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Top Perth Tour Packages

Perth is one of the most interesting cities to visit as it has a unique blend of laid-back beach atmosphere and the hustle and bustle of any major city. It is the largest city in Western Australia and its most important central hub. There is plenty to do and it is hugely popular among both tourists and locals. Dook International offers a variety of Perth Holiday Packages to make sure that Perth Tour is as easy as possible. Prebook one of our Perth Packages ahead of time this holiday season and pay for it after, to have the most fun, stress-free holiday ever!

Things to know about Perth (Australia) Perth

Interestingly, Perth is named after the city of Perth in Scotland. However, over the years, the one in Australia has taken over in terms of popularity and this is now a little-known fact! On your Perth Tour, you’ll be able to see all the sprawling landscapes that Perth is known for. There are also plenty of historical neighbourhoods that have a lot of lore behind them. It is not just an idyllic city, it is widely known for its festivals and huge, epic events!

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Experiences in Perth

When you book one of our Perth Tour Packages, you will get to experience Perth in all its beauty. You can relax on one of many of Perth’s pristine white-sand beaches, or you can go into the city and lose yourself in the craziness of the metropolis. Perth truly offers you the best of both worlds and you will certainly not have a dull moment on your holiday. It’s a great city for artisans, as it has several beautiful galleries and museums, curated to perfection.

Top Attractions in Perth

Experience Perth's laid-back enchantment by booking one of Dook’s Perth Tour Packages with a Swan River cruise, a drink at dusk on Cottlesloe Beach, or live music in inner-city neighbourhoods. Travel to the historic Fremantle while strolling through Kings Park. Spend the day exploring the hidden bays of Rottnest Island by swimming, biking and catching rock lobster. There are more than enough beaches to explore, so you can soak up the sun at a different location every day of your trip if you’d like to!

Plan A Trip To Perth

Perth offers a wide variety of activities. Despite being a bustling city, it also exudes a relaxed vibe thanks to all the amiable residents. It may seem overwhelming to plan your Perth Tour, but Dook International offers a variety of Perth Holiday Packages that can make your trip fully stress-free and simple to handle. Check out the unique dichotomy that Perth has to offer this holiday season!

Best Travel Experiences in Perth

Perth is the perfect place to explore the region and get a glimpse of authentic Australia. One of Perth's top tourist destinations is Kings Park, one of the biggest urban parks in the entire globe. The park contains native bushland that is home to hundreds of native plant species and about 80 different bird species. In addition to providing you with stunning city views, it also has all the amenities you need to spend a pleasant day resting with friends and family. Kings Park is a wonderful location for sightseeing, picnics, walking, cycling, gatherings with friends and taking in the breath-taking views over the city. It also features several open parkland spaces, viewpoint spots, the State War Memorial and statues. When you use one of our Perth Tour Packages, you too will get to experience all the incredible views in person!

When visiting Perth, it is highly recommended that you take a ferry to Rottnest Island. Beautiful white sand beaches with clear bays are available here for swimming, snorkelling, tanning, and picnics with stunning views. This is a great stop on your Perth Tour, and it is an absolute must see for everyone, especially those looking to kick back and relax on their holiday.

Certainly, one of the most important parts of a holiday in Perth would be exploring all the various beaches. If you need guidance on choosing the best beaches, make sure to book one of our Perth Holiday Packages! Cottlestoe Beach is by far the most popular beach there, and it is a picture perfect one at that. It has perfectly aquamarine seas with an untouched white-sand beach, and it is charming. It has a fun, summery vibe to it along with plenty of décor to get you in the mood to party!

For those who are nature lovers, take a visit to the Perth Zoo, that is only 5 minutes away from the city centre. Perth Zoo gives visitors the chance to view animals up close and in their natural habitats. The Australian Walkabout exhibit at the Perth Zoo features kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, dingoes, reptiles, and wetland and rainforest creatures. Perth Zoo also features the Asian rainforest, the African savanna, the Nocturnal House, and the World of Birds. If you would like to see the flora and fauna of Australia, don’t forget to book one of Dook International’s Perth Tour Packages before your holiday!

Top Things to Do in Perth

By booking one of Dook’s Perth Packages, you will get to see that Perth has two sides to the same city. Despite its relaxed atmosphere, it has one of the vibrant arts cultures in the world, with several places where one can indulge in being a patron of the arts.

The Art Gallery of Western Australia hosts the renowned State Art Collection and holds the largest visual art exhibitions in the state. More than 18,000 pieces dating from the 1800s to the present are included in the museum's collection. Discover captivating sculptures from the 20th century, Aboriginal art, and a changing collection of modern paintings on your Perth Tour!

If you’re looking to catch a good show after using one of our Perth Packages, the Perth Theatre Trust manages a variety of venues in the city's cultural heart. From the baroque-style His Majesty's Theatre to the contemporary glitz of the State Theatre Centre, each theatre has its own personality and community. There's always something spectacular to see, whether it's a comedy show, dance performance, or even a circus act, at locations across the city.

When you want to do something slightly more off the beaten path, try out Perth Observatory. It is Western Australia’s oldest and most elaborate observatory. You would be absolutely amazed by the views in the sky, ranging from glittery stars to nebulae and planetary bodies. There are also great opportunities to learn about space and the sky if you are travelling with kids on your Perth Tour.

Best Places to Eat & Drink in Perth

Perth has a great food culture, and they take their gastronomy very seriously here. You can find just about anything, and there is a mix of foods from different cultures. When using one of our Perth Tour Packages, you would be close to all the great eateries in the city. If you’re looking for a good, honest breakfast, check out Beaches Café. Everything from their tuna niçoise salad to the poached eggs on olive bread dusted with herbed feta is guaranteed to leave you wanting more, even after you've done, whether you're there for brunch or a whole breakfast. With such a breath-taking view of Cottesloe Beach, whether you choose to stay in shape with their acai bowl or indulge with a slice of orange and almond cake, you can't go wrong!

To discover one of the most popular dessert spots in all of Australia, visit Chocolateria San Churro. Perth may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of churros, but this place absolutely nails it with their perfect fried, cinnamon flavoured goodness. If you’re in the vicinity, make sure to stop by for a bite because you will not be disappointed. Book one of our Perth Holiday Packages if you don’t want to miss out on this world-famous dessert!

Best Shopping Places in Perth

Your Perth Tour would be incomplete without shopping and buying souvenirs for yourself and loved ones back home! Once you've had your fill of sightseeing, going shopping in Perth can be a lot of fun. Perth has several unique stores that you won't find anywhere else in the globe in addition to its upscale malls. You will have a pleasure shopping in Perth, whether you are seeking for high-end stores or searching for Aboriginal art.

Why Travel to Perth?

It is just impossible to not find something in Perth that would suit your unique interests because the city offers such a wide variety of experiences and things to do. It is a city with a wonderful balance of urban activity and unhurried leisure. The Perth Tour Packages from Dook International are a fantastic way to explore the city conveniently!

Best Travel Tips for Travelers

Australia is home to numerous cities, but few offer the distinctive, memorable vibe that Perth has. Along with a wide selection of lodging, dining options and other amenities, there is a good deal to do here. Hence, it makes sense that making a complete trip plan can be a little confusing. Dook International's Perth Holiday Packages have you covered if this is your first-time visiting Perth. To guarantee you have a trouble-free vacation, reserve one of our Perth Packages in advance.

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