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Kazakhstan - An Amazing Offbeat Escape For Explorers

At first, traveling to Kazakhstan may seem weird to you but it is a land of wanderers with futuristic cities, dramatic landscapes, and friendly locals. Hugged by Russia on the North and China to the East, Kazakhstan is situated in Central Asia. It is the ninth largest country in the world. Due to its abundant reserves of oil and most valuable minerals, it is the most economically advanced of the stans which means better standards of accommodation, transportation facilities, and restaurants. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit this country when the temperature remains moderate.

Almaty and Astana are the main players as far as cities of this country are concerned. Packed with ultra-modern buildings, Soviet-era architecture, worthwhile sights, boating rivers, beach resorts, these cities are worth visiting. Almaty is the largest and Astana is the second largest city of Kazakhstan which is also its capital since 1998. Equipped with the most advanced banking system in Central Asia, the currency exchanges in this country are well-developed so it is super-easy to exchange US dollars, Euros, and Russian rubles in airports, banks, and exchange offices. It has ten nature reserves and ten national parks providing safe haven to many endangered and rare plants like wild apple, wild grapes, and animals like snow leopards, red fox, etc. This place is heaven for non-vegetarians as its cuisine Kazakh is traditionally focused on mutton and horse meat. Apart from this, some very famous dishes include Beshbarmak, which means five fingers, a combination of finely chopped boiled meat and noodles, Shashlik which consists of meat cubes skewed with some vegetables, Kazy which is a traditional sausage-like food, manti dumplings made from ground lamb, and many more. The national drink of Kazakhstan is horse milk. One of the premier tourist attractions of this country is the former home of the famous writer and novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky which is situated in Semey, near the border with Russia. Horse riding is a major part of Kazakh culture so if you love horse riding, this place is just perfect for you.

Make Your Group Tour Stress-free with The Most Trusted Kazakhstan Tour Operator

Gathering all the knowledge about any country or city you are planning to explore will not make you a savvy traveler. There are various things on which you can’t have a control just by surfing through different web pages. Travel arrangements, itinerary, transport facilities, finding accommodations, unrealistic expectations, unknown language, and people, unacquainted places, are some of the many factors which are responsible in one way or another for lowering the fun part in your vacations. Knowledge is no doubt a valuable asset but experience matters. In the absence of practical experience, your knowledge, planning, arrangements, and preparations cannot be strengthened. If you are thinking about how can you have experience of that place which you are about to explore then here comes the role of a Destination Management Company or DMC. Providing all necessary services including hotel accommodation, restaurants, Visa support, transportation, conferences, events, logistics, and many others efficiently and cost-effectively, a DMC will make your tour stress free and happy go lucky. Dook International is one of the Leading Tour Operators in India for CIS Countries which is well known for providing the Best Kazakhstan Group Tours.

Why Dook is the Most-Renowned DMC for Kazakhstan Group Tours?

One of the most important factors which make us the best in the travel industry is our team of experienced professionals who have immense knowledge regarding the cultures, languages, history, places, people, transportation, and all minor to major things of Kazakhstan. Another significant feature of our offered services is cost-effectiveness. We offer best-in-class tours including Almaty Group Tours and Astana Group Tours under your budget. Ensuring leisure travel arrangements, productive business conferences or meetings, best accommodations, best transportation, luxury personal grooming services, wellness getaways, and enriching cultural tours, our professionals take an individual approach to each and every client. We design your tour as per your needs, choices, and tastes. Our multilingual assistance is an additional strength which can make your tour unforgettable and streamlined. In addition, business travelers can keep corporate delegations aside as our team will manage their arrivals, venue site selections, translations, guides, and dining venues as well. We are well-versed with proper planning and efficient management. Our vision is to make your tour smooth, productive, and without any hurdles. Our premium services and updated Group Tours have made us a Leading Kazakhstan DMC.

If you are also just busy gathering information to make your next trip wonderful and full of life then stop and think what’s missing. It’s the experience which we can offer you at affordable rates. We are the Best B2B Tour Operator for Kazakhstan with a wide array of the satisfied customer base. So, you can count on us without giving a second thought.