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Top Oudtshoorn Tour Packages

In the Klein Karoo area of South Africa’s Western Cape, situated a town, Oudtshoorn. It is located in between the Cango Wildlife Ranch, a conservation park offering animal petting, Lemur Falls and the Swartberg Mountains. We, at Dook Travels, formed well planned Oudtshoorn Tour Packages, help travellers to watch cheetahs, ostriches, crocodiles and lemurs. These vacation packages cater to every travelling variety. No matter which category tourist you fall—whether you prefer relaxing, sightseeing, or both—we have designed Oudtshoorn Packages for your every preferences. Our extensive selection of Oudtshoorn holiday packages are available whether you are on a trip with family or friends. Your one-stop shop for all your vacation package requirements is Dook International. Every visitor's demands and preferences are considered while creating Dook Customised Oudtshoorn Packages. If you need help planning your Oudtshoorn trip, browse our extensive tour packages to find the finest possibilities.

Things to Know About Oudtshoorn (South Africa) Oudtshoorn

Oudtshoorn, the world’s ostrich capital is pronounced as "Oudt-shorn." It is a well-known location for raising ostriches. The town of Oudtshoorn was founded as an ostrich farming area. Women of higher class are believed to have spent more money on ostrich feathers than gold in the late 1800s, which led to the growth and importance of the town of Oudtshoorn. Today, travellers from the surrounding Garden Route tour a lot to Oudtshoorn. The Cango Caverns, the best caves in the nation, are one of the key attractions in addition to the ostrich farms. There are several recognised and hidden rooms in the 20 million-year-old caverns. The tourists may choose between the two available activities—the history tour or the more challenging adventurous tour that explores more intimate secret rooms. One hour's drive takes you from the "Garden Route" to Oudtshoorn.

Even though going there is seen as a minor detour from the well-known Garden, one would not want to miss the unique experiences and climate that are only a short distance from one of the most well-known travel routes in the nation. The climate of Oudtshoorn is semi-arid and vegetation is not adequate there. It is strikingly contrasted to George Town, which is only an hour south along the Garden Route, where scorching summers and frigid winters prevail. Visit Oudtshoorn and enjoy its splendour between March and May and again in September and December.

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Experiences in Oudtshoorn

Grab your favourite Oudtshoorn packages from Dook International at the best prices because you can experience several activities and fantastic places in Oudtshoorn in addition to ostrich viewing. In the town of Oudtshoorn, there are several farms and ranches and ostrich sanctuaries and conservation facilities provide handy day trips for anyone seeking some time away from the city. The hamlet is the beginning of Route 62, a beautiful road connecting several wine farms and historic towns. While on vacation in Oudtshoorn, you may take day trips along the Garden Route, savour wines from the Little Karoo area and take in the picturesque countryside surroundings. It is a perfect place to experience wildlife, nature and adventure with family, friends, or kids.

Top Attractions in Oudtshoorn

Racing ostriches, diving with crocodiles, crawling down the Devil's Chimney and driving over one of South Africa's most beautiful mountain passes are some of the foremost activities to enjoy in Oudtshoorn. The Western Cape province of South Africa's Oudtshoorn is home to several odd attractions. The Klein Karoo, a semi-arid region in the interior, is best explored from the Karoo town, located in the foothills of the Swartberg Mountains. Ostriches will overtake you in this world’s ostrich capital. Visit one of the "Volstruis Paleis," or ostrich palaces, the houses of the ostrich feather barons who once thrived here, attend an ostrich derby, have some ostrich-neck stew (it tastes better than it sounds) at one of the town's many good restaurants. Most of these ornate Victorian homes have subsequently been transformed into hotels or eateries.

Plan A Trip To Oudtshoorn

Visit the ostrich capital and experience many more adventures than it does: contact Dook International to plan a perfect Oudtshoorn Tour

The Cango Caves, found in limestone from the Precambrian period, is one of the most popular sights close to Oudtshoorn. Numerous travellers from throughout the world come to see this cave. The interior is relatively dark, hence best to carry torch lights before going inside.

The cave was unearthed in the 1700s and came to light in 1930 when archaeologists studied there and discovered relics and other cultural stuff, making it even more intriguing. In this cave, you must exit the chambers. Regular tours are offered for the Cango Caves. The "Standard Tour," which lasts an hour and the "Adventure Tour," which lasts half-hour, are two different sorts of Dook Travels’ Oudtshoorn Holiday Packages. The trips enable you to experience the location by climbing up the jagged rocks and crawling along predetermined trails.
The excursion in the bush, an elephant feeding and a lion encounter. You can experience a bush safari, see meerkats awaken from their nap and enjoy the sun, or learn about cheetahs in their native habitat at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge. Take a game drive and you may witness giraffes defending their territory and young hippos swimming. If you go farther, you may see lions tearing apart the food offered to them. Jabari, Bulelo and Malaika, the three orphaned elephants, whom the resort has also adopted, aren't afraid to steal a mouthful from you when you get to feed them. With their large, thorny trunks and kind demeanour, these gentle giants provide hugs.
Kids may enjoy camel rides, water slides, ziplines and many more. Families will love Wilgewandel Holiday Farm especially the kids enjoy it to the maximum after the exhausting journey to Oudtshoorn. There are ziplines, water slides and camel rides, among others. The farm, 2 kilometres from the Cango Caves, also provides lodging and home-cooked meals after a long activity-filled day.
The Klein Karoo's Rust en Vrede Waterfall is located 18 kilometres from Oudtshoorn. "Rest and peace" is what Rust-en-Vrede signifies. Numerous amenities are visible outside this waterfall, including a braai (barbeque) and several picnic areas at the entrance. People must pay a little entry fee. One of the natural beauties of Oudtshoorn is encouraged here for people to preserve and admire. You may traverse little bridges and see the clear water flowing directly from the mountains. Dook promises to provide you exceptional experiences and memories with their outstanding Oudtshoorn packages.

Southern Cape Premium Wine and Craft Brewery are owned by the family-owned company Karusa. The winery's Cap Classique and wines in the Mediterranean style are well-known. Excellent white and red wine mixes, artisan brews and freshly harvested fruits are available at the Karusa winery. There are certain prices associated with tasting their great wine, but tasting is free if you purchase it.
The Swartberg Mountains, often known as Black Mountain in Afrikaans, are a mountain range in South Africa's Western Cape. Most of the mountains in the Western Cape are up to 2,000 metres tall, with the Swartberg Mountains being the highest. There are currently three ways through the mountains, which were long thought impenetrable. Between 1881 and 1888, Swartberg pass was constructed and now, much of Swartberg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It would be best if you come here to see the breath-taking scenery.
Charles Bullock constructed the sandstone, clock-tower-adorned CP Nel Museum in 1906. The greatest small-town museums in South Africa are known for being housed in this distinctive structure. This museum's primary area of interest is the ostrich industry with a particular emphasis on the 1900–1914 ostrich feather boom. The cost of admission varies, however, visiting the site is necessary to learn more about Oudtshoorn's past.
Check out the Mooiplaas Ostrich Farm. This 1- to 1-and-a-half-hour tour will demonstrate how a contemporary commercial farm runs. You'll get a chance to interact with those entertaining ostriches in the farm rings throughout this trip. Then you will watch how the farm workers feed the ostriches and their sophisticated procedures and tactics for caring for the eggs and observing the hatching process. When the chicks are fully grown, they will be sent to the large ostriches after showing you how they were raised. You may even ride an ostrich or attend ostrich racing on some trips.

On this stargazing trip in Oudtshoorn, explore the mysteries of the Karoo heavens via sophisticated telescopes. With the aid of your guide, explore the splendour of the southern hemisphere's skies. This astronomy excursion in Oudtshoorn will teach you more about the most notable stars, planets, constellations, galaxies, and globular clusters. Utilise sophisticated telescopes to get a closer look at the night sky, then explore what you observe with the aid of your guide. Learn about the stunning characteristics of the starry heavens in the southern hemisphere.
Explore Oudtshoorn’s wildlife, nature and history. Book the best Oudtshoorn Tour Packages today. We promise to give you outstanding experiences and memories in addition to organising the Oudtshoorn packages we offer.

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