, camel races, educational programmes, competitions, and much more. As the only Gulf city that has managed to keep its cultural significance and Bedouin ambience, the Islamic architecture makes this city one of the top tourist destinations in Oman and a must-have in your Oman Tour Packages.

2. Wahiba Sands: The Land of the Nomadic culture

At Wahiba Sands, also known as Sharqiya Sands, you will experience the best that the Middle East offers. Thanks to its expansive dunes and golden hues. This part of the desert is home to the Bedu people, and tourists can learn about traditional nomadic Omani culture. As the sun goes down, the dunes take on a tint between bright yellow and coppery orange, displaying one of nature's most beautiful scenarios. Sand sports, dune running, camping overnight, hiking, and many other activities can be enjoyed here with your Oman Holiday Packages.

3. Masirah Island: The land of the Turtles

Masirah Island is an excellent choice for those looking for a more quiet and personal setting on their Oman Tour. Some of the most magnificent tourist attractions in the region may be found on the island. Masirah, also known for its watersports, turtles, wildlife, and historical monuments, is home to the Omani airfield. Every year, over 30,000 turtles make their way to the coast during the beginning of the hatching season. On the opposite side, there is a port where you may see abandoned shipwrecks. This place looks like the perfect small town between high mountains and a calm coast. There are lot of appealing little cottages and stores and it would be a great place to refresh with Dook's Oman Packages.

Top Bucket List Experiences in Oman

1. Discover Omani History and Culture at Nizwa

Nizwa, located in the Ad Dakhiliyah area of northern Oman, is a historic city known as "The Pearl of Islam". It is another must-to-have in your Oman Tour Packages. Nizwa served as the capital of Oman throughout the 6th and 7th centuries after it was first founded. You can see famous places like the Nizwa fort, built in the 1600s. Another appealing destination is Jebel Akhdar Mountain. From the top of the mountain, you can see the entire city beautifully spread out below in the form of prominent monuments, ancient ruins, banana plantations, and date palms. Nizwa used to have a thriving academic community and a flourishing business, arts and cultural scene. The city has managed to preserve the aesthetic and antique allure of its past.

2. Experience nature at its best at Musandam Fjords

As an excellent consequence of geological changes and tectonic plate movements, Musandam is a beautiful wonder that offers a heavenly refuge to all nature lovers. Sitting aboard a dhow, a traditional Omani boat, you may see dolphins and cliffs and the meeting of the pristine blue seas with Arabian and Iranian culture on your Oman Tour. Due to its clean waters, an abundance of marine life, and fossils, Musandam is great for scuba diving enthusiasts. With a height of about 2000 meters, Jebel Harim is the highest peak you can visit in Oman. Paragliding or parasailing above Zighy Bay will be right up your alley if you want a fantastic bird's-eye view. Musandam is located east of the UAE and is connected to the rest of the nation by a narrow stretch of land.

3. Witness unforgettable Khareef Festival at Salalah

Salalah is noted for its unique, attractive features and has been home to Sultan Qaboos, Oman's reigning ruler, since 1970. You can view towering mountains and explore the lush green forest and pristine beaches, perfect for snorkelling. With its historic buildings and marketplaces, Haffa, the old town, has a lot to offer. Khareef, Salalah's celebrated monsoon celebration, is well recognised globally. The city transforms into a tranquil sanctuary from mid-July to late August as the rain showers offer a welcome break from the Middle Eastern weather. The lively, artistic, and cultural components of the Khareef festival are well-known. As Salalah is one of the leading cities in Oman, there is a wide variety of famous Omani cuisine, music, traditional clothing stalls, international programmes and many more in our Oman Holiday Packages.

4. Experience the Heavenly Cuisine of Oman

Omani cuisine is a delightful combination of spices, marinades, and herbs with influences from Indian, Persian, North African, and Mediterranean cuisines. Dook's Oman Tour Packages from India will ensure you experience this delightful cuisine. Chicken, lamb, and rice are all favourites here, seasoned with saffron, ginger, and nutmeg for an unforgettable flavour. All types of fish are devoured due to its vast coastline bordering the Arabian Sea, and a shark is a delicacy. Majboos, also known as Kabsa, is a must-try. This meal consists of saffron rice served with hot red or white meat. It is typically served at formal occasions such as weddings and engagements. Mashuai is another delicious meal that must be tried. It's made with roasted kingfish and savoury lemon rice. Try authentic local dishes with our Oman Holiday Packages, mainly dates, shawarma, halwa, and kawa. You should also pick a traditional restaurant that serves Omani cuisine and brings the country's culture and flavours to your table. A traditional restaurant will make your meal an unforgettable and unique experience on your Oman Tour.

5. Shop and take home Omani Tradition

All around Oman, you can find genuine handcrafted goods that reflect Omani culture and heritage. From traditional cooking pots to beautiful jewellery. If you go to Oman and don't bring back any beautiful native handicrafts as souvenirs, you will regret it. With Dook’s Oman Packages, enjoy the complete shopping experience. Omani Mandoo is a type of high-quality wooden chest that comes in different sizes and shapes and is often decorated with carvings and writings. It's a common place for people to keep their clothing, jewellery and even perishables in the Mandoo. There is an abundance of palms and dates that you can purchase on your Oman Tour. Baskets and other handicrafts made from palm leaves are used to store dates and grains, prepare meat and complete date honey, among other things. The silverwork, crafts and clothes of the Sultanate of Oman are also internationally well-known.

6. Stargaze in the Pristine town of Bidiya

Enjoy several unique experiences with our Oman Tour Packages from India. Some of these experiences are, diving in the breath-taking Bimmah Sinkhole, viewing Majlis Al Jinn, often known as "the gathering place of spirits," seeing the inhabited cave Al Hootah, and staying the night in the historic Omani town Misfat Al Abriyeen. However, stargazing can be one among the most surreal experiences on your Oman Tour. The Sultanate of Oman is renowned for having some fantastic stargazing spots. Starting at 2000 meters above sea level, the night sky is well visible without any construction barriers and most of the hotels have telescopes available for guests to use. Another fantastic spot for stargazing is the town of Bidiya, notably in the Ash Sharqiyah area. Due to its remote location and low humidity, the golden desert is a fantastic area to camp and view the stars. The Milky Way is visible from here, as well as Mars if you have a telescope.

It's time to pack your bags and enjoy the beauty of Oman with Dook International

Oman is a hidden gem of Middle East. On your Oman Tour, visit lively cities with incredible Islamic Architecture, indulge in Omani cuisine, explore nature and enjoy the company of turtles, stargaze at the immense beauty of the galaxy and many more! With our Oman Tour Packages from India, you will discover every hidden beauty and mystery of this beautiful country. Plan your holiday to Oman with Dook International and have new, unforgettable experiences with your friends and families while we care for the rest.