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Top Mildura Tour Packages

One of Victoria's most beautiful tourist attractions is Mildura, situated on the Victorian side of the Murray in northwest Victoria and is renowned for its grape and citrus farming heritage. No matter how you are planning a holiday with either friends, family, or kids or want a solo trip, we can cover all this for you. Mildura Tour Packages designed by Dook Travels will take you to beautiful tree-lined streets & luscious fruit trees, qualified for their constant alluring beauty. If you are looking forward to experience this refreshing Australian city, go through our wide range of Mildura tour Packages from India that are especially designed to provide our client with the best holiday experience, accommodation and amenities in Mildura, irrespective of the number of days you want to spend there.

About Mildura (Australia) Mildura

In 1920 Mildura was founded as a borough and was granted town title in 1922. In 1934, it was officially declared as a city. Even though it is situated in Victoria, Mildura is an important spatial city that crosses the Murray River into New South Wales. It serves as the social, cultural and financial hub in Sunraysia. It is also a well-known riverfront tourist town with various activities, including river cruises and the great regional dishes in the city's numerous restaurants. The city's street names, including Orange, Lemon, Lime, Valencia, Avocado, Cherry, Muscat, Grape, Olive, and Walnut, make a comical allusion to the town's role in farming. 98% of Australia's dried grapes, 24% of its citrus fruit, 23% of its walnuts, and 74% of its grapes come from this district. Before white arrival, the Kureinji and Late Latje Aboriginal groups are thought to have lived in the area of Mildura city. Additionally, there is proof that the Paakantji, Ngyiampaa, and Mutthi Mutthi tribal groups were present in the region 40,000 years ago. Charles Sturt, who passed the current from the country when traveling along the River in the 1830s, was probably the first European in the area. In February 1830, he landed at Lake Alexandrina.

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Experiences in Mildura

The river, tourism and cuisine of Mildura are world-renowned. It is the perfect setting for families and singles due to the laid-back outdoor life. A mix of vineyards, the Murray River, and the desert, Mildura is a sunny oasis. It’s a great place to holiday due to its many high eateries, cafes, retail, and outdoor pursuits, including motor or water activities. Mildura is the ideal place to raise a family and families that take advantage of the Sun, space, and limitless activity. Kids may become super active with numerous leisure and sports activities at functionality. Enjoy a rare fusion of urban culture and breath taking nature in Mildura, with its bustling café and bar scene, numerous festivals, best restaurants, and vast parks and gardens. The city's distinctive features, like the Mediterranean-style sunshine, vibrant local culture and laid-back atmosphere, go beyond its well-known attractiveness.

Top Attractions in Mildura

Experience Mildura's year-round intellectual, historical, sports and culinary indulgences with Dook’s Top Mildura Packages for group or solo holidays. Everything was centered on the legendary Murray River. It has one of the biggest rural art galleries in Australia. It has a full schedule of events, such as the well-known Hattah Desert Race, Mildura Country Festival, Mildura Writers Festival, and the April Power sports. The beach front in Mildura is the place to go if adrenaline and water activities are much more your style. Take the leap water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, or attempting to catch a giant Murray fish from the deck of your boat or river campsite. Cruise at a leisurely 5 km/h along the legendary River, stopping for a round of golf, a wine tasting, and dinner further upstream. Mildura is a wonderful location for your next adventure, offering everything for everyone due to the Mediterranean calm and the year sunshine.

Plan A Trip To Mildura

Explore Mildura’s mesmerizing farms, vineyards, rivers and beaches: Plan a Mildura tour with Dook

Mildura is extremely accessible and has Victoria's busiest regional airport, with several daily flights direct to Melbourne, Sydney, & Adelaide. Mildura Tour Package offers this. Cruise at a sedate 5 km/h along the legendary River, stopping for a game of golf, a tasting, and dinner further downstream. Mildura is a wonderful destination for your following adventure, providing something for everyone thanks to the Mediterranean calm and the year Sun.

The Mildura Arts Centre is the ideal place to gain an intro to the area, which is the reason we selected it as our first stop on our Mildura trip. The Mildura Arts Centre & Rio Vista Historic House are two connected buildings, each of which is brand-new and the other among the first buildings inside the area. George and William Chaffey, two brothers who came to Mildura in 1886 and set up the city's first irrigation system, constructed it.

The Murray River is, without a doubt, the loveliest location in Mildura. Another of the must-see Mildura sights is the Murray River, which is attracted significantly. You would love to adventure near Lock 11 and the Arts Centre. There is a lot of parkland and beautiful scenery, and sometimes a paddle boat may pass. Years ago, the River would ebb and flow, perhaps completely drying outside or exceeding its banks. This unpredictability produced difficulties for original settlers reliant on the River to transport goods like wheat, grapes, and sheep to markets.

An agreement to build locks, weirs and storage sites were made in 1914 by administrations of the Commonwealth, Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia. By 1923, construction on the Mildura Weir had begun. The spillway was completed in 1927 when Lock 11 was built shortly afterward to increase the water level and the force from the Mildura and Red Cliffs irrigation equipment.

The Water Play Park must not be ignored if you have youngsters under ten. Along with various entertaining water gadgets and water that shoots, this water play area includes shallow "streams" for children to engage in. It's ideal on a hot day. This is a nice spot for a picnic, exploring, or using the dry playground right by the River. Including the riverfront walk, there is a choice of dining there.

The Australian Inland Botanic Gardens, which is close to Orange World, are among the top ten activities to do in Mildura. This semi-arid botanic garden is distinct from any other I have been to in that it's not entirely made up of perfectly trimmed lawns and plants. There are several of the red soil and scrub that this area is renowned for, despite the presence of some beautiful horticultural sections (such as the Rose Garden). The greenhouses highlighting local types are especially interesting to visit.

The town center that goes through the town is Langtree Avenue, which is also known as the "live heartbeat of Mildura." Before passing through the glass walls to see one of Mildura's original Chaffey fountains taking pleasure in position in the flower gardens, find the historical images within and to the left of the main entrance. They are just amazing.

Stefano de Pieri, a well-known celebrity chef, represents Mildura and the area's quality food and wine. Matt De Angelo's The Province is a chef-hatted should with Italian cuisine bursting with local ingredients. In the heart of Mildura, on "Feast Street," be sure to meander & stop at one of the many excellent eateries.

The Sunraysia Farmers' Market, once more situated next to Mildura's peaceful and beautiful riverbanks, will provide an irresistible incentive to experience the best of local produce and specialties if you have time to visit to match with the first or third Saturday of each month.

Choose and book your preferred Mildura Tour with Dook's thoughtfully crafted Mildura holiday packages, which our clients have immensely adored. Our packages guarantee a delightful experience since they take you to all Mildura's popular and lesser-known sites. Research has been used extensively and is in support of our itineraries. Let us be your tour guide while you're in Mildura.

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